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Johnny Depp: Disney execs hated Jack Sparrow and thought he was gay

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Reader comments

  1. Ha-ha. Good read. Love ya Johnny!

  2. I’ve often wondered whether Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp is bi…

  3. Michael Eisner is notorious as the guy that almost ruined Disney, so I wouldn’t put too much stall in his opinions of what the public like.
    I think we can all agree that the slightly fey drunk pirate pretty much stole the show.

  4. To take sparrow out of the movie would have made it just another aladin/cinderella/beauty and the beast/snow white you name it. And while those movies are good we don’t need more of them. They sure do make a profit though, which seems to be what disney is about more and more with every passing decade.

  5. With or without Jack Sparrow, the Pirates of the Caribbean films are bloody awful, and Depp could be doing something far more interesting with his talent.

  6. martyn notman 1 Dec 2010, 12:03pm

    LOVE YOU JOHNNY! – the last film was dreadful, except for him the whole series would have died on its arse. Glad to see Disney sticking to its illustrious bigoted heritage….

  7. Jen Marcus 1 Dec 2010, 3:37pm

    Depp’s rendition of Captain Jack Sparrow was the movie! He was brilliant!

  8. Its just another example of homophobia in Hollywood. Sir Ian McKellan and Rupert Everett have been saying this for a long time. No Hollywood producer is going to hire an openly gay actor for a major role or leading man, its not Europe after all.

  9. Ahh, good old Disney !! They probably also thought Jack Sparrow was Jewish. If he had been black by the third film they would have killed him lynched.

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