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Gay Lib Dem David Laws set to return to government ‘soon’

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Reader comments

  1. See – who says being a liar doesn’t pay? Still, I suppose its worked for the rest of the LibDems…

  2. Come the day of the royal wedding when he is facing a million plus protesters I would hope he along with the rest of them will all resign.

    We put people in prison for housing benefit fraud, what Laws did is equivalent to that so should be in jail not running the country.

    I he get new ministerial role we will all know its one rule us and another for them!

  3. Shows the utter contempt in which politicians hold the public. David Laws is a liar and a coward. He needs to retire from politics. He simply cannot be trusted thanks to his previous behaviour.

  4. Hope that doesn’t mean he’s taking Beaker’s job back!

  5. Laws didn’t lie about anything. The man was his landlord and they started a relationship after he rented a flat from him. It started out as an on off relationship so Laws didn’t know at what point the man became his partner. If you have sex with your landlord once that doesn’t make him your partner. How many times do you have to do it before you have to publicly declare it? Yes, at some point he should have decided that they were in a relationship and declared it but it is not a black and white decision and many poeple would have found themselves similarly conflicted in the same circumstances.

  6. I disagree with most of the comments on here. If Laws didn’t wish for his sexuality to be made publc to the media or other members of parliment then it is his choice, it is not the purpose of the expenses system to out people. All he did was try to protect the life he was choosing to live by claiming for expenses as though he was renting a room off the man who turned out to be his partner. If Laws had declared the man to be his partner he could have claimed a hell of a lot more through mortgage contributions and expenses for his partner. I think this was all really just a non issue and some prat wanting to out Laws for either personal or political revenge. Its really noone else business but his own. And yes it would be nice if he had had the confidence to be out pubically but again thats his own business.

  7. If he does return, he’ll always have that “scandal” and the “shame” that he was trying to hide at his shoulder.

    He should do something completely different with his life.

  8. Who cares anymore about this guy – are we really supposed to think that this guy will be of any use to us – for heavens sake being gay and an mp doesn’t seem to mean they give us any additional favours and this one, who has little respect in the LGBT community or outside it, I suspect is noy going to be of any use to anyone….He really is a liability…we’re not that quick at forgiving I’m afraid , particulary when it comes to MPs who have diddled and lied t the country for their own political careers and in this case just for money!

  9. Oh come on, no politician is truthful but at least Mr. Laws is an eye-candy.

  10. Jock S. Trap 26 Nov 2010, 8:26am

    I think he deserves a second

    It was refreshing that a cabinet minister resigned for wrongdoing without being pushed. Something Labour never signed up to. The amount of time we had corrupt politicians who only resigned when the public showed anger and only then when they clearly had no choice. Many came back and 1 in particular was given a peerage… a Very questionable appointment indeed.

    Still now we have Ed Milibland in opposition I doubt we’ll have the problem. I doubt they’ll be anything interesting. I doubt they’ll be electable!

  11. The government is getting more like a nursery or a secondary school. You do something wrong and you are made to stand on the naughty step or be in detention for a bit and all is forgiven. It is all worryingly childish and amoral. Pretty Laws may be, but when did we start forgiving criminals just because they are pretty or gay for that matter? Applying the ruIes of the nursery or the bedroom to real life or politics isn’t exactly sensible. Perhaps Laws’ return is part of Cameron’s message to gays: things will get better – even if you’ve fiddled your expenses.

  12. My objection to his return to front-line politics is still the same – anybody who claims dodgy expenses for something he actually wants to hide is an idiot and should be kept away from power and influence.
    I also agree with some of the other posters here – the cheery way his colleagues openly anticipate his early return shows just how shamelessly crooked our political class is now.

  13. What nobody has mentioned is that Laws is a brilliant politician – he has proved this on many occasions.
    Now that he is openly out and doesn’t carry any baggage (or hopefully, more secrets) let him get on with the job and hope he’s going to make an impact on this coalition government.

  14. Comments from Dromio, Lee and Barry are right – if seen in contrast to how others have abused the expenses system and given the fact that he resigned on principle it is good that he is soon to return to Government. A brilliant man in our British Government with a conscience can only be a good thing

  15. Er. Is he truly “brilliant”? And, er, is he truly “pretty”?

    With regard to his prettiness, catch him when he’s laughing. He knows he ought never to laugh. (It’s frightening.)

  16. do not believe anything a lib dem would say ..liars the lot of them

  17. Well said Barry and Jock. David Laws made an error of judgement and rightly resigned but nevertheless he has served his time out of the cabinet and the government and the country could do with his astute economic prowess.

    He can be out, proud and above board now, roll up his sleeves and do his bet to help us out of the mire the last lot left behind.

  18. Well I just wish he and his partner would stop the spin and get on with their new lives which I suspect will probably have nothing to do with this current govt ….

    Anyway how’s that police enquiry on his expenses going?

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