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Lesbian couple demand the right to marry

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  1. If Stonewall is to be part of the Government campaign against homophobic bullying I’d expect the organisation to be transparent about its policies and actions. So, for a start, does Stonewall support Peter Tatchell and the ‘Equal Love’ campaign? They’ll need to be prepared to answer questions like that if they want to be taken seriously.

  2. “…it seems the only reason that marriage has a closed door policy towards lesbian and gay couples is to denote their inferior status.Segregating gay couples into civil partnerships perpetuates homophobic prejudice and discrimination.”

    I totally agree with this comment. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever that gay couples shouldn’t have a civil marriage – and the Government has not put forward even one reason why it should be so.

  3. Iris – not sure any questions (parliamentary) are actualy being asked to the govt , are they!

    There seems total silence on an issue that around the world creates a lot of noise…I can’t understand why this whole issue seems to be firmly still in the closet….

    I’m grateful to the equal love campaign but there is still little mainstream media news on it and it hasn’t provoked any support from MPs and the like – have I missed something here?

    Without the media noise and the support and push by the opposition on this then I fear marriage equality in the UK will be a pipe dream…. Perhaps the govt have taken Stonewall/BS previous adivce that this is an issue that in this current financial climate,they can’t possibly look at for another 10 yrs….Has BS already done the damage, he hasn’t retracted his previous advice that CP/marriage equality is going to cost a lot of money and that the majoirty of gays don’t want it etc …. We have no surveys etc to support the need or will for it from the leading gay org but we still have those neg comments which are now on record……

  4. And still no sign of any campaign action toward marriage equality from Stonewall.

  5. As a recent job advert in Stonewall said:

    “….. income has risen from £1.4m to £3.8m (year to 30 September 2010) and reserves have risen from £11,000 to £2.2m (while BS has been CEO), consistent with best practice. We are planning for our income to rise to £5m by 2015.”

    You’re not going to get any money from govt, companies , schools, councils for advocating marriage equality – there are more profitable ways of getting to 5 m by 2015!!!!!

  6. Re that job ad, it seems they’d prefer someone with Government connections. The job was advertised in the House of Commons

  7. Tim Hopkins 30 Nov 2010, 8:33am

    John there is activity in Scotland! This Thursday there is a conference on how to achieve equal marriage, hosted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Equality Network and LGBT Youth Scotland. MSPs from the Greens, LibDems, SNP and Tories are taking part in a panel session (Labour have so far not confirmed they will participate).

  8. John – very good points. I don’t know if I remember an actual official question, but didn’t Cameron say that he’d be seeking opinions from all sides? As if equality is something that should even be discussed. That enrages me.

    But what annoys me more is the Gov saying that it’s somehow connected to religion – ie religious groups might not like it – when we’re talking about CIVIL marriage which is absolutely NOTHING to do with any religion.

    I wish someone would follow up that line in Parliament – why are we pussyfooting around religious views when we’re talking about a civil matter? After all, Christianity frowns on divorce yet divorcees are still allowed to have a civil marriage with no fuss whatsoever.

  9. “Segregating gay couples into civil partnerships perpetuates homophobic prejudice and discrimination.”

    Absolutely spot on. This goes directly to the heart of bullying and homophobia. If Summerskill and Cameron can’t see that, then they’re unfit to negotiate civil marriage equality. I frequent StonewallUK’s website daily and still not one reference to it. We must all exert pressure on Summerskill, 24/7, 365 as well as our representatives in government in all three parties. My cousin in Dorset and her family totally support it, yet she reads nothing about it in the media. She relies on Pink News and myself to provide her with information. We need perhaps a gay friendly straight celebrity to open up the discussion. Someone as young as Daniel Radcliffe who will embarrass Cameron, Clegg and Miliband into starting a national discussion. Its obvious none are taking it that seriously, but just paying lip service to gay constitutents. I say to them…action speaks louder than words. Lets hear it from them if they believe in full equality.

  10. On this issue of marriage equality
    Ben Summerskill is a problem
    rather than a solution.

    As Colette French and Katie Green both say, civil partnerships were created to deny gay couples equality.

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