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Elton John recruits famous friends for World AIDS Day Independent

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Reader comments

  1. Was it a good idea to allow comments about Elton John?

  2. fat cnut

  3. Who cares?

  4. I wonder if Rush Limbaugh will be there, he’s a good friend of Elton too it seems.

  5. 12.5% rise in hate crime and the fat b’stard keeps his mouth. He is worse than useless

  6. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = DEATH Still reeling from the news that staff claim the Management of Bankrupt London HIV/AIDS Charity UKC were awarded £10,000-00 – £15,000-00 pay rises after losing £200,000-00 on “failed vanity Fundraising Events

    Now it has been disclosed that Hundreds of thousands of pounds raised for people living with HIV/AIDS has gone to the Management of a London Aids Charity that instructed the Low paid -part-time disabled staff to Get another Job with a Better Employer” after requesting by e-mail to The Trustees for a contract of employment with the correct start month,and the removal of someone elses AIDS Diagnosis from their staff appraisal.

    Crusaid Head of Dept Charity e-mail to HIV Police Panel Member….. “pendantic,uncooperative and causing stress hassle and pain to alot of people” …..If Crusaid is so bad get another Job with a better employer”

    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:12:56 +0000 From: To:;; I want to see the two of you in the meeting room tomorrow at 10 am. No excuses. I sincerely hope that this email conversation has not been widely distributed. Robin Brady Chief Executive

    The Management then tried to sack them with formal complaints “The Petty Cash had run dry” and “they had sent out some Christma Cards and left a Volunteer with no work” IS IT TIME FOR THE “MANAGEMENT” TO RE-PAY THIS MONEY ?*** VOTE YES ! *** ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = DEATH

  7. “All circulation revenue will go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.”

    And how much will that raise exactly? Not a lot considering that the Independent is a fairly low-circulation newspaper.

    I think Elton John would help a lot more if he donated the $1,000,000 blood money he earned as the wedding singer at the revolting bigot Rush Limbaugh’s wedding to Aids research.

    i find it more and more difficult to believe Elton John’s sincerity on the subject of Aids when he is so totally lacking in any morals in terms of how he earns cash – he profits from the proceeds of homophobia (Rush Limbaugh’s wedding) and racism (he played to a white-only audience in apartheid era South Africa).

    He needs to retire.

  8. Shame the Robert Keys memorial fund outside the scope to support that which 400+ people a day visits for news, information and support by people who live with HIV.

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