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Gay men in London warned over ‘drugged robberies’

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Reader comments

  1. A bar in Charing Cross with a message aimed at middle-aged men? Why not just say the name? It’s a sh*thole anyhow and I heard stories years ago that this was happening in there – it’s odd how it’s only come to light recently.
    However, I do feel sorry for the victims in this crime. Thinking they’re getting a jolly for the evening only to be robbed instead. Pretty bad.

  2. No doubt that joke of a bar still has it’s “Attitude Free Zone” sign on the wall.
    Maybe they should start with their stuck-up bar staff first.

  3. At least it’s not as bad as Ku**s. The only think they order in there is a visa.

  4. Danny: Never trust any bar that gives you your change on a silver plate.
    Pretentious? Moi?

  5. Would be nice to know which bar is being targeted, though I think I can guess.

  6. Louie Mince 25 Nov 2010, 3:02pm

    There’s somewhere worse than Kud0s Danny? Well I’ll be. I’m assuming the bar they’re on about is the one frequented by young asian twinks and deluded middle aged white men.

  7. Well, I’ll give you a clue, it’s on Charing Cross road somewhere in between numbers 77 and 81.

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