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UK HIV diagnoses remain high among gay men

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  1. Yet the HPA has still stuck with it own calculation of those living with HIV stands at about 92,000 plus thouse unaware, http://www.nat.org.uk/HIV-Facts/Statistics/Latest-UK-statistics/People-with-HIV-in-UK.aspx please, please can we sing all on the same tune?

  2. THT published in septemeber 2010 http://www.tht.org.uk/mediacentre/pressreleases/2010/september/september16b.htm
    There are now approaching 100,000 people living with HIV in the UK, and each year, around 7000 more are diagnosed.

  3. Every time rising HIV infection is discussed in these threads, the dangers of alcohol and drugs are discussed. But we also need to remember the extraordinary power of SEXUAL AROUSAL or DESIRE. When some men are under the influence of sexual arousal they are just as likely to throw caution to the wind as they are when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  4. Dennis “Every time rising HIV infection is discussed in these threads, the dangers of alcohol and drugs are discussed.”

    That’s because it’s always someone else’s fault. If it isn’t booze or drugs, it’s the other guy, the government, the Church, the NHS or some other third party.

    It’s is only when gay men recognise their sexual health is entirely their own responsibility that things will change.

  5. Spanner, I agree. However, I do think people who run clubs and saunas have a responsibility to encourage civilised behaviour and not to encourage sexual arousal on the premises. Yeah, I realise that would close down a lot of highly lucrative clubs and saunas.

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