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Video: Fox News refuses to air gay military ban ad

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Reader comments

  1. Is anyone really surprised? Fox news will stick its fingers in its ears and shout “LA LA LA LA LA LA” all day long on anything remotely gay friendly.

  2. They shouldn’t be advertising on FOX News in the first place.

  3. Fox News? Don’t make me laugh. Fox has nothing to do with news but everything to do with Mr Murdoch’s personal homophobia and his right-wing religious political “agenda”. Fox is a disgrace along with the other anti-gay broadcast nutcases such as Glen Beck and the raving Rush Limbough. Do us all a favour and boycott Fox so called News.

  4. westcoastkid 24 Nov 2010, 8:37pm

    Fox (news.) Ha-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    By Fox news I assume you mean the… reactionary extremist right wing christians that have hijacked the once (semi) respectable republican party that is now a front of the affair mentioned… Fox news (whew!) Right?

  5. I cannot stand ‘FAACCKKS nyoooowzzz’

  6. David in Indy 25 Nov 2010, 7:02am

    And this is news, why?

    The Advocate reported on this “surprise” too. Quite honestly, I am surprised you all are surprised. Fox News is a holy hell hole for the Republicans.


    Well, I suppose we should be angry about it, but I gave up trying to make sense of Fox years ago. And I’ll not lose another night’s sleep over it. Anyway, here’s a tip: if the news is pro gay, Fox will go the other way.

    Hey, and it rhymes too! *wink*

  7. Mihangel apYrs 25 Nov 2010, 7:28am

    “Fox News” went to court to uphold a claim that they’re an “entertainment” network, not news-based, and therefore weren’t liable for inaccuracies and bias in “news”.

    They won the case.

    PS didn’t they get awarded a front seat at WH press briefings? Obuma must be scared of Murdoch!

  8. It doesn’t help them that the commercial looks super low budget. Step up production level and then maybe it can be taken seriously.

  9. An Cat Dubh 25 Nov 2010, 7:43am

    Edit the commercial so it doesn’t say the ban is to be repealed, then they’ll have no real reason not to air it. For now, let’s give them the BOTD.

  10. And in other news, the Roman Pontiff was found to be Catholic and large ursine carnivores retired to the woods to relieve themselves.

  11. Faux News, unlike their on-screen digital graphic is not ‘Fair and balanced’. It is probably the leats respected major news organistaion in any western country.

    Their refusal to carry the ad simply highlights how their personal prejudices, and not the newsworthiness of a story, have everything to do with what is seen on their channel.

    They are pretty much the shame of US broadcasting.

  12. Fox News is a joke.

  13. Portuguese flag is missing in this video.

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