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Tory grandee calls in police over gay cruisers on his land

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Reader comments

  1. why does the fact he is a ‘tory’ matter? I’m pretty sure i’d be irritated if people were publically having sex on my land- gay/straight, whatever… seems to me this is a NONstory!

  2. If it’s his land then he should arrange for “a decent bit of fencing” to be put up.

  3. I agree. If it was my land I wouldn’t want that happening either. Never quite got the outdoor cruising thing as I would rather have sex in comfy bed. He should pay for his own fencing though.

  4. john(derbyshire) 26 Nov 2010, 7:22pm

    Could I just point out that “persisten offenders” are not breaking any laws-just indulging in a purely legal activity (provided they cannot be seen) Therefore how can the police “charge” persistent offenders?

  5. Is his highness going to set the dogs on teh gays?

  6. People who live in Kings Cross have had heterosexual prostitutes turning tricks in their front gardens for decades…leaving condoms etc. I so feel for Sir Beville but I bet he doesn’t have to step over copulating couples at night to gain access to his living quarters like many who live in Kings Cross.

  7. The old bugger should be done for wasting police time.

  8. “Sir Beville Stanier, who is a friend of the Queen…”

    Which queen are we talking about here? I wish he’d make his mind up… does he want queens or not?

  9. Agree with comment 1….

    And please for all those who do indulge in this can you take your old fag packets and used condoms and tissues away with you and stop litterring the countryside…

    as for smashing down fences , then have a thought about all those sheep and lambs you’re putting at risk…

    C’mon it’s private land and you wouldn’t want it done on your own!

  10. Maybe he should just go out and get a blow job and think of it as a win?

  11. Are there any labour grandees or just tory ones?

  12. Dunno, life would certainly be a lot easier if I had gays cruising in my back garden…

  13. KatieMurphy 27 Nov 2010, 6:20am

    the creep has 2000 acres, while ordinary people are suffering financially.

    Take his estate and break it up. enough land for 3000 nice homes for ordinary people.

    I thought we used the guts of the priests to strangle the kinds long ago. but it appears we missed some. (from the french revolution where someone said “mankind will only be free when the last king is strangled with the guts of the last priest.

  14. KatieMurphy 27 Nov 2010, 6:22am

    I would never look into someones private bedroom window or that sort of thing.

    But if they want to screw in public, three cheers for them, esp if they are gay.

    think of all the homophobes creaming in their jeans.

  15. Scott Rieser 27 Nov 2010, 12:20pm

    Considering that the Tories have done so little for gay rights over the decades, it is hardly surprising that some men still have to resort to cruising in woodland, rather than going on the gay scene or saunas.

    The “thousands of pounds” he spent on clearing the undergrowth would have been better spent on sponsoring anti-bullying programs in schools.

    I hope men continue to have sex in the woodland. And that they keep doing so until we live in a society where gay people no longer face homophobia.

  16. “Sir Beville, 76, told the Oxford Mail that he had spent thousands of pounds clearing undergrowth to make it harder for cruisers to stay out of sight.”

    So, he wants to watch, I guess….

  17. Its up to him to make sure his own land is secure at his own expense… The council and the police should not be paying for fences and police protection. This posh snobby twat should ensure his own land is protected.

  18. So whilst police forces are being cut, and the world is on the brink of financial collapse, this royal idiot thinks that extra police should patrol his grounds. The stuck up old tw4t should get some perspective on things. He’s probs been down to get sucked off, but he’s so ugly he got knocked back and now he’s p1ssed.

  19. KatieMurphy “the creep has 2000 acres, while ordinary people are suffering financially. Take his estate and break it up. enough land for 3000 nice homes for ordinary people.”

    Ah right, give it to the “peoples party” so they can feather their own nests with corrupt kickbacks and brown bags, and whatever’s left they can put on expenses along with the porn videos.

    Funny how rich Tory’s are offensive, but the likes of John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott and his type are seen as “Salt of the Earth” by the likes of leftie idiots like you.

  20. martyn notman 28 Nov 2010, 11:03pm

    not my thing,but I bet if it were hetero doggers and there was the odd chance of a boob or two hed be less keen to get rid. Anyway his first names Beville ands hes posh so i doubt its anything he didnt get up to at boarding school.

  21. Simple solution , close off the access routes- ie the layby on the M40 …wouldn’t be the first time! There’s probably no room to pull in anyway with some old die hards camped out there from day to night…

    Some of you do have a chip on your shoulder, don’t you . I’m beginning to feel quite sympathic to the old fart…

  22. If you check out a phoito of Sir Beville Stainier you will see he dyes his grey hair jet black and has a face with the consistency and colouring of a jam roly-poly suet pudding. His face brings to mind the decaying portrait of Dorian Grey

  23. Pavlos, thanks for the link. He looks to be a man who is very unhappy with himself. And with very good reason.

  24. If it’s his land then he can do what he likes. If he doesn’t want cruisers there – be them gay, straight or bi – then fair enough.

    Also, is there an equivelent of Godwin that we can use for Spanner whenever they whine about ‘leftie idiots’? Damn, Spanner, stop being such a typical rightie.

  25. Poor little rich git. Of COURSE all of us struggling on £7000 pa SHOULD pay for his 2000 acre estate to be fenced off from the common herd. Whatever are we thinking? Expecting to roam onto his hallowed land?? Why not put a moat in? We KNOW the public pay for THAT!! (But ONLY for tory millionaires – no moats for Labourscum of course!) Incidently, congratulations to multi-millionaire George Osborne for taking exactly the same pay cut as a family of four on a fraction of his income! Well done! This story only goes to prove that we are indeed ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. >sheesh<

  26. So many ageist comments on a gay site?! Oh well, what else is new…

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