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Comment: We’ve got to change gay men’s attitudes to cut HIV

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  1. all i can say is that i was diagnosed 4 years ago and now on treatment. It certainly is no picnic and clinicians dont have the answer..i am 44 now and came out as ‘gay’ when i was in my late 30’s..i thank my lucky stars that i did not die in the early days of the epedemic as so much of my peers did in the late 1980’s..i do believe that there are serious issues around homosexuality and if i had my time again i would not want to belong to this illfated community..homosexuality kills, and thats the truth…as long as do good liberals run the agenda, we will never be told the truth

  2. While its regrettable that you have had to struggle with identity issues, it is repressed people like you’re self who bear a large burden for the spread of this virus. To blame all gay people and call them illfated is not only supersticious but it is equating your own experience with the unassialable truth. Thankfully, you seem to be becoming an exception and most gay people are coming into contact with other gay people much earlier and as a result are more likely to be normalised around the idea of gay sex and are easier to target for safe sex education. Only through education can we stop the spread of HIV.

  3. paul canning 1 Dec 2010, 5:24am

    How about changing gay men’s attitudes to being proud of a HIV- status?

    This isn’t going to happen. There was some discussion of this in the 90s and the reaction always came down to a perceived slight at HIV+ gay men if your – status was proclaimed. I remember being literally shouted down.

    Read William Johnston’s book []. This is where we started to go wrong.

  4. “homosexuality kills, and thats the truth”

    No, its not. While I have every sympathy and admiration for anyone managing that disease, the truth is what kills is risky behaviour. Nothing else. Its not like AIDS was the first STD on the planet. I do not mean to be unkind, but the “truth” as you put it is you are blaming your sexuality and “do good liberals” as at fault, when it is in fact yours, and yours alone, to own. Education is the key, not blaming fictitious groups or joining “ex”-gay organisations for a spot of brainwashing.

  5. There is clearly a lot of gay-on-gay stigma around HIV (and HCV), which fosters notions of blame, shame and projected self hatred, which are understandable but unhelpful.

    The gay community should be somewhere you’d expect to find more (not less) understanding, compassion, and awareness of the issues and how they impact health, psychological wellbeing and testing/risk/sexual behaviour.

  6. Sorry Zak , but I find your commets offensive. Hetrosexual people are HIV as well as gay people , are these ill fated as well?

  7. There are many issues relevant to HIV stigma. True, “fate” isn’t one of them. But in spite of the advances in treatment and better recognition in some aspects of the law/society, let’s not pretend that hating yourself for being gay, hating yourself for being HIV positive, being angry, facing discrimination and disapproval on a daily basis….. these are still all too common a part of our reality and something we have to face up to, grapple with, and ultimately change for the better.

  8. Zak, I fear that your negative outlook on your life as a gay man would persist regardless of your HIV status. Please try to come to terms with yourself, so that you can more easily offer compassion to others.

    Unfortunately your outburst has detracted attention from the fundamental point of the article, i.e. the need of a creative approach to reducing HIV-related stigma.

    There is certainly an implicit equation that positive=bad and negative=good. An important challenge will be to develop health prevention initiatives that do not inadvertently perpetuate the negative=good positioning.

  9. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = DEATH Still reeling from the news that staff claim the Management of Bankrupt London HIV/AIDS Charity UKC were awarded £10,000-00 – £15,000-00 pay rises after losing £200,000-00 on “failed vanity Fundraising Events

    Now it has been disclosed that Hundreds of thousands of pounds raised for people living with HIV/AIDS has gone to the Management of a London Aids Charity that instructed the Low paid -part-time disabled staff to Get another Job with a Better Employer” after requesting by e-mail to The Trustees for a contract of employment with the correct start month,and the removal of someone elses AIDS Diagnosis from their staff appraisal.

    Crusaid Head of Dept Charity e-mail to HIV Police Panel Member….. “pendantic,uncooperative and causing stress hassle and pain to alot of people” …..If Crusaid is so bad get another Job with a better employer”

    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:12:56 +0000 From: To:;; I want to see the two of you in the meeting room tomorrow at 10 am. No excuses. I sincerely hope that this email conversation has not been widely distributed. Robin Brady Chief Executive

    The Management then tried to sack them with formal complaints “The Petty Cash had run dry” and “they had sent out some Christma Cards and left a Volunteer with no work” IS IT TIME FOR THE “MANAGEMENT” TO RE-PAY THIS MONEY ?*** VOTE YES ! *** ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = DEATH

  10. 30 odd years of calling HIV a Gay Disease is what has compounded these various opinions. Gay men particularly are at the frontline of testing and answering endless surveys (compared to their straight counterparts) – Gay men work in the care sector that keeps education and information relevent and up to date – I wanna know when the rest of society is going to change it’s attitude to HIV – Unlike humanity, religion and hetrosexuals, HIV does not discriminate!

  11. The only way to cut HIV rates is to tackle stigma around the infection is it? Oh please, spare the PC hogwash. The ONLY way to tackle spiralling HIV rates is to educate gay men properly about the realities of living with HIV, plain and simple. It has been normalised by none other than the HIV charity sector as a “manageable” condition with which you can live a normal and healthy lifespan when the reality is that it is a chronic disease/illness that requires constant medication with drugs that will stealthily toxify your body, impair the quality of your life and ultimately curtail your lifespan. There, plain and simple. So why are we so damn scared of speaking the simple truth?

  12. Blame the people who made HIV med ads look like a benneton commercial. and the HIV+ people who exclude HIV- people. the only way iinto the club is to poz up. I saw a doc a few years ago when some bloke said now hes + he feels like he belongs

  13. The medical profession has much to answer re; stigma and HIV. Besides HIV, patients can still have other medical conditions non HIV related, but you will always see on the doctor’s letter HIV + in big letters. The very fact they put this as your initial diagnosis reinforces your HIV status even though that might not be relevant as your problem might be chest infection, asthma, flu, etc. You will always be HIV + first in the eyes of some in the Health Profession.

  14. Michael Carter writes “the stigma that surrounds having HIV is likely to act a powerful disincentive to disclosure.”

    There is absolutely no way that this can be argued with. It is 100% true.

    People have got to start transferring their fear or hatred of those who HAVE HIV to the HIV virus itself.

    Look back at any of the terrible epidemics of history and NOW we think, “Oooo, that was a really nasty disease/virus/bacteria/illness”. And that’s the correct response.

    But at the time of those terrible epidemics people feared the people who had been infected. Very often the infected, the ill, the sick, the dying were ostracised, cast out, quarantined.

    It’s a completely irrational response, particularly in the case of HIV – which cannot be caught even by normal intimate contact, such as cuddling and touching.

    So, yes, the problem is the stigma, but we all need to define what we actually MEAN by “stigma”!

    The “stigma” we have to deal with is fear/hatred/destestation of PEOPLE who have been infected by a very nasty virus. We must force the world to fear only the VIRUS, to avoid it, and to overcome it eventually by way of a cure.

    The virus is the enemy, NOT the people who have been infected by it.

  15. Where is the evidence to suggest that stigma is responsible for the spread of HIV? Why shouldn’t I be upset when someone behaves irresponsibly and becomes infected? We’re constantly told to practice safe sex and yet far too many of us don’t. Of course, respect someone who is HIV, but I have every right to be upset because someone has chosen to overlook the use of condoms during a random hookup. We need to stop blaming a lack of education (who doesn’t know by now that condoms protect from HIV?), the government and heterosexuals for our own actions. And, we need to stop blaming gay men who don’t have HIV.

  16. “Where is the evidence to suggest that stigma is responsible for the spread of HIV? Why shouldn’t I be upset when someone behaves irresponsibly and becomes infected? I have every right to be upset because someone has chosen to overlook the use of condoms during a random hookup.”
    “we need to stop blaming gay men who don’t have HIV”.

    There’s growing evidence (rigorous medical data) that HIV transmission occurs predominantly within “steady relationships” not casual hookups.

    It’s not about blaming anyone, but it’s gay men who THINK they are HIV negative (but are actually HIV pos and don’t know it) that are more likely to cause transmission – this is also pretty well documented and accepted from an evidence perspective.

    HIV Stigma perpetuates this cycle, as people are less likely to get tested, more likey to be postive and not want to find out, and more likely to get their facts and assumptions wrong, as you demonstrated by your comments, because of stigma.

  17. I had missed the 2009 Criminalisation Study when it came out. I am shocked at the large group of people in the study who feel it is other people’s responsibility to protect them from HIV, whilst not believing it important to know their own HIV status and therefore whether they are endangering anyone else. Do they have no sense of personal responsibility?

  18. I came out in 1979 at 15 and 6 years later was diagnosed with HTLVIII (now called HIV). I’m a survivor from a lost generation, in the gym today, I watched guys doing the lunchtime circuit my late partner used to do I remembered his only instruction “keep on having fun”. For me the pills are working and keeping on enjoying life is all that makes sense.

    Those of us there in the 80’s are not Zaks peers he was still in the closet then, and when he did edge out he obviously choose to ignore the safer sex messages those of us who were there spent the following decades expounding and now has internalised his hate and vents it here.

    It is possible to get away from the stigma of HIV the love and respect of a partner my friends and my family help me. But many guys feel they cannot disclose as I have done. Perhaps if my late partner had died I wouldn’t have either, but that was done 17 years ago and if folk know they can support you.

    Now the mechanics of suppressing the virus are well understood in the developed world the third decade of HIV is in large part going to be about mental health issues in the positive population, managing co-infections and unintended effects of treatments (side effects). We have moved on from the plague years, life is different, we remember our dead and look to a future free from HIV.

  19. Aidsmap today has an interesting article a new diagnosis shortens life expectancy by 13 years. The primary reason for this being late diagnosis.

  20. lifelong monogomous sexual partners (ie married people) do not, infact, cannot contract HIV from sex.

    Maybe when Jesus said we should live chaste lives he was also being pragmatic! just a suggestion..

  21. Unfortunately it’s not just Catholic priests that have a pragmatic approach to being chaste!

  22. S – “lifelong monogomous sexual partners (ie married people) do not, infact, cannot contract HIV from sex.”

    Do you seriously think that all married men are monogomous? Or that all christians are?

  23. of course not, but in as far as an individual, rather than a social group wants to avoid this very difficult situation there is a way. For those who will not follow the guaranteed way that Jesus spoke about, then maybe they should just be careful and hope for the best. As a Christian i know i haven’t always been chaste, my selfishness firstly put others at risk, then my self.

    despite any reasons (excuses) why we should not live the lifestyle of Christ for our own and others benefit, the point stands and speaks for itself so there’s no point giving any more justification…

    lifelong monogomous sexual partners (ie married people) do not, infact, cannot contract HIV from sex

  24. Well done to all at London AIDS Charity Crusaid for e-mailing their HIV staff advsing them they are “causing pain & suffering to alot of people and get another job with a better employer” – Then paying them off with Charity Funds via a Compromise agreement to keep quiet !!! so they could all keep their fabulous highly paid jobs, but they didnt realise they were also a POLICE PANEL MEMBER at the Time of sending them the e-mail OOOOPS. Secrets Lies and Pay-Offs welcome to the real London HIV/Aids Charity Sector- all hushed away from People living with HIV/Aids by a dubiously motivated few…..

  25. S, you poor self-hating little Xian, you have a right to enjoy sex with whoever you fancy. You have a right to have sex and not have that wonderful pleasurable activity marred by anxiety about HIV, marred by the possibility of being infected by a deadly virus.

    If we ALL beat ourselves silly and said we were selfish and catching any illness or disease was our fault, then your doctor would have NO treatments to dish out to you every time you nip along to your GP with a little problem.

    Wake up.

    Ditch Jesus and Mohammed and get real.

  26. Andy, it sounds to me like you should seriously google Wikileaks and pass on all that you know to them and let them publish it. Your identity will remain absolutely anonymous. If there is something people really ought to know about Crusaid you have a duty to share all of it. Google Wikileaks and find out how to transfer your data to them.

  27. Aaron writes – “We need to stop blaming a lack of education (who doesn’t know by now that condoms protect from HIV?), the government and heterosexuals for our own actions. And, we need to stop blaming gay men who don’t have HIV.”

    Yes Aaron, 99 per cent of gay men do know that condoms are the best way to prevent HIV being transmitted during penetrative sex. That is without question. It is the fact that gay men are overlooking this fact that needs to be addressed, and the reason they are overlooking this fact is because HIV prevention charities have not been reinforing the still dire implications of being infected with HIV today.

    Instead they have been portraying HIV as a generic STI in their campaigns (ie their ads for syphilis and gonoreahea, for example, are interchangeable with their ads for HIV). Gay men today are being cut off from knowing about the realities of living with HIV because HIV charities who are funded to educate about then are more scared of the harsh truth offending the sensibilities of those who already have the virus than they are of preventing the ongoing spread of the virus itself. Without knowledge of this truth then gay men are increasingly regarding HIV as no more serious than the average dose of clap and a picnic in the park.

    Indeed I recall a sex survey from last year that revealed that more and more gay men, particularly younger men, are being led by today’s wishy washy mixed message campaigns being put out by the likes of the THT that HIV is no longer a serious condition, and that the same campaigns are actually ENCOURAGING bareback sex as a result.

    So yes, all gay men know that condoms can prevent HIV, but what they don’t know is why HIV remains a condition that is best avoided at all costs.

  28. Dennis, catching HIV is not like catching a cold, it doesn’t just happen! It does not get sneezed out, or passed on through not washing your hands well enough. so yes, everybody (with the exception of children) does have a civil right to have sex for pleasure with another consenting adult, but we have a responsibility to live our lives in a moral and ethical way, which will not bring pain and suffering to each other. to do so in a way which will not spread this awfull and sad disease. Using barriers can only be a first step in the path towards towards the society we should seek to live in, but they cannot be the ends in themselves for many reasons. firstly and most importantly they can and do break, not often, I admit if used properly, but they do. This means hundreds of people, who thought they were safe, will have to die in order to satisfy our selfish urges. If that was not enough then consider the fact that creating a ‘contraceptive culture’ has. It makes sex perceived s risk free, which it can never be, increasing promiscuity amongst all people including children. This will lead to further increases in the infection rate for std’s, increases in abortions and a heightened sense of isolation and loneliness and individualisation amongst all people.

    In aids infested Africa the country with the highest success rate has been the only one where the people are encouraged first to be abstinent until marriage, faithful in marriage and use a condom only as a last resort. if you refuse to live by the first too principles. At least then the condom is bringing some responsibility but its too little. The country is Uganda, they have the highest success rate when it comes to HIV that’s thanks to ABC or abstinence – be faithful – condom.

    And one last thing. I’m not sure where the self hating bit came into this … but I would like to point out that we make have ‘life to the full’. We can have this life the full unless we learn to love ourselves. Therfore we should love our Bodies as they are the house of God, the most precious things of earth. And sex rather than been seen as cheap and worthless, no more significant than eating a chocolate bar, should be venerated as a truly great thing too. An act which brings new life to the world, and bring a sense of love and commitment between spouses. So ditch Jesus, i don’t think so! I know what im like when i leave him out of my life even for a short while, if it wasn’t for him i probably would have AID’s – i think i am better of if he is real or not.

  29. “Therfore we should love our Bodies as they are the house of God”

    And there goes the sum total of a Christian argument. The stupid assumption that everyone on the planet should have the same ridiculous belief in an imaginary friend and are as naive as they are.

    Don’t you have enough ranting christian sites to go on that you have to come in here and bore us with this nonsense tripe? Its not like you’re the first one here or anything….


    November 9, 2010 at 12:15 pm
    Crusaids HIV staff request a Contract of employment with correct start month & removal of someone else’s AIDS Diagnosis from Staff Appraisal….to Trustees & advised to “GET ANOTHER JOB WITH A BETTER EMPLOYER”

    Subject: Crusaid discussions
    Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 13:20:47 +0000
    Dear XXXXXXXX,
    Thank you for the email that Robin has forwarded to me as you have requested. I am fully aware of the issues you have raised and hope that your meeting with Robin in January will resolve these for you.
    I understand that there is an issue with the given start date on your contract of employment. I also know that you have pointed this out to Robin and that he has offered to look at and amend this for you. However you have included this in your formal complaint and under the procedures that we have in place, this must be handled in the meeting. No-one has at any point inferred or indicated as your email suggests that your job is being terminated.
    We are aware of the importance of stress in the management of the HIV virus. However when a formal complaint is lodged, we do have to follow the procedures we have in place. It is the trustees’ view that a speedy meeting according to our procedures that can resolve your concerns is the best way to deal with the current situation. I understand that Robin has made himself available to meet with you at the earliest convenient time.

    Crusaid Head of Dept Charity e-mail to HIV Police Panel Member…..
    “pendantic,uncooperative and causing stress hassle and pain to alot of people” …..If Crusaid is so bad get another Job with a better employer”

    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:12:56 +0000
    I want to see the two of you in the meeting room tomorrow at 10 am. No excuses. I sincerely hope that this email conversation has not been widely distributed.
    Robin Brady
    Chief Executive

    Subject: RE: Thank You Invitation to Crusaid Events
    Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 10:31:55 +0000

    Thank you for the email As you know I am co-chair of Crusaid as
    well as their legal adviser .I am writing this to you in the latter capacity as
    Crusaid’s solicitor . THAT WAS THE END

    Crusaid THEN Sends Letter requesting feedback AND DONATION to HIV Police Panel Member after advising them to “GET ANOTHER JOB WITH A BETTER EMPLOYER !!!!

    To: Crusaid Trustees
    After your high court injunction e-mail which as you can imagine was very distressing,followed by a letter from a Head of Department a few weels later at Crusaid about being “the lifeblood of all we do, we could not go on without you” which is very kind of you all at Crusaid I received a few weeks later a letter from the CEO of Crusaid requesting a small donation and feedback on the running of the Charity with a pre-paid envelope and the CEO in their letter to me advising me in writing that Crusaid values feedback and to use the new e-mail address could I therefore respectfully request you and the Board of Trustees’ clarify to me what sort of feedback on the running of Crusaid you and the CEO would like me to provide you with and I will then give your written request for feedback on the running of Crusaid the attention it deserves.

    From: Laurence Gilmore (
    Sent: 20 November 2006 18:26:10
    What is this about and why is he on circulation lists!!!
    Best as ever,
    Tel: 020 7355 6102
    Fax: 020 7518 9102

    Mon, 26 Mar 2007 17:52:53 +0100
    Dear XXXXXXX
    I have written to you today. We discussed this matter…. An error occurred. I dealt with it swiftly. … you are going on the walk….which is MARVELLOUS!

  31. The Poverty Shop Boys 2 Dec 2010, 8:08am

    + + + + + + PINKILEAKS + + + + +

    From: Bernard Forbes
    To: Robin Brady

    Many thanks for that. Like most of us, he has a complex life,some bits he would probably be best to let go of in order to move on. I have yet the pleasure of meeting with him.

    I am sure I will be in touch,if not with you but with Iain (Chairman of Crusaid), but I am also pretty confident,that one peice at at time, things can be resolved without too much more heartache,upset or loss of face on either side.


    From: Bernard Forbes []
    > Sent: Tue 2005/03/29 03:48 PM
    > To: Robin Brady
    > Subject: FW: Further favour
    > Robin
    > Further to below, I am told a letter regarding Walk for Life was received by
    > HI Redundant Staff on 23 March.
    > Mailshots to xxxxx are a waste of Crusaid’s time and money, all they do is
    > wind him up and he then gets on to me.
    > His walker ID is xxxxxx, if that helps to get him off your lists altogether,
    > while we try to help him get his life back together and move on.
    > Best wishes
    > Bernard

    Trustees of UKC claim Positive Nation “STICK KNIFE INTO CRUSAID” LOL ! ! ! !
    Subject: RE: Alans
    Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 23:44:31 +0000

    Mr Useful

    What Martin didn’t tell you was that we had a big shouting match upstairs only about an hour before he and Robert came down, … It’s actually good for Martin to see other things that UKC does as he gets stuck in front of his computer writing things all day. He had told me that he switched the tape recorder off at the end of the Crusaid interview and then stuck the knife in: that worried me a bit, it wasn’t what we’d been shouting about, but how did he know other than someone else (not you) had told him.

    I get the impression that Crusaid is incredibly busy at present – perhaps trying to work out how to make a few quid without spendin
    g twice that amount in the process

  32. @S, your use of the phrase “In aids infested Africa” shows were you are coming from, unfortunately. A place of ignorance and narrow-mindedness, though you appear to congratulate yourself as being a good little believer in Jesus.

    Please know that HIV cannot easily transfer from person to person if people enjoy safe sex. There is absolutely no need for your extremist position of absolute abstinence and the worship of Jesus.

    You say “if it wasn’t for Jesus I probably would have AIDS”. Sorry, Sunshine, but your not having been infected by the virus has got absolutely NOTHING to do with a delusional individual who walked the desert of Galilee 2000 years ago. Your not having HIV is due to your own behaviour.

    And if your Almighty loving Creator and God Jesus is a reality, ask yourself how on earth he could inflicting such horrors as the HIV virus, cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimers, and any one of thousands of awful conditions upon his creations.

    Get your head out of the sand and stop so vainly congratulating yourself for believing in a lot of hocus-pocus nonsense.

  33. Is sero sorting a good thing or a bad thing? Sometimes it’s ok right?
    And then is serosorting always a form of stigma?

  34. What anoys me is the medical professions emphasis on getting an HIV test so you can live longer rather than focusing on how they can use testing to stop getting HIV in the first place. I recently endured weeks of hell waiting for the results of an HIV test. The experience was so bad I decided not to have gay sex again unless my partner has an HIV test. But the practicalities of trudging 5 miles to the hospital to get a test and waiting 2 weeks for the results means I’ve been in a dry patch for a long time. Home test kits might be the answer here but they are illegal – which is totally illogical if the government wishes to stop the spread of HIV.

  35. @ Dougie
    Really sorry to hear your test took so long these days that really shouldn’t be the case, the combined antigen / antibody test can be done in 20 mins. It may mean traveling to a bigger GUM Clinic but it should be available.

    The new “Oraquick” home saliva test is in final stage trials for FDA approval. My guess is shortly after it is approved the UK regulations (laid before parliament not new law) will change aside from anything else as soon as its available in the US they will be imported to the UK.

  36. William: “The ONLY way to tackle spiralling HIV rates is to educate gay men properly about the realities of living with HIV, plain and simple.”

    Do you seriously think it makes any difference? I’ve said it before, if a gay man contracts HIV these days, apart from the very rare exceptions, he brought it on himself. Everyone knows gay sex is high risk, the advertising, the health education, and the constant reiteration means no gay man can avoid this information. However, if they choose to carry on regardless, selfishly infecting others, as well as no regard for their own health, then no amount of education is going to prevent that.

  37. 20 years and still alive 4 Dec 2010, 12:04pm

    Spanner – your comments just prove the author right.

    It’s clear you know nothing of desire or psychology.

    If it was as simple as you think HIV transmissions would have halted years ago.

    It’s attitudes like your that help perpetuate it.

    If you had an ounce of humanity and insight you’d appreciate that.

  38. “20 years and still alive”, good for you for telling “Spanner” what you have.

    Isn’t it extraordinary that after all the intelligent discussion there has been about stigma, Spanner here turns round and spits at those who have been infected by the HIV virus rather than focussing his little brain on THE VIRUS.



  39. To ’20 years and still alive’ & ‘Sean’:-, Spanner is a fool, and everyone here know it. He is some BNP right wing freak who would probably be carrying the “God Hates Fags” placard only in a delicious twist of faith he is gay.

    He’s a nasty vile piece of work, a sad person with misplaced anger matched only by his stupid and insane remarks. Ignore him. We all do.

  40. It’s the same as with chocolate. Some people are chemically set up to get a high out of chocolate and other people can take it or leave it.

    If the World Heath Organization put out a warning that all stocks of chocolate could be infected with bacteria, some people would have little trouble avoiding it, but others would find it very difficult.

    Those guys whose physical inclination to sex does not go beyond slightly vigorous use of thumb and index finger once every three months obviously need have little fear of catching HIV. But while on the one hand you feel sorry for the poor buggers, on the other hand they’re lucky. Likes nuns in convents, they’re lucky.

  41. guys don’t lose sight of the fact, your worth an infinite amount to God, he loves you more than you could ever imagine. Just give him the chance for one moment, open your heart to him humble for one second and i promise you, he will prove it too you, just allow him too. Before you write back critisising and complaining just do, tell God that just for the next few moments you open everything you are to him, and he will do the rest, if you do that and nothing, then go ahead and complain.As somebody with same sex attraction i know you are born this way, and it is not a bad thing, it not!!! but to have sex just for pleasure, is to masturbate using somebody elses gentiles, it objectifying and doesn’t live up to the ‘life to the full’ Jesus has said we can all live up to.

    I tell you this not as a self hating gay bashing christian, i honestly only have love in my heart for everybody. I tell you this out of love, out of a desire to pass the joy i feel everyday to live my out my faith, or at least to try! HIV, the terrible, the sad, the depressing disease that it is will not be solved by education, or this or that, these are not new ideas. They have never worked in a significant way. S was right when he said the only solution is for society as a whole to learne to love each over totaly, and to include sex in that love, therfore to have sex inside of marriage, to treat it as a beautifull gift from one to another. This is the future of the prevention, uganda doea prove this, the fact dont lie. A man two thousand years ago has proven beyond doubt that he is right because his methods prove to be more effective from a pragmatic perspective, despite theological, in so many things, and this is number one. Chastity is the answer to HIVs total elimination within a generation(not just a slowing down of the infection rate), any way, i wish everybody well, and i promise to pray now for all my brothers and sisters out there with HIV,

    Peace Guys.x

  42. People are entitled to their religion, and clearly many find positive strength in their beliefs, but please don’t put your personal relationship with your personal intepretation of your god forward to everyone as the answer to anything, let alone HIV.

    And please refrain from saying dangerous and unhelpful things like “this will not be solved by education…. and…education has never worked in a significant way”.


  43. Relgion can be a force for good for some individuals. However, for many it has been (and continues to be) a significant source of stigma and shame – and often comes with an anti-condom message that is insane.

  44. “A man two thousand years ago has proven beyond doubt that he is right because his methods prove to be more effective from a pragmatic perspective, despite theological, in so many things, and this is number one.”

    Sorry, I’d rather put my faith in a scientific cure, at least those facts are verifiable. As with all potentially terminal virus, I would no more put my faith in god curing them than I would in Harry Potter…. science may not have the answer yet, but putting stock in chastity is simply naive, and shows a rather uninformed view on human sexuality. Its also proven not to work.

    I’m delighted for the opium-like feeling you get from your religion and conversations with “god”, but seriously, that same belief has been around for 2,000 years and still there was Ebola, the black death, syphilis, Spanish Flu, and other diseases. Did god not want to cure those people too?

  45. “Gough”, you can sign off your messages with all the “love” and all the “peace” in the world, but it doesn’t hide the fact that you are a delusional fool who actually believes in things supernatural . . . and probably simply because other people do. In other words, you’re a rather unimaginative lemming.

    So, go jump in the lake.

  46. The Poverty Shop Boys 8 Dec 2010, 1:45pm

    ………….Goodnews Team….It only cost £90,000-00 of people living with HIV/Aids money to “wind up” the London Aids Charity UK Coalition of People Living with HIV/Aids…Insolvency Practioner Reports “poor records and book-keeping” Directors reported to The DTI under Directors Disqualification Act…Positive Nation Staff claim £200,000-00 lost on “failed vanity Fundraising Events” and UKC Management awarded £10,000-£15,000 payrises!!!! – all hushed away from people living with HIV/Aids in London – Fancy

  47. The Poverty Shop Boys 8 Dec 2010, 1:49pm

    …….aint in terrible the huundreds of thousands of pounds raised for people living with HIV/Aids went to Crusaid Management(sic) who managed to e-mail a HIV staff member instructing them “pain and suffering to alot of people” and”if Crusaid is so bad get another job with a better employer” in 2004.

    The Charity Commission wrote to Crusaid a “seriously distressed and inconvenienced” letter instructing them to cease all contact with the HIV Police Panel member in 2007 but it has been all hushed up from People Living with HIV/Aids by the Charity Sector – Fancy 8-0

  48. Hi all,

    I visited my mum this weekend in wigan and for the first time had the gay social networking App on my new iPad called ‘GrindR’.

    I was shocked when two young, fit guys in their early 20’s messaged me and asked if I did bareback – when I said ‘no’ – they replied ‘pity’.

    Young people need better education – they need to be sat down with people like some of my friends in London who have been diagnosed for many many years.

    They say they hate the drug regime makes them feel they are constantly invading their bodies. They say the strict medicine/drug schedules are like a prison sentence. This in turn has affected their confidence and whole outlook on life.

    As a community we are failing ourselves which makes me sad when we’ve achieved so much in the last 30 years.


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