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US judge says lesbians can be ‘cured’ by male soldiers

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  1. what a load of bull i serve openly and dont pose any risks…..what a clunge

  2. I think I feel sick…

  3. Wow. There is so much wrong with that I don’t even know where to start.

  4. I noticed that reference to the lithe bodies in the shower too, Iris – this tree-swinger is protesting a bit too much, perhaps?

    1. Wyldesage 4 May 2011, 3:44pm

      Yeah, I noticed that too. Notice that it’s always the biggest anti gay crusaders who get busted snorting meth off a rentboi’s hindquarters?

  5. Mihangel apYrs 26 Nov 2010, 2:05pm

    the intelligence of US republican judges is not a job qualification

    (some are good, but too many are rethuglicans first

  6. And this guy presides over trials???
    That is very, very scary.

  7. once you get all the lesbians into one place with the str8 soldiers……the lesbians will most definately have sex with lesbians and the str8 guys will be in the army just like they always are…this guys a complete idiot, he most likely believes he himself has the ability of ‘corrective rape’ its a common enough stupid misconception that would surprise the hell out of u….its people like this that disgust me, and are sexual deviants in their own right, they funnily enough preach that LGBT persons are deviants, but u know what they say…..crazy people dunno that their crazy….

    1. as disgusting as the man is being, could you -please- not bring ableism into this?

      1. hahaha I think (s)he was using it as an example, and not actually likening the judge to people who suffer from psychological or other disorders. I’m not sure it’s time to eradicate the colloquial use of the term crazy from mainstream dialect, seeing as its use tends to distinguish itself as non-clinical. Sometimes there needs to be a word for immensely unreasonable, for that we use ‘crazy’. And the truth is, irrational people don’t know they’re irrational. Had he said retarded people don’t know they’re retarded, I’d be with you. I find your offense to the term ‘crazy’ more offensive to those who live with psychological ailments because it’s YOUR association between the two that makes it offensive. Personally, I don’t call those living with bipolarity, DID, schizophrenia or anxiety disorders crazy. I call crazy people crazy.

        1. “I find your offense to the term ‘crazy’ more offensive to those who live with psychological ailments because it’s YOUR association between the two that makes it offensive.”

          well said.

        2. …this is hilarious, because I -am- one of those crazy people, thank you very much. I am one of those crazy people, and I am allowed to call out other people on their ableism. and casual ableism? is still ableism.

  8. Would corrective rape cure him of his heterosexuality and bigorty?

    1. It sounds like that is what is asking for, doesn’t it?

  9. “Would corrective rape cure him of his heterosexuality and bigorty?

    J. 26 November 2010, 2:21pm”

    Probably not, but a good hard whack round the head with a bat would do him some good.

  10. Lesbians with a ‘low sex drive’? What is this phenomenon? :D

  11. He should be thrown out of office (without pension or golden handshake).

  12. Martin Lawrence 26 Nov 2010, 3:19pm

    What a pity that such a revolting perversion of the human race should somehow have come into existence. There must be something wrong in the gene pool here.

  13. Soooo… what I gather from this comment is the gay men are having sex with the straight men, thus preventing the straight men from raping lesbians???? He must be speaking from experience.
    “My solution would get the distaff part of our homosexual population off our collective ‘Broke Back,’ thus giving straight male GIs a fair shot at converting lesbians and bringing them into the mainstream.”….

  14. Rehan, exactly. He’s obviously tormented by those thoughts and fails to realise that STRAIGHT guys don’t ponder over the temptation of lithe male bodies at all because they’re not the slightest bit interested.

    A nasty, misogynistic closet case who in all seriousness needs psychiatric help in my opinion.

  15. “He should be thrown out of office (without pension or golden handshake).”

    I disagree… he should be thrown in jail for advocating crime, discriminating on grounds of sexuality, and “being too thick to be allowed to breed”. Perhaps then we could go with J.’s plan of some “corrective rape” in the prison showers, just to see how effective he still thinks it is…

  16. Sounds like a case of another ‘gay man in denial’ to me. He seems VERY turned-on describing ‘lithe male bodies’ in showers. He should have a squint at the film ‘American Beauty’. I think the screenwqriter must have based the murderous neighbour on this delightful partriot.

  17. Lola Olson 26 Nov 2010, 5:28pm

    Has anyone found this man’s email? I feel particularly nasty letter coming on.

  18. DUDE!!! Corrective rape won’t make them straight,it’ll just make them victims of rape and all the more pissed offf.why do people enjoy torturing them???? :(

  19. Some straight men have a fantasy about having sex with a lesbians (or some lesbians). Maybe he wishes he could have sex with a lesbian (don’t think he was thinking about “rape”, I didn’t see that written enywhere except for the angry comments). The best solution would be to try to comunicate with ignorant people, instead of just shouting at their faces. Ignorance is not a falt, we are all ignorant in one way or another. The best solution is always to explain things as they really are. If a lesbian group tried to explain the truth to that judge, maybe he would understand. If lesbians just shout, scream and yell… well that’s not going to help or change anything.

    1. “Once all the lesbians are easily accessible in one place, an army of straight dudes will turn them all straight, presumably through that time-tested tactic of subduing and impregnating women against their will.” the against there will makes it sound like rape to me

      1. Oh sorry just realised that was someone else’s comment never mind

        1. He does say subdue and impregnate.
          Subdue-to overpower by superior force.
          Impregnate-to make pregnant
          Rape-any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person
          There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is cured through education, but you can’t fix stupid.
          And my lesbian roommate agrees with this.

  20. He so needs to be raped(turned out) and then kicked out of the judiciary.

  21. “of showering with other men who achieve lascivious enjoyment from the sight of those lithe naked bodies, and who may be tempted to seek more than the view?”

    LMAO… Closet gay or what?

    “lithe naked bodies”…. Bet he had a little twinge or two downstairs when he conjured up that image in his mind.

    Love it.


  22. Commanderthor 26 Nov 2010, 8:27pm

    “lascivious enjoyment from the sight of those lithe naked bodies”

    Gay. Douchebag.

  23. c.j. – Are you saying that a *lesbian* in the military is going to be absolutely happy to have sex with a man, that it would be 100% consensual and in no way rape?

    Just because he didn’t use the word “rape”, doesn’t mean that’s what he was talking about.

  24. dear allati

    Where did I write that a lesbian would be happy to have sex with a man in the military?

    You didn’t understand my comment. I think that judge is a very ignorant man. I think the best solution would be to explane to him homosexuality and in this case lesbianism. He like many men thinks than homosexuality doesn’t really exist and that we “could be cured” someway. If we just shout, who is ever going to listen to us?? Wouldn’t be better to explain with calm something rather than just yell and be angry about it? I am gay. I should be even more upset since he said that lesbians could be “changed” but no hope at all for gay men, they spread HIV Aids to the rest of the world. But instead of being just angry and shouting, I would rather talk to him and explain that things are not the way he thinks. Let me know

  25. Goodness, I didn’t realise that all lesbians needed to do to be converted was to be in the company of straight men. Because obviously lesbians would never be in the company of straight men normally.

    Sarcasm aside I cannot believe that someone, let along a judge, could say so ridiculous and insulting. A worry indeed.

  26. Men who force ‘corrective rape’ should be forced to undergo ‘corrective castration’ So should those who think rape can ‘correct’ anything! I’m just saying…

  27. A Lesbian that has sex with a man isn’t a lesbian at all. Furthermore, repeated unwanted advances is by definition sexual harassment. If the Army is advocating that as a “cure” to its problem with lesbianism they have a trememdous problem on their hands.

  28. The article title is misleading. He is a FORMER US judge. He was fired for inappropriate comments toward a female inmate during a bond hearing.

  29. @ cj. This guy knows about glbt’s. He and his ilk don’t care. Explaining doesn’t work with them. They feel they have a mandate from god himself to purify the world-by any means possible-including forced rape. And unfortunately our populace decided to give these idiots more power in our latest elections.

  30. As a South African lesbian who knows what “Corrective Rape” (which term was coined in SA) is, and who does advocacy work for Luleki Sizwe, ( an NPO that assists, counsels, houses and fights for the rights of women who have undergone “Corrective Rape”, (some of them being beaten up, others murdered; some who have either died from contracting AIDS as a result of the rape, or have committed suicide because they could not live with what happened), I would dearly love to get my hands on the so-called judge and show him a thing or two!

    Rehyansky you are a sick puppy who needs to be put down!!

    Please, people, go to this link and sign my petition so that we can get “corrective Rape” declared a hate-crime.
    Thank you,
    Luleki Sizwe

  31. well I don’t believe in imaginary friends who live in the sky.

    I believe that a lot of humans are ignorant, to be ignorant means to ignore the truth, and the only truth I know is that 95% of the comments I read here are as violent and cruel as the intentions of a very ignorant and stupid judge. You wrote “Explaining with them doesn’t work” and I agree. If 5% comunicate and 95% shout, who is going to be heard? A lot of cristians believe that we could be cured becose they think we are ill. So instead of shouting and being angry we should promote rationalism. A rational response using calm reason might be a better solution than just scream. And I don’t think he reads gays and lesbians should promote secular ideas, thoughts and logic.

    1. this is very true, i agree with you. HOWEVER some times communication won’t work on those who believe it wrong that one would be willing to sleep with the same gender as them selves, i should know seeing as when i tried communicating with my aunt about it she threw holy water at me

  32. dear billi, corrective rape must be a horrible thing, I would wish it to anyone, even to the ignorant judge. But I think that article was interpretated in the wrong way. Lesbians should try to be in contact with this man and try to make him realise that lesbians don’t become straight just becose SOME straight men would try to have sex with them. I would have a word with him if i were you.

  33. …would NOT wish it… (errata corrige)

  34. I’ve just heard the news Ted Haggard is complete heterosexual!! ;O

  35. Hi CJ,

    Any idea how I can get in contact with him? I would love to have a word or two with him and may be able to show him some things that will make him think otherwise…

  36. 2 Billi

    You could start it! I am sure that you have many lesbian friends, why don’t you start a manifestation outside an american embassy or consulate? Tvs would start to be interested and interview you, you could send the message out there to everybody including that judge. Don’t take it as a joke, a lot of demonstrations start just like that. If the first day you are 100, the second day you will be 150, by the end of the month you could be a thousand, and journalists would come and listen to you.

  37. Judge Dumbf@ck should be visited by some well muscled lesbians & get a lesson in the diverse reality of gender preference.

  38. So he demanding that lesbians serve so that they can be raped, and he’s obviously bisexual to even be able to come up with the thought of “showering with other men who achieve lascivious enjoyment from the sight of those lithe naked bodies, and who may be tempted to seek more than the view?”

    Great. And this guy is supposed to be upholding the law as a magistrate?

  39. @ CJ,
    Have commented on the Daily Caller post (he is still online there) and am awaiting his reply….

  40. well good luck billi and good for you

    …but don’t spend the rest of your life, your only life, hating. I know there are a lot of people out there who are full of hate, don’t be like them, you always have a choice. take care

  41. Not to be evil, but let he send all the straight men to war. So many of them will be injured killed and become POW’s. Because they don’t have enough men fighting who are comfortable enough with themselves to explore their sexuality and can fight like men who can care for another man and women. It will leave an entire nation of gay and bisexual men along with the lesbians to run everything back home then. Just Sayin!

  42. Made in the USA. A judge made of real American values in one word THRASH.

  43. Hey CJ,

    Thanks! And I am not a hater, I am a Spiritual person (thank goodness), I just feel very sorry for people like this judge because he actually believes that he is right! Still awaiting a response from him…

    Take care

  44. As a male who knows a lot of women, it’s men like this who contribute to the fact that every last one of the women I know, save for one, have been raped at least once in their life. Words can not express the level of depraved, and nightmarish, things that I would love to do to this douche. This is why so many love the television show “Dexter” We need more people like Michael A. Mullen out there.

  45. It’s got to be a joke!

    Just read what he put…

    He continued: “Shouldn’t the overwhelmingly straight warriors who answer their county’s call be spared the indignity of showering with other men who achieve lascivious enjoyment from the sight of those lithe naked bodies, and who may be tempted to seek more than the view?”

    “lascivious enjoyment… lithe naked bodies… tempted to see more…”

    Come on people!

  46. I am so disgusted by the remarks this “man” made. I am speechless. This is a judge?

  47. My god this is disgusting what an evil pathetic excuse for a human being! I feel sick.

  48. If the str8 solders tried anything with a room full of lesbians they would probably get their asses kicked.

  49. OMG.. this is such a sick man!! How DARE he advocate the rape of ANY person!!

    What the heck has this country come to???

    I have two daughters and if ANY man raped them, military or NOT, I’d want them charged to the FULLEST extent outside the MILITARY courts!!

    IF this is the Military’s stance on lesbians, I withdraw my support!!!!

  50. Just because you’re a gay man doesn’t mean you like every man on the face of the planet. These people have to stop thinking so highly of themselves. With cave men mentality like that the IQ points will just continue dropping.

  51. This judge is the lowest form of low. My best friend since 5th grade is gay n so was my uncle. I love both of them so much n this made feel sick to my stomach. A gay man hitting on a straite man is like a straite girl hitting on a gay guy, there’s no point in it. They’re not attracted to that. Everybody is entitled to live life as they please. Everybody is human n has a beating heart. A gay man or a lesbians heart beats the same way a straite guy or girls heart wud. This judge is pathedic n really needs to b educated on a few things!!!

  52. Cured of what? Converted into what? And, the research done(or not done) on sexually transmitted diseases was so far off the charts it made my head want to explode.

    The sad and disgusting part of all of this is, those folks, in uniform, carrying a gun, shooting at some other fool, is shooting to protect this Fools’ right to be so arrogant and down right stupid. GO ALL YOU GUYS and Gals who think like this (or don;t think at all)!!! Great role model you all have. How proud you all must be.

    This man is a judge. Doesn’t have anything better to do? Political corruption, economy issues, education………his own backyard?

  53. Rob Dickens 27 Nov 2010, 3:19am

    “who achieve lascivious enjoyment from the sight of those lithe naked bodies” Sounds like he’s gay.

  54. Jeff Bowles 27 Nov 2010, 3:44am

    You have to give Rehyansky credit: it takes work to say something that foolish.

  55. I think I see a story of *wide-stances* in the restroom with this “judge”.

    Only the most vilest closet-case could possibly stand behind these irresponsible (and closet-tittilating) statments…

    Has this tool lost his job yet?

  56. I am physically ill. I am the victim of “corrective rape” at the hands of evil people that cannot accept I was born Lesbian. This judge is inhuman.

  57. steve in MD 27 Nov 2010, 6:11am

    Cant we remove judges for advocating rape. And investigate them for all the unsolved rape cases.

    Thats what you get from the USA bible belt believers. We are fighting the wrong war on terrorism.

  58. KatieMurphy 27 Nov 2010, 6:14am

    I do advocate rape – of this guy. Put him in jail, and spread the word that he is a child molester. Most prisoners so I read have been molested as a youth.

    And will give this creep exactly what he deserves. Cruel and unusual punishment.

  59. David in Indy 27 Nov 2010, 6:34am

    If any of you are looking for yet another reason to slash your country’s relationship with the U.S., you have it now.

    My GOD, how embarrassing and awful.

  60. Why does this bring to mind this other famous advocate of Ex-gay therapy?
    Note the cover photo of ‘butch’ dad in an outdoor setting dressed as a lumberjack chopping wood and not at all contemplating “lithe male bodies” in locker rooms and showers…
    I think someone needs to ‘help him with his luggage’!

  61. What I think of Mr Rehyansky appears directly below:

  62. What the – ! GLBT is NOT a choice. Does anyone not realize that, JUDGE?!!! Apparently NOT!!!

  63. To the readers who insist that he never used the word ‘rape’ so we are all getting hysterical over nothing — he used the words ‘sexually subdue’, which is the same thing.

    The full statement he made claims that evolunarily speaking (funny how right wing christians never believe in evolution until times like this) — all men, gay or straight (he cannot conceive of bi or genderqueer) are predetermined predators who will seek to ‘subdue’ the object of their desire. So, he argues, gay men cannot be allowed in the army showers with ‘lithe’ straight objects of their desire, because they will be forced by nature to ‘subdue’ them.

    But, he continues to argue, that same impulse to subdue women by a straight soldier could be put to good use on lesbians. By their very nature, a lesbian would not willingly submit to a man’s sexual attentions, so any ‘conversions’ to being straight would be by force.

    So, yes, he advocates corrective rape. No, we are not being hysterical.

  64. “he should be thrown in jail for advocating crime, discriminating on grounds of sexuality, and “being too thick to be allowed to breed”. Perhaps then we could go with J.’s plan of some “corrective rape” in the prison showers, just to see how effective he still thinks it is…”

    I agree with the above.. He seems too thick to realize the total stupidity of what he is saying. Perhaps demonstration would be the only answer… The idea that ´corrective rape´ will ´convert anyone back to the mainstream´ is stupid and antiquated.

    I dont know, just when you thought it was safe to go out, you find such ignorance alive and well. I despair…

  65. All this from the worlds no1 ‘superpower’? Not that much difference to sacking gay teachers in Poland, beating gay pride protesters in Moscow, hanging gay teenagers in Iran. Why not join in the great melting pot of bigotory and prejudice. All those God fearing countries who spread the ‘word’ through love, compassion and tolerance. What a fragile world we live in!

  66. Its frightening to think that someone in such a position of power(and undoubtedly well respected by numerous Republican sheep) should be allow to make such a repugnant and dangerous statement. Asuming he has kids(which I sincerely hope he does not) that is another generation being brought up to maintain these views. Thank god for “Family Values.”

  67. ‘lithe male bodies’ – somebody has repressed sexual fantasies….

  68. Billi,

    Let me know if you find his email. I found his LinkedIn, but I can’t seem to find his email. And you have to have an upgraded account on LinkedIn to send the guy email.



  69. Martin Knight 27 Nov 2010, 12:42pm

    He should be fired.
    He has no integrity nor any sense of the morality and justice of human rights in US (and world) law.

  70. What kind of ignorant idiot is this guy!! Is he still in office? What is this government coming to letting people like him be judges?! Lucky be the rapist who gets this judge to try him! Case dismissed! And I pity the poor victim! Anybody who agrees with his views are just as ignorant! GET RID OF HIM NOW!!!!

  71. As an American, this article both humiliates me and infuriates me. I grew up in the southern U.S. and this ignorant moron personifies the stereotype of the backwoods southern, KKK founder that we have been trying to live down for decades. The scariest thing about it is I am sure he is a very powerful man in the rural part of Tennessee he is from. He needs to be permanently removed from the bench, disbarred, censured and denied any pension. Too bad being dumber than dirt isn’t illegal.

  72. What a moron. I’m so glad not everyone in Tennessee is like this idiot.

  73. “He should be thrown out of office (without pension or golden handshake).”

    …should be thrown OOO without pension, but with a Golden Shower!

  74. September Meadows 27 Nov 2010, 3:37pm

    How many rapists has this judge presided over in court that he was lenient with because he personally felt they did the right and natural thing?? He needs to be removed and all of his cases scrutinized.

  75. TheSuburbanBi 27 Nov 2010, 3:58pm

    Just to clarify this man is not actually a “judge” — he was a volunteer, part-time “judicial commisioner” who was fired back in April for making lude comments to women in the judicial chambers.

    So he’s already been fired. He was never a proper judge, in the sense most people here reading assume. America has loads of problems, but this guy’s rampant mania cannot be laid at the feet of the whole nation.

  76. Trish Allain 27 Nov 2010, 4:24pm

    I feel that only bigots should be allowed to join the millitary. That way the can go off and die for our sake, and the only people left are open minded people and gblt’s. That man is an ASS. He should be the fist one on the front line. If he thinks that raping any of us would convert us then he is absolutely wrong!!!! That would just make us hate men. I hope he gets what he deserves!

  77. “it fell to men to swing through the trees and scour the caves in search of as many women as possible to subdue and impregnate – a tough job but someone had to do it”

    Oh, so he’s not only clueless about human sexuality, but animal behaviour as well. I’m quite certain early humans weren’t prolific rapists; much like today’s primates.

    Such a cartoonish statement could only have come from a rampant sexist.

  78. If I were a lesbian, I can’t imagine that being “correctively raped” would make me find men any more appealing. Just sayin’.

  79. Yes, those “lithe naked bodies” – methinks the Judge doth protest too much…

    This is only going to encourage every self-questioning, testosterone-drenched jock to rape any teenage girl he thinks might be a Lesbian. And it’s the gays who are a scourge? Irresponsible and reprehensible, to say the least.

  80. The suburbanbi….true its not indicative of an entire society but in America, the republican party seems to be replete with those disgusting people. What is it about that party in America that has a propensity to breed such ignorance and hate some of whom advocate and promote violence against LGBT people and their hate speech is protected under the law? Really sick if you ask me. What about those Log Cabin people who vote for and support a party that has made it quite clear it doesn’t support LGBT people or their equality. Its beyond sick.

  81. I am currently serving in the active military and I am gay, I know quite a few lesbians that are serving as well and have been serving for anwhere from 2 – 15 years and they have not been “cured” homosexuality is not a disease nor a choice, it is no different than skin color, eye color, etc, you are born that way, this judge has absolutely no idea what he is talking about! I have served in Iraq with other gay and lesbian soldiers and we have all done the same as any other soldiers. Get a clue judge, you should be removed from your position as a judge and educate yourself on this issue.

  82. This actually *physically* made me nauseous. I don’t even really know what to say other than this man is a piece of garbage that should be shot.

  83. Using that logic, gays should be allowed to serve so the straight women in the militia can convert them.

    There, the gay and lesbian serving problem solved.

  84. If this ex-judge is in fact a US veteran, he should remember that rape is illegal per the Uniform Code of Military Justice, article 120. And for those of you attributing his actions to the Republican Party, may I remind you all that it was the Log Cabin Republicans that brought the legal challenge to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the first place?

  85. Maximilian 27 Nov 2010, 9:03pm

    I think I could cure a few male US soldiers of being straight given the chance!

  86. How long will it be until this paragon of virtue is found in a Little Britain like press conference having slipped on a banana skin and somehow accidentally found himself inside the gentleman?

    What a nasty, nasty little mind and a nasty, nasty little man.

    Corrective rape, indeed.

  87. Sister Mary Clarance 27 Nov 2010, 11:07pm

    what did the 89 year old woman say to her rapist? Come back when the ‘crack’ is 90!

  88. this has to be one of the most stupid things i’ve ever heard. how could anyone say something like that? that’s immoral, illegal and overall just wrong.


  90. “Lithe male bodies in the shower”…makes me think the judge is hiding something. Scary to think he sits in judgement of others…with power. OMG

  91. What worries me is the thought of the straight soldiers we talk about. If they were willing to rape their fellow Americans to ‘correct’ them, what are they willing to do to the native population? Furthermore, what damage has already been done to Iraqis and Afghan women and children?

  92. I for one have served in the USMC and as straight female i am disgusted by this man! if i was a lesbian i would LOVE to see a guy “correct rape” me.. he would be laying on the ground crying if not worse.

  93. Well, since the Judge is from Tennessee, near ‘Deliverance’ country, I suggest that redneck soldiers and judges be ‘converted’ by recruiting the aid of rutting bulls to cure them of their bad habits.

  94. Rehyansky has proven that he’s not fit for office… he spreads bigotry at a rate higher than intelligent people. He’s a danger to all those in his proximity. Cut him loose and put him out to pasture. I’m straight, I’m intelligent and he offends me. Sickening.

  95. Yes, I also noticed all his attention to those “lithe” male bodies. Why does it seem the more homophobic the individual the more likely they are gay.

  96. Mugsy Peabody 28 Nov 2010, 9:30am

    This judge makes me think capital punishment is not such a bad idea (in his case).

  97. Does anyone else think his comments about men showering are slightly homosexual. Sounds like a closet case to me. I guess this judge just needs some corrective rape to fix his “disease”.

  98. I want to stand next to him wearing one of those shirts that has ‘I’m with stupid’ printed on it.

  99. Mendy Knott 28 Nov 2010, 1:46pm

    Well, it happened to me back in 1982. Not only was I raped, but then while they were suppose to be investigating him (I pressed charges), they investigated me instead for being a lesbian, trying to get me out before I could cause trouble. He lost 2 stripes,but I finished up with my honorable discharge. Now I’m asking for service-connected disability. My case is in appeal at this time.

  100. The frightening this about this story is that it is estimated that as many as 60% of female US soldiers are already being raped and sexually assaulted by male US soldiers. These types of attitudes go way beyond just a horribly negative attitude toward homosexuality.

  101. He’s not a retired judge, he’s a retired employee of the local prosecutor. Which means he’s an angry old man with a lot of time on his hands. Typical conservative wanker.

  102. Time to add some choline to the gene pool me thinks.

  103. Becky Cochran 28 Nov 2010, 4:22pm

    This judge is a complete idiot and should be fired for making these statements which amount to obscenities. That entire town should band together to have him removed.
    I am heterosexual with a homosexual sibling and lots of homosexual friends. This entire thing about gays in the military is utterly ridiculous, they are dedicated service men and women too.

  104. now there is something I don’t understand in this article… …is anyone in America doing anything about it? Anyone trying to discuss publicly about it or making a manifestation? let me know.

    You know… just protesting here on is not really doing anything…

  105. Where is this guy licensed to practice law?
    This shows clear moral unfitness to hold a law license, and anyone can file a complaint with the appropriate state bar association. This means YOU can do it.
    Don’t mourn – organize!

  106. what a complete and utter twonk!

  107. so…we’re supposed to be mainstreamed by corrective rape???!!!! Why can’t people just live their lives and leave others alone?

  108. WTH is this person liven under a rock… i have never ever read such B.S in my life this person needs to live in the real world

  109. what is scary is that we have judges who judge other people on all sorts of crimes etc. and for this idiot to say such a thing is horendous. he should be disbarred or sent to brain school

  110. Three words: Only in America.

  111. You can tell he’s put a lot of thought into the idea of showering and looking at lithe male bodies, there…

  112. OMG is this guy for real?? And his a JUDGE, I thought Judges were ment to be intelligent?? What a dumb ass!!!!!

  113. Sebastian Valkyr F. Von Silberhorn 29 Nov 2010, 8:29am

    It makes me wonder about what twisted a mind must reside in the head of a judge that would support rape in no matter what context. Such fantasies show some evidence of psychopathologic tendencies and that judge better should be removed because of incompetence in office… and be brought back to the monkey zoo where they got him from.

  114. Why is this man allowed to be a judge?

    To think & to say publicly that lesbians can be cured shows he is extremely ignorant … but also to say that lesbians can be cured (by what can only be understood as rape) is beyond evil and disgusting.

    Does he get his twisted morality from the Bible? The Bible says rape is okay but lesbianism is not?
    I don’t think so.

    Regarding his other comments too, the guy is a vicious homophobic idiot, he needs to be prosecuted and removed from his job.

  115. Dear All, I’ve read the comments of outrage on here and I cannot disagree with any of them but I have to confess that I actually find this man’s comments hilariously funny. The man is a dinosaur who’s obviously grown up with blinkers firmly fixed around his eyes to prevent and breadth of view of the world. I pity him – whilst still laughing at him.

  116. It must be really easy to become a judge in America.

  117. It’s nice of you to sympathize with him, Simon, but bear in mind that right now he’s still a sitting judge — IE, someone authorized to determine guilt or innocence in a court of law, or to set penalties. And his “quaint, outdated beliefs” apparently include that it’s okay for straight guys to rape lesbian women if it’s “in order to cure them” of their lesbianism, a condition which he apparently ascribes to not having had enough cock in their lives…

  118. 29 Nov 2010, 2:13pm

    The man’s an egregious effing idiot. But in a way I’m glad he came out as one. We need to know where he, and his kind, stand on humane values.

  119. It is possible that this article was meant to be satire. He titled it “an immodest proposal”, which brings to mind Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” that advocated that the Irish eat their children in order to solve their poverty/starvation problems. Please don’t assume that everyone from Tennessee is ignorant. I don’t know Joe, but I do know his wife. I know that she is highly educated (in fact, one of the most brilliant women I know) and far from a knuckle-dragger, and she never struck me as a conservative at all in all the years I knew her. There may be more to this story than the “obvious”.

  120. What a sexist assh*le! I hope someone rapes him and shows him some correction. As far as women have come, we still have to deal with this kind of hillbilly bullsh*t!

  121. The headline is misleading, since “U.S. judge” is often construed as meaning a federal judge. This man appears not to be a federal judge.

  122. WriterWriter 29 Nov 2010, 7:29pm

    “…men who achieve lascivious enjoyment from the sight of those lithe naked bodies, and who may be tempted to seek more than the view?

    The judge’s comments are NOT those of an unbiased observer, nor are they those of a straight man! This guy might live straight but he totally gave himself away by using the words “lascivious enjoyment,” and “lithe, naked bodies.” This guy as as closeted as it gets….

  123. Hmmm, maybe he should be raped by some military men. Would this then make him gay. Ahh, one can only hope.

  124. I am bi and asexual, so by his reasoning I pose even less risk then the ‘straight male rapists’ he approves of.

  125. The evil espoused by Joe Rehyansky is bad enough; why haven’t conservatives expressed anger about his comments? Is their collective silence an indication of agreement?

  126. “Me thinks he doth protest too much.”

  127. R.E. Maxson 30 Nov 2010, 12:45am

    To say he has the mentality of a Neanderthal would be insulting to Neanderthals.

  128. Joe Rehyansky’s nonsense may play in rural Tennessee, but in the outside world most men gave up tree-swinging awhile back. We also noticed that gays and lesbians have served in the military with little to no conflict, save for the disrupting effects of witch-hunts whenever and wherever they were being conducted. This guy’s a fool, whether he’s a vet or not. (Written with deepest apologies to my numerous veteran friends.)

  129. R.E. Maxson 30 Nov 2010, 12:51am

    Hey, maybe the article WAS meant as satire. Now that that’s been postulated, a rereading supports such a twist. Since this has made the news, wonder what he has to say in response.
    Reminds me of the minister who said, “Homosexuals will burn in Hell, but true Christians will know the fruits of heaven”.

  130. Can I correctively throw him off a bridge to cure this Judge’s bigotry?

  131. I think that the judge is right. Gays do spread diseases.

  132. stan James 30 Nov 2010, 4:51am

    Christians arguing for rape.

    Is there anything at all that is not so outrageous that they would win lose the “competition to receive the new hitler” crown.

  133. “I think that the judge is right. Gays do spread diseases.”

    Really? I have my suspicions that Christian idiots like you nuts don’t think at all…. makes your statement an oxymoron, doesn’t it? That a big word. Oxymoron. Can you spell it, Cassie?

    I was wondering when the freaks that support this kind of “rape cure” idiocy would join this thread.

  134. Gary is a liar. Maybe he is serving at McDonald’s openly, not the military.

  135. Whoops! Firstly his misogynistic rant gets picked up and take make matters worse he has revealed his repressed homosexuality through his choice of words. But whilst the judge relieves his tension over thoughts of lithe soldiers showering we should remember that the right-wing has a long and proud tradition of ranty homophobes who are actually gay themselves and are found in lustful clinches with rent boys.

  136. – – – – – Cassie wrote

    “I think that the judge is right. Gays do spread diseases.”

    Cassie you views are so 1980s, did you just step out of a time machine!

  137. “I think that the judge is right. Gays do spread diseases”

    And so do straight people and bisexuals, too!

  138. What an arse!!! He’s so redicluous all I can do is laugh!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Seriously, is there some international contest amongst homophobes to see who can come up with the most deplorable statements?

  140. Glen Munro 30 Nov 2010, 8:06pm

    I think there is some confusion here with some people. If i chose to get angry and fight back, that does not mean i am full of hate.

  141. So, what he’s saying is, if we got a load of gay men to rape him, he would suddenly turn gay?

    He says no?

    Then why would it work for lesbians?


  142. This makes me sick to think about. So are you telling me Mr. Judge if a man were to rape you, you would “be cured” and turned into a Homosexual? Sorry but that’s not how it works. And trust me Lesbians can not be slated as having “low sex drives”. And I’m pretty sure if your homosexual and in the army, your there to serve. Seriously who would join the army to have sex? Has this Judge or any other person against homosexuals being in the army, not seen or heard of the kind of daily schedule these people keep? There really wouldn’t be time for sex. Sheesh! They shouldn’t be putting a ban on Homosexuals or any LGBT person joining the army. They should be putting a ban on closed minded idiots becoming judges!

  143. TheSuburbanBi 1 Dec 2010, 12:12am

    Okay, it’s worth repeating — this man is NOT a judge. He is a retired (actually, fired) part-time judicial employee. He was fired back in April for sexist and lude comments he made to women while on the job.

    He’s just found a few idiots to listen to him, a reporter or two heard him. He speaks for no one of influence or consequence in American politics or the military on this issue; he has no consituency; he has no power over people.

    As someone above pointed out — he’s just a ranting, bitter, reactionary bigoted sexist who got his 15 mins.

  144. Hmmmm,wonder if he’s got a cure for ignorance?

  145. To think a judge would have the audacity to even think this atrocious monstrosity of an idea to me is shocking! This man should be ‘corrected’ in every sense of the word!

  146. I really hope this is satire, because otherwise the human race has a long, long way to go…
    But, I mean, look at the wording. No closet case would leave his words that unchecked, and nobody rational being would seriously write about men “swinging through the trees and scouring the caves in search of as many women as possible to subdue and impregnate”. I defy anyone to say that without laughing.

  147. That is completely stupid. Another person who’s homophobic, a big one at that. Sometimes I wonder how idiotic people get such high power.

  148. elect this man to the white house!

  149. Stephanie 1 Dec 2010, 5:06am

    Seriously? I’m so outraged right now I don’t even know what to say.

  150. It never ceases to amaze me, that seemingly intelligent people, that we but into positions of power, are actually ignorant, stupid.
    I give the “judge” a solution to eliminating the gay lesbian people/issue, he and others so fear.
    I say to all you heterosexual couples, quit procreating.

  151. Well, first off, Jessica Geen needs to get her facts straight: This idiot isn’t a part-time magistrate any longer. He got FIRED back in APRIL of this year for inappropriate comments made to female inmates. He’s a bigot through and through.
    He’s now just a nobody-blogger writing trash articles that belong in the Star.

    As for what Magistrates do in the whole aspect of the law: They really do nothing. They set Bonds and Issue Warrants at nights and weekends when the REAL judges aren’t there.

  152. Okay. I’m straight and an american. This douche bag needs to be shot.

  153. So the man’s a homophobic wanna be rapist.

  154. since when was “corrective rape” constitutional?!

  155. So how is it that we can’t get this excuse for a Christian human out of office?? Apparently, he needs a cure so maybe we should call for his rape so he can be “fixed” it’s obvious we have a closet case here!!

  156. David Ricks 1 Dec 2010, 8:33pm

    Let’s send that “judge” to jail where he belongs. Then maybe some of the other inmates will cure him of his heterosexuality.

  157. This man’s views are repugnant. As is the sensationalism of the writing in this article. As as most of the reactionary comments. There is simply no need to make anything this man wrote sound worse…he did a fine job on his own. A great failing of discourse in this country is how instantly enraged people get over things told to them by manipulative journalists.

  158. I am so straight. I served in Viet Nam w the Red Cross. I am outraged, disgusted, by this raging,dangerous idiot.

  159. I have yet to meet a lesbian with a low sex drive…

    So, by his logic, a straight man could be “cured” of heterosexuality but a good raping from a gay man…. Maybe that’s what this prick deserves.

  160. Hopefully just a matter of time before he loses his job over these statements.

  161. I certainly disagree strongly with this mans views, but lets not put words in his mouth. It only serves to make us seem bombastic and hysterical. He never mentions the word rape at all or even insinuates it. Using the term “corrective rape” in this article was obviously for the sole purpose of creating a strong reaction in readers.

    This man is most certainly a jackass, but let’s not sink so low as to put words in his mouth.

  162. What is the world coming to?
    This poor excuse for a human beeing should he himself be “converted”. I´m not gay myself, but firmly live by the code that, love is love, in any way, shape or form. Is it not? The world is a darker place now that i know that this sesspole of a man i walking among us.

  163. if S. Palin gets elected in 2012 the US will go back 50years on gay rights! in any European democracy a politician or public figure that made such remarks would be sacked (or resign)!

  164. He is so evil…….and that is a bunch of BS…….He has a lot of nerve……..Send the guy away to another country…….

  165. geralyn mott 8 Dec 2010, 1:40am

    this ma is an idiot and should be removed from the gene pool!!!!

  166. Allow me to be in a room with him for 48hrs.. with his logic I could turn him gay.. ah whether he wanted it or not.. from all accounts, he wants the right of gay people taken away, I would love to have a conversation with this fella.. just so I could tell him what a disgrace to society he really is

  167. Alex Prague 2 May 2011, 2:35am

    that is a bunch of bullcrap. you cant convert what comes naturally. It is how you feel towards other people. that judge needs a clue

  168. There’s a place for people like him. No, not hell, but close! It’s called Westboro Baptist Church.

  169. this is sick. i don’t know what to say.
    maybe gay men actually want to serve our country. just because they’re gay doesn’t meant they get horny from every guy they see! and ‘converting’ lesbians? what like it’s a religion?! no. if they’re going to be lesbian, they’re going to be lesbian. being a lesbian comes with not wanting any sexual relations with a man at all. so forcing straight men on the them is the sickest thing i’ve heard in a long time.

  170. I would advocate corrective rape for him, but the use of the words ‘lithe naked bodies’ suggests it might end up not being rape at all.

  171. Spiritbody 3 May 2011, 3:40pm

    my god. There’s ignorance and then theres this guy!

  172. Spanner1960 3 May 2011, 4:56pm

    It just demonstrates how out of touch the American legislature is, and why they have no real justice.

    The man should actually be pitied for his ignorance.

  173. This is supposed to be to be tongue in cheek. Did anyone read the article? It’s just making fun of the military for basing policies on soldiers’ personal lives by embarking upon a hyper-intrusive examination of how sexual preferences might affect combat readiness.

  174. “my god. There’s ignorance and then theres this guy!”

    You think he’s being ignorant just read the comments here. The judge was joking, he was being completely satirical.

  175. This judge, who made the comment that the lesbians and gays people can be cured by the rape of hetersexual soldiers, have to be impeached , and fired for his or her violent messages against the gay community, this judge purposely instigates and provokes hetersexual men to rape gay soldiers in order to tr;y and get them to be hetersexuals, this insane perverted and very; dangerous corrupt judge, is a violent threat to humanity, and instigates rape and violence against women, and men with sex crimes, this juge may already be a wife beater and rappest him self, these are the kind of corrupt officials on benches, who or dangerous and corrupt, they have no place in offices, instigating crimes of hate and i dont care if any gay person is rapped, by anyone , that will never change a person from being gay. people lie at times, but your feeling or your feelings and they come from inside, and they come with you, if you are not attracted to men you are not attracted to men rape causes more hate

  176. i hope this man is removed from his position, or, you know, shot.

    His final argument, which has now been removed by The Daily Caller, was as follows: “My solution would get the distaff part of our homosexual population off our collective ‘Broke Back,’ thus giving straight male GIs a fair shot at converting lesbians and bringing them into the mainstream.”

    only hipsters want to be mainstream now, because not being mainstream is too main stream. Stupid judge, your argument is proclaimed invalid

  177. what’s among the most disturbing here is that he is openly advocating rape. rape is illegal, period. whether it’s male/female, male/male, female/female..its still wrong. just because a STRAIGHT man forces himself onto a LESBIAN woman, doesn’t make the crime any less than if it was a STRAIGHT man raping a STRAIGHT woman. rape is rape regardless of one’s sexuality. whats also sickly amusing is the fact he believes that its the gay men who solely carry HIV…the fact is actually reverse..more people who are heterosexual carry around the disease and are more likely then to pass it to others than any of the homosexuals out there. totally..and COMPLETELY..DISGUSTING

  178. There is a village missing its idiot somewhere in TN. This has to be for real, nobody could come up with fiction this crazy.

  179. He was channeling his inner George Rekers, one sees that often with people suffering from “Graig-Haggard Syndrom”….

  180. WTF – and this psyco idiot is a freakin Judge in a supposedly 1st world country. This is the type comment one would expect from some moronic, bigot African leader. Sad country is USA to accomodate oxygen thieves such as this haha

  181. i tried to read this to my husband… but i found that i just couldn’t form the words. i feel so sick to think that someones mind can fall to such vile thoughts.

  182. He’s obviously not fit to be a magistrate. I wonder if lesbians could cure him?

  183. I can’t believe the military would let the soldier who wrote this, serve openly stupid. Yes, openly stupid.

  184. I am a Captain in the Army. I am a heterosexual male. If anyone attempted to rape any of my Soldiers, I would personally see that they not survive to see their courts-martial. Regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation , or background, they are my brothers and sisters.

  185. “lithe naked bodies”? I don’t think he and I were in the same army…

  186. This guy is a jackass. I’ve been serving in the Army for 11 yrs. I’ve have served with soldiers that are gay and have never had any problems with them whatsoever. This guy is spreading lies and obviously knows nothing about what he is talking about. Lastly, isn’t odd that a presumably straight guy would use the word “lithe” to describe another man’s body? Sounds like perhaps that Mr. Rehyansky is still in the closet maybe and hates it so much that he is lashing out at the gay community to make himself feel better about himself. So, not only is he an ignorant toolbag, but he is also in denial. This guy does not need to be allowed to serve the public.

  187. This just goes to show that people with small minds are afraid of people who are different. So with his argument should we permit female personnel to rape gay men to “convert” them? His thinking is so backward it’s insulting to both men and women.

  188. Christina 5 May 2011, 6:57pm

    I am a straight woman, but I find this to be highly offensive since it is advocating rape of a woman. Regardless of a woman’s gender preference, she does *not* deserve to be raped. Last I knew, rape is illegal, a crime against humanity, and a violation of the Geneva Convention rules. He is a judge therefore he should know these things!

  189. This story isn’t true. The man was stating his support for lesbians serving openly in the military, but not gay men. After responding to a question he made a joke that straight guys would laugh about not realizing the insensitive nature of it. This joke was twisted into this story. Here is the story of how a few crazies set out to destroy someone who was basically, on their side.

  190. I got the cure right here

  191. I’m calling BS on this one. The Daily Caller is overwellmingly left, this is an “article” from a blogger and there are a lot of wrongly-worded sentences, ideas and concepts that somebody who had actually been in the military would NEVER use.

    It reads more like somebody who hates the military and has never served wrote this vile crap. I doubt this guy even exists. Can somebody check on that?

  192. Welcome to America. Urg.

  193. The man is so ignorant, the only thing I can thing I can think of he might possibly understand is that he insults all soldiers when assuming that the men are all looking for someone to rape. This man is seriously in need of psychotherapy at the very least.

  194. Sandi Rust 6 May 2011, 1:01am

    how is this (I can barely bring myself to say this without being sick) “Magistrate” able to continue in such a position??? I would question every judgement he has ever made if this is an example of his competence as a servant of the people and the Law!

  195. Okay, this guy is an asshat.


    He is not a “judge”, and the way this headline reads was as if a “Judge” handed down a verdict or court opinion that made such a claim.

    This is not the case.

    This guy is a former assistant DA, and a part time “Magistrate” – a “magistrate judge” is not what you or I tend to think of as a judge – they are assistants to sitting judges, helping wiht ancillary duties so the sitting Judges can handle greater case loads.

    Coming out with an article that says “Judge Jackass” says “insert BS here”, it giving the guy far more attention and credit than he deserves.

    He’s not a judge and he didn’t make a legal ruling. He’s just another itinerant, internet asshat with a bizarre and bigoted opinion.

    Anyone that turns this into a “news item” instead of just hitting “ignore” is doing so only to inflame passions and are in that way no different than Alex Jones or Glenn Beck.

  196. MORE TO THE POINT – This guy is not even a magistrate and has not been for over a year.


    He was FIRED in April 2010 for sexual harassment.

    Why is he being given ANY consideration at all? How about quash the whole story – a headline like “Judge says rape is okay” is only going to embolden more sickos to come forward and/or add support for their views.

  197. Un-be-f#@$ing-lievable! Even though just about every comment relayed (by the judge) here is totally ridiculous, I will still respond.
    My best mate is a lesbian serving in the Australian Army and whilst one young bloke thought she was a bit cute, until she let him know he couldn’t float her boat, the only common response from her male counterparts is to follow her lead. In their work that is – and this is because she is a damned good and safe soldier on whom they can rely. If anything they rate her because she has proved to be as capable, and if not fitter than them, and also has their back. I would warrant that any real suggestion of rape either on home soil or during the course of war by anyone, would see the individual suggesting it have himself ripped a new one by ALL of her serving comrades. She’d probably be disappointed not to get a look in on that fight.

  198. Sean Mackidd 9 May 2011, 7:04pm

    While sexuality, in confined circumstances, like military service, or prison, is indeed an issue deserving some consideration, isn’t the REAL issue (the one which is clearly brought to light by this article) more important to the safety of the American population, and even the world?

    The REAL issue is allowing persons with such neanderthal-like views… Such ignorant, and closed minded views… to be a part of the ‘machine’ which drives ‘American Justice’.
    Laws of the land, are what ultimately make a ‘free society’ great. How appalling is it that a man who should be charged with the responsibility to enforce, and even create, said laws, should have such an ignorant opinion. In my mind, statements like his, are something you would expect from a very un-educated, ‘back-woods’ person. These are statements I would expect to come from a very sheltered mind, particularly the kind of inbred person who sees nothing wrong in sex with farm animals, or wedding ones own sister.

  199. since when did we have to admit our sexual orientation to join the army….
    i hope this judge dies, lesbianism is not a disease to be cured with rape

  200. What? I don’t even…

  201. Judge Rehyanski is exhibiting the same vile patronizing attitude as so many other poorly informed, intolerant homophobes. This neanderthal should not be a judge at all.

  202. Simon Halliwell 14 May 2011, 10:37am

    Get Judge Rehyansky a Assessment done, sounds to me he is off the rails!

    He should NOT be allowed to make such a statement and Criminal Proceedings should be brough to him by return.

  203. Sounds like the ramblings of a repressed christian homosexual. Clearly a lot of thought had gone into that description of male personnel in the shower.

  204. well I’v handed in my notice at work and am now joining up, what fabulous news! Life will be so much easier, my mother will be so pleased when she hears, not seen her in years!

  205. alison allen 5 Jul 2011, 5:19pm

    Wanker! Yes really that is actually what he is…This is obvioulsy a sick little DIY fantasy for him to entertain himself to…shame he decided to share.

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