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Archbishop asks Anglicans to keep unity over gay bishops

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Reader comments

  1. We need more debate in the church on who is accorded human rights, who is human and who is considered less than human.
    Should black Africans ever be ordained bishops? should interracial marriages be blessed, we need to theologists to debate the morality of all these important issues fully and at their leisure.

  2. Theologians perhaps

  3. the Amglican Covenant is more homophobia and it should be opposed by the good christians instead of scum like two-faced rowan pushing it forwards

  4. All this controversy can only cause damage to the church.. This is fantastic. The less influence these disgusting cults have, the better for us all

  5. Who cares?
    Disestablish the solipsistic, superstitious bores and kick their bishops out of the House of Lords.

  6. If Williams wishes to retain an established church England he must conform to what could be called the civil morality of England – equal treatment of gays. If he can;t then he needs to be dis-established and taxed!

  7. How can this possibly work?

    Williams needs the moral courage to tell the bigots to like it or lump it.

    Let them go to the vatican.

    He knows full well that the longer he leaves this, the worse it will get, both for the Anglican church AND for those countries where the bigots are placed.

    Because this is not a problem limited to Africa and some parts of the USA. The shortage of clergy in the west means that more and more African Anglican clergy, with VERY conservative religious and social views, are being “posted” into liberal countries to fill empty places.

    The social result of this for LGBT folk could be dramatic and unpleasant.


  8. Isn’t it time we sent out a search and rescue mission to alienland to get our old real rowan williams back? The one who’s replaced him is a deluded nutcase who as my late partner used to say is neither “use nor ornament”. Then we could arrest the aliens who abducted him and put them on trial for crimes against humanity.

  9. Mihangel apYrs 25 Nov 2010, 2:54pm

    the truly sad thing is, no matter what he does, he woun’t bring the “traditionalists” back. They’re strictly homophobic and mysogynistic, though the African sects are strangely relaxed about polygyny, traditional spiritual healing, etc

  10. I’ve been espousing this for years but its never caught on. We should push for the disestablishment of the state cult, make them pay their full share of taxes and while we’re at it, have the equally undemocratic, unelected anachronism that is the House of Lords abolished. It is infested with these religious homophobes. Since when does an unelected body of people get to have the final say in the passing of laws? Its time for its abolition.

  11. Moral courage from Rowan Williams!!. Yes and pigs may fly. He would have made an ecellent friend for Caiaphas

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