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Anti-gay groups upset at being called ‘hateful’

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Reader comments

  1. Truth hurts doesn’t it?

  2. To the FRC and NOM: It’s really, really simple. Stop doling out your garbage and presenting it as fact. If you can’t, then remember the old adage: If you can’t take the heat, f*** off out of the kitchen.

    Gay marriage won’t hurt you. You Christians can get married till you’ve spent your life savings on white dresses. You can go to church till you’ve lost your voices singing. You can read your bible till you go blind. No-one is stopping you and nothing will change in your world.

    Just try and observe some of the love and tolerance you purportedly stand for and accept that your lifestyle does not have to be everyone’s. You have no right to expect others to live by your rules.

  3. Ohh looks like they struck a nerve. GO SPLC

  4. David Wertheimer 25 Nov 2010, 3:17pm

    As we say here in the States, if the shoe fits….

  5. Hate groups playing the victim when exposed…the usual

  6. jonnielondon 25 Nov 2010, 4:12pm

    Hateful is as hateful does.

  7. Liars and con-artists squealing when they’re called just that. Breaks your heart, really. The nerve of these people is awesome.

  8. Well, the gratitude of some people, I really did try to split up their marriages by wearing tight hotpants and gyrating in front of their husbands. It’s not that easy gatecrashing every evangelical marriage in the USA in order to tempt straight bridegrooms to turn gay and dump their fiancees at the altar but I gave it my best shot and you know what, I got nothing, NOTHING from those ingrates!
    For some reason straight men and women don’t split up the moment they clap eyes on a gay person. They just put up a mental block of “not being gay in the first place” and I just can’t work with that.
    I’ll have to cook up some other diabolical scheme to ruin their marriages now…
    Perhaps if I get married? Then they can spend all that precious quality time they should have spent on their relationships arguing with me about my civil rights on internet forums and lobbying government… yeah, that aughta do it!

  9. Jen Marcus 25 Nov 2010, 9:00pm

    Their venomous words of bigotry and hate that stir some of their adherents to violence have now caught up with them. So now it is time for them to swallow the bitter pill of truth which is poison to them but a sweet nectar and antidote to the past victims of their bane.

  10. Off topic, I know, but why has the comments section on the John Travolta gay sex claims article been disabled? Threatened to be sued already?

  11. Archie Tunnels 25 Nov 2010, 10:45pm

    Scientologists…say no more.

  12. It annoys me that they say they are the victims just because they are campaigning for “traditional marriage”. I’m sorry but if they really WERE all for traditional marriage then they’d be campaigning against divorce as well since it says in the Bible that divorce is immoral. Are they campaigning against divorce? Nope, because they like to pick and choose according to what suits THEM and ONLY them.
    (P.S. In no way am I tarring all religious people with the same brush here, just a few of them really get my goat!)

  13. IT IS ASTONISHING how the language is used today to call black “white” and white “black”. Organisations that stand for healthy society and that are driven by life-preserving worldview are called “hateful” by a bunch of lost people who do not realise what a mess they’ve entrapped their lives in.

  14. Archie Tunnels 26 Nov 2010, 12:38am

    We only call these groups hateful because we love them and we don’t want to see them burn in the fires of damnation for the rest of eternity because they did not treat others as they would be treated themselves.
    They have lost the message of “love thy neighbour” but LGBT’s can show them the way back from hate and save these lost souls.

  15. This is a trend among anti-gay groups. They refuse the label anti-gay. Classic!

  16. Oh, Comra, how delusional you are.

    IT IS ASTONISHING how the Organisations that stand for a prejudicial and superstitious society and that are driven by life-damaging worldview are called “hateful” by a bunch of people who do realise that’s its none of anyones business what they get up to?

  17. life-preserving and healthy Comra? How? homophobia like theirs contributes to people’s unhappiness and suicide and these bigots don’t want equality for all or ven care about marriage as they are homophobes who hide as they are cowards – in this case they don’t like being challenged or opposed so suddenly they have hurt feelings but they’ve never cared about the LBG folk they hurt or the trans- etc

  18. This Comra must be a practicing Xtian, you know, one of those people who actually know nothing about the history of their own religion or they would have abandoned it in favor of following the actual life of the Nazarene. [Or just be an atheist, most atheists know a lot more about religion than those practicing, a fact also confirmed in recent studies.] Jesus in any case would by all accounts of his actual life also call this band of thugs a hate group. He also would probably throw the lot of them out of any building pretending to be a house of God as he never liked religion for fame and profit either.

  19. When are people going to realise that homophobia is driven by someone’s inner-fear of being gay? Why are they so bothered about the subject unless they have ‘issues’? How many ‘fag-hating’ religious leaders have eventually come-out? I can think of numerous. To use religion to justify their own inner-fears is disgusting. Psychologists need to get what they’ve known for years out there! “Show me a homophobe and I’ll show you someone gay, in denial”. Spread the word.

  20. Andy- that’s far too simplistic. It’s like saying that all white racists are really black and antisemites really Jewish. Anything seen to threaten or not to conform to certain valued social norms (‘Western civilisation’, ‘Christianity’ ‘family’, ‘manhood’, etc) can be hated and stigmatised by people who have to attack what seems at odds with their self-defining ‘norms’. They’re insecure and intolerant, but not necessarily ‘denying who they are’. On the contrary, they are in arms for its sake.

  21. I dont undertsand what the glbt community did to them.and it says in the bible tht we have all sinned and yet they are mad at us for sinning when they have too!!!!! >:(

  22. Seems to me if yo feel hated then how do you think the homosexuals feel? You hate them, so they hate you. So what if they don’t follow your religion? So if your a Christian and I’m Jewish my God is wrong and yours is 100% right? Get a life of your own instead of controlling others… It’s not their fault you can’t get a girl/boy. No need to take it out on them because no one can see past religion to date you.

  23. An Cat Dubh 26 Nov 2010, 9:51pm

    Those who say homosexuals should be ‘cured’ shouldn’t be called hate groups, because they show geniune, though mislead, concern. Those who say it should be criminalised, on the other hand…

  24. Dressing your hate up in nice words is still hate. These groups use that language to fool the gullible into believing what they say is true by making it sound educated and plausible, and to try to pretend they act out of concern by couching their hate in ‘kind’ words.

    I don’t for one second believe these groups are motivated by any concern for us. They ARE hate groups.

  25. Those people have never had to hide the way they were born. They ought to try to live the way we have to. We worry about getting beat up or killed. Yet they can preach hate and call themselves christians. The are finally getting what they deserve.

  26. “We hate gays with civility and compassion”

  27. Archie Tunnels 27 Nov 2010, 3:42am

    Hate groups form when there are too many Catholics and too many evangelicals out there but not enough Christians amongst them.

    Masquerading as Christians they have hijacked the post hypnotic command word “Jesus” to make others donate to and fund their hate campaigns.

  28. These anti gay hate groups shouldn’t really loose sleep about the labels we give them, they’re pretty good at making a mockery of themselves with no help from us…
    Anyway, I’m off to help someone with their “luggage” now! Back soon…

  29. Thanks for that link, flapjack :D Unbelievable! :D

  30. Aww diddums. I feel so sorry for them.

  31. David in Indy 28 Nov 2010, 7:34am

    These people are a TRIP!

    It would almost be funny if they weren’t so hateful. I mean, the hypocrisy is absolutely stunning. But this is what bullies tend to do – one punch to the nose and they go running to the teacher.

  32. victim to victor 28 Nov 2010, 1:12pm

    So the right is portraying the gays as severely mentally ill. Seems like poetic justice for people who harm weaker minorities. Go get some pussy you faggot :-)

  33. If one person calls you a horse, you could most likely consider you’re not a horse.
    If two people call you a horse; you might just want to take a look in a mirror.
    If three people call you a horse; you are probably standing in a stall eating hay.

    These people are a hate group; in fact, it is the foundation of their minds. Sitting in a pew having some leader tell you how unworthy you are, that you are just not good enough- a evil sinner. Truly does not make for the right-minded thinking that will help any one in the world.

    It would be funny, if it was not so horrible what these religious people have done to themself. I only have pity for them.

  34. Macdonaldbank, Leviticus etc. is only hateful when used that way. The Reform Jewish movement (the largest Jewish movement in the U.S.) does not believe that the Bible says anything about modern-day same-sex relationships; the Hebrew word for modern, consensual same-sex relationships isn’t in the Bible anywhere. Our clergy officiate same-sex marriages and the official position is to be welcoming to GLBT folks and to everyone really. It’s not the scrolls that are discriminating; it’s people with discriminatory ideas who are reading into the scroll.

  35. David in Indy 29 Nov 2010, 7:32am

    Well said, eeka! Thank you!!

  36. Vo Dong Cung 29 Nov 2010, 7:35am

    Do not call them a raper, they just use force to have sex with some one who do not agree

  37. It’s really sad when they are the ones trying to redefine marriage not protecting it. It makes me sick that they want to force their beliefs on everybody when they have no right to do that. NOM is losing funding and hopefully they completely lose so the so-called organization crumbles. One less hate group to worry about.

  38. Kareen Wingarden 11 Dec 2010, 12:22am

    They are absolutely insane. I’ve seen Spriggs talk at the MD, USA legislature. His emotions are beyond insantiy.

    He doesn’t admit he is a baptist minister – the people who bullwarked salvery and gave us the KKK terror group and segregation.

    Most likely he is also a fixed gay. The worst of the worst – paranoided into believing that if he doesn’t become insanely hateful, he will go to hell.

    His boss – Perkins – as so many gay people say – he is a closet case.

    Good for the SPLC. Sticking these creeps with a vial filled with AIDS or Ebola would be better.

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