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Australian gay MPs call for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Penny Wong remains a joke. *Now* she will speak up for marriage equality, since her party is haemorraging votes to the more-progressive Greens… But during the election campaign, she was very clear that she would not be deviating from the “one man and one woman” status quo.

    Props to her for being a gay, Asian, woman in Australian federal politics – which is no easy ask, I’m sure – but at the end of the day she’s just a turncoat opportunist like alllllll the rest.

    Queers don’t forget that easily, Penny/Labor.

  2. I say good for Penny Wong for changing her mind and standing up against the pressure to tow the party line. Let’s not try to cut down those standing up for equality. I forgive her and look forward to seeing more action on this issue.

  3. I agree Dromio, there’s a shift in the labour party on gay marriage (probably due to the fact that the Greens are “shouting” about it and the fact that lab no longer have a majority govt)., this is really welcoming…..

    Take a tip lib dems/greens in the UK – sitting back and doing nothing about marriage equality in the UK won’t be very impressive when it comes to the next election, As for UK labour and all those labout gay mps, what exactly are they doing about marriage equality….

    Both the UK and Australia have coalition govts where the second minority party is advocating marriage equality , yet Australia seems miles ahead of the UK in its fight – WHY!!!!

  4. de Villiers 29 Nov 2010, 9:02pm

    > she’s just a turncoat opportunist

    or a pragmatist

  5. I still have to move on from Penny Wong’s pre election defense of Labour’s no to gay marriage. But now, thanks to the more progressive Greens, Labour is beginning to realise it has to start governing for majority opinion on this issue. And for individual MP’s to start being honest in what they really think. A little aside, huge cheers for Wikileaks on revealing a little of what is really going on. No thirty years of waiting for details anymore I hope.

  6. Jako – they need the Greens vote, it’s a coalition govt , giving a kick up labour’s asses and forcing a coalition govt has really made a difference….

    Sadly it hasn’t worked vey well in the UK. I’m not sure the lib dems have had much impact at all in the coalition over there , it’s almost as though the UK voted in a true blue tory govt…

    I’m sorry to say but what was the point of voting lib dems and getting the first greens MP when they don’t appear to be prepared to speak out or propose any private bills on things like marriage equality….

    I’m sorry to say but I think the UK is probably heading back down to a clear 2 party political system …..I think the greens and lib dems are probably going to be assigned to history in the next UK election….

  7. I do wonder if maybe it wasn’t a good thing that Penny toed the Labor Party line on marriage (between a man and a woman only), as it seems to have helped disenfranchise people from voting Labor and to vote for the openly pro-gay marriage Greens instead. It seems to mean that the only way we’re going to get gay marriage in Australia right now is through the Labor Party and Penny will be crucial for that. But equally it’s only become an issue in the public sphere because people have been noisy about it, making it difficult for the politicians to ignore it. Most people, and I suspect politicians, don’t have a problem with gay marriage, we just have to keep reminding them that we want it.

  8. James 1234567890 30 Nov 2010, 12:57pm

    court thinks – “Queers don’t forget that easily, Penny/Labor.”

    Speak for yourself. Cause I haven’t seen that ‘queer’ manifesto that you’re looking at where all ‘queers’ do the same.

    good on penny wong.

  9. Over here in the UK, there has been NO movement by Clegg or Miliband since they declared support for civil marriage equality although the Liberal Democrats officially endorsed it. I don’t think much will change unless we exert pressure on them. Summerskill too has been silent since his reversal on the issue and if you check StonewallUK’s website, you’ll find NOTHING in regard to this. The only people who can make this happen is us. We MUST put pressure on all of them to act. Empty words mean nothing because that’s all they are. We need to see movement now, not a year before the next general election campaign. If Miliband is smart enough, he’ll get the Labour party to endorse it as official policy to light a fire under the Liberal Democrats collective arse. All of us have to be proactive in making sure this happens or we’ll get nowhere.

  10. Joseph Carmel Chetcuti 30 Nov 2010, 7:31pm

    I wonder what happened to the religioous and cultural reasons that she relied on to oppose gay marriage. Wong can go to hell. She like Gillard change their position to suit the electoral climate.

  11. de Villiers 30 Nov 2010, 8:14pm

    > Wong can go to hell.

    What – for changing her mind?

  12. A pragmatic change of mind for the better…well done Penny Wong!

  13. I am ashamed that it would even enter peoples minds of gay marriage. I believe that it is only for a Man & a Woman, as it is written in the Bible. Then they also expect to be able to have children, im sorry to say it has gone way too far.!!!!!!

  14. The Bible says “love your neighbor”, gay or straight, that is Gods word.

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