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Kenyan prime minister says gays should be arrested

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Reader comments

  1. The ignorance of many African leaders would be hysterically funny if it wasn’t so tragic and downright evil.

    Not content with screwing up their economies since the 1960s when they took over from the far more competent colonial adminstrations, now they spout all this mumbo-jumbo demonising gay men and women within their own society in a crude attempt to distract their electors from their corruption and their ruination of their economies.

    Some naive liberals will hark back to anti-gay legislation and attitudes of the colonial powers 50 years ago but this doesn’t wash anymore. African leaders blame all their woes on homosexuals or past colonial masters (50-60 years ago – for how long will they trot out this mantre to excuse their incompetence?) and yet they embrace the fundamentalist christian beliefs introduced by their imperial masters 150 years ago – so much for their so-called independence – willing slaves to the white man’s make-believe god.

  2. *sigh*
    To think that people still think and live like this is… sad.

  3. I fully agree with you Howard. It’s always the case though – those who have issues are always looking to blame someone else for their mistakes.

    It is common knowledge that many colonial powers ran these nation-states well and although there are arguments for and against colonialism it appears that many of these countries tend to blame the ex-colonialists or other parts of their society.

    Perhaps they should shut their mouths and concentrate on their own country – after all, this ar*ewipe was spewing this piece of bile in a shantytown.

  4. Jock S. Trap 29 Nov 2010, 2:20pm

    Yet another ignorant country. If they hate gay people so much why are they more than happy taking money for aid from countries that are supportive. Nothing two faced about that is there…. much!!

  5. 100% agree with Howard.

  6. musclelad23 29 Nov 2010, 2:56pm

    “Mr Odinga said that because a census showed an equal split of men and woman, there was “no need” for homosexuality.”

    wow. that is totally retarded. So is he implying that if there is a shortage of either gender than homo sex is fine? I smell a closet case.

  7. Perhaps the saintly Obamessiah could call his cousin, as revealed here by the BBC – – and get him to stop this, then again Obama himself doesn’t seem to be doing much to stop the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell forces recruitment policy on his own doorstep…

  8. john sharp 29 Nov 2010, 3:27pm

    stop all aid
    stop tourism
    stop to buy Kenyan products
    he does not want gays
    he will not get our money

  9. He’s either astoundingly stupid or trying to drum up support from the mob he was talking to. Sadly, in all cultures there’s always a group of people who have such low self-esteem they like to bully others.

  10. martyn notman 29 Nov 2010, 3:42pm

    problem is if europe and the west stop giving kenya/uganda etc money they just go running to the chinese who are more than happy. Serves them right if they wind up with the Chinese army running the country..

  11. Yet another tragic and shameful legacy of British colonial rule !

  12. ““no need” for homosexuality”
    Brilliant. So by his definition, if you are in a country with more men than women then there is a “need” for it.
    What if you happen to be in a bar where there are more men than women, there would technically be a local need for homosexuality, no?

  13. I a speechless….

    Terrible and not good for the gay community and the country and its people. I spoke to the tourist board recently and to a local journalist, who was going to write an article about this.

    Businesses can see the pink pound and said that things were changing.

    Maybe he was talking to a selected crowd?


  14. I queried our Overseas Development Corporation, following the UN vote that removed any mention of homophobic murder from condemnation. Needless to say this government department, that takes our money and gives it to these homophobic regimes, have not got the guts to respond to my question asking why my tax is paying for my own persecution?

  15. “Yet another tragic and shameful legacy of British colonial rule”

    No it’s not. Kenyan homophobia is entirely Kenya’s responsibility. The US/Canada/New Zealand/Ireland all managed to evolve into relatively gay-friendly places after colonialism, It’s just a lazy excuse to blame colonialism for Africa’s disgusting bigotry.

  16. Har Jacobs 29 Nov 2010, 6:46pm

    All other problems in Kenya being solved, there’s time to take care of the gay menace. Another US Evangelism inspired bigot speaks out.

  17. London Martha 29 Nov 2010, 7:15pm

    the correct map to accompany this article would have been of Kenya not the whole continent of Africa. Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke movingly to the UN in Geneva in September of the fundamental need to respect all our diversity.

    Yes there was anti-gay and anti-trans legislation in the Briish Empire, and many countries are still getting over that, notably India which had a proper place in society for Hijra for thousands of years until the Raj. They are just getting over that now at last.

    The Empire was a kind of demagogue run entity and the Sandhurst educated elites that took over post-colonialism merely continued that.

    The main culprit here apart from those local politicians who cynically use bigotry to catch votes, are the US fundamentalists who spread their hate to a susceptible market. They to me are beneath contempt.

    What we need is the good people of the world to talk to them, not for them to be abandoned and scapegoated.

  18. well that’s the third world for you…
    one good reason why I would never go to africa. Rather spend my holydays in australia or europe.

  19. David in Indy 29 Nov 2010, 10:56pm

    I also place much of the blame for this squarly on America. While Raila Odinga should take ownership of his appalling comments, one cannot ignore America’s enormous contribution to Africa’s homophobia. American churches have dispatched thousands of their lying, mindless and ignorant cretins to every corner of the world in hopes of garnering support for their oppressive beliefs. And if any of my fellow Americans are offended by what I just said they can kiss me between the back pockets. Because the truth is the truth whether they like it or not.

  20. I agree with David in Indy, it’s the NEW collonialism, even if the old ex-colonies are still espousing the old colonial ideas.

    They’re not free at all, silly ex-but-not-really colonialist countries.

  21. I would love to name call Odinga an “ass hole” but an ass hole serves an important bodily function while Odinga does not. Hemorrhoidal tissue as a name would be more appropriate since it causes great pain in the ass as does Odinga. So Odinga is a great mass and mess of hemorrhoidal tissue. It is amazing how stupid some people allow themselves to become.

  22. The poorest of the poor slum dwellers in Nairobi will now have a group of people they can look down on and hate …gays… instead of being provided with decent jobs and welfare thanks to Raila Odinga.
    Tragic all round.

  23. It seems Africa is going through this Christian revival thing. You think that after escaping colonialism that western organised religions would be rejected. But no. It seems to me that while the West is rejecting religion, places like Africa are embracing it! Please remember that the African elite would be educated, especially by the Catholic Church.
    Strange that Mr Odinga, who is a Luo and his political party have fought for years against Kikuyu injustice, turns around to discriminate against homosexual people?
    Sadly, it is a lot do with politics as well and I am afraid that homosexual people are in a perilous situation!
    Sadly. if people from the west stop aid, it will only make the situation worse.

  24. melvin omuyoma 2 Dec 2010, 10:47am

    we full support the idea by Raila we shouldn’t just take them to court but kill them and burn their bodies in the presence of an exorcist these are evil spirits in noble human beings. God never intended that, be true to what the bible teaches this is both alien and unacceptable in the African culture

  25. Melvin, you stated, “God never intended that”

    How do you know?

    And before that you say “kill them and burn their bodies in the presence of an exorcist”. Did God say that too? No he didn’t. So please tell me where you’ve read that, because I’ve studied every different faith there is, and I’ve never heard of that one. Although hitler used to say similar things, he just missed out the word exorcist. But he used to like killing people then burning their bodies.

    I think you’re using God to justify your own hate and lack of understanding. God wouldn’t be very happy with you. I take it you’re a christian, so you should go and repent and ask for forgiveness for being so hateful. Jesus would have been ashamed that you use his name to try and satisfy your own lust for killing and murder.

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