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What do you think of our new look?

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 23 Nov 2010, 12:24pm

    It seems PinkNews has the time for a face lift but still does nothing to stop the use of multiple names. Guess we know where their main focus is… and it ain’t the readers!

  2. Julian SW11 23 Nov 2010, 12:26pm

    this does not display very well on my work’s (antiquated) browser. I must say I think your logo is weak – but that’s the problem with pale pink lettering – it has very little impact – have you thought of outlining it to give it more clarity?

  3. Oh love the new hair cut PN, suits you ;)

  4. Much slicker and quicker loading. Submenus need work though: too easy to move the mouse in the wrong direction so they disappear and Politics submenu needs updating!

  5. I like it, much cleaner look and better layout. Would agree about the pale pink tabs at the top though, look a bit washed out.

  6. My first impression: wow!
    I think it the previous one was a bit outdated, this one is more modern. I’m going to like it

  7. I like it! :-)

  8. Mihangel apYrs 23 Nov 2010, 1:41pm

    You really should warn us! At my age sudden changes make me need a lie down.

  9. I love the new comments section.

    Perhaps a few more articles on the home page? That’s the only suggestion I have. :)

  10. Very positive general impression! I appreciate the presentation of recent stories under headings of most popular, most discussed, plus “pick”.

    One minor disappointment is that it is still not possible (unless I’ve missed how) to go back through the stories chronologically. If I’ve been away from the site for a while I like to catch up on what I’ve missed by starting at the point where I finished last time and reading in order until the newest story. At the moment it seems that if the stories in “OLDER” don’t go back far enough, that’s hard luck. I would value a system of going back a page or a given number of pages in the “OLDER” section.

    Your site is a great source of information on LGBT issues and enormously appreciated.

  11. The new one is great . . . looks far more professional.

    I agree with other comments; the old one was a little dated now.

    Great to see fresh new lines . . . yep great haircut.

  12. V.Nice, but Sub Menus dont work properly in IE9 As you mouseover the sub menu writes on top of the previous sub menu line making the menus unreadable. Works okay in Firefox though.

  13. I like the new design. much cleaner that the old one that was getting much too cluttered with adverts. I am however not sure about the logo which looks cheap and clunky.

    contentwise, I would like to see more coverage of the rest of the world (other than the UK, the USA and other English speaking countries) . Not to mention the EU…

  14. Thank you for this. It loads much faster and is far easier on the eye! Very modern, clean design. Well done. :)

  15. looks pretty good but type face is too small- please put it upa couple of notches.

  16. I’m not overly keen if I’m going to be honest. I liked the previous homepage where there were about 15 stories lined up sequentially whereas the new site only has about 6. I don’t like doing a lot of digging around :-(

  17. westcoastkid(USA) 23 Nov 2010, 5:13pm

    Fresh, clean, graphic and modern… love it!

  18. westcoastkid(USA) 23 Nov 2010, 5:14pm

    Fresh, clean, graphic and modern-easy to navigate and read,,, love it!

  19. The overall look is much better, however, I can’t see how to comment on a story unless someone else has already commented. The comments box at the top RH side of the story title, and the one at the foot of the copy only show up on my work browser if someone’s already posted. Admittedly my work browser is probably a bit ropey….

  20. I like it! Great layout. And I like the fact that I can see how many people have commented on an article in the ‘discussed’ tab.

  21. Didn’t like the white background, sorry. It gives me a strange feeling that the page is still loading.

  22. Re multiple names. Personally I’ve no objections to other daves or Davids posting with the same name, But as some people do object, it might be an idea to allow people to register a name if they want so that it says for example ‘dave (registered)’ – and any one else posting as ‘dave’ would of course be displayed as ‘dave (unregistered)’

    Anyone know which HTML tags work and which don’t? Also how do you add a display picture like Bonnie’s

  23. Re multiple names. Personally I’ve no objections to other daves or Davids posting with the same name, But as some people do object, it might be an idea to allow people to register a name if they want so that it says for example ‘dave (registered)’ – and any one else posting as ‘dave’ would of course be displayed as ‘dave (unregistered)’

    Anyone know which HTML tags work and which don’t? Also how do you add a display picture like the one Bonnie used?

  24. Oooh very nice.

  25. It’s awful! Hope you didn’t pay for it. Instead of asking these clueless users, ask a professional. Sorry, but this could have been done better!

  26. Notice the 10-20 pixel margin on the left of the comment page! That should also be on the main page so the text isn’t on the edge of the page. Once again I just want to say, this is a bad redesign!

  27. I think its pretty good actually. What professional examples of web design do you have, Jaymes?

  28. I think the new website looks good but the logo looks so terrible. The pastel colours and the faded banner at the bottom remind me of an early 1990’s TV news programme. Complete the look by changing the logo.

  29. I like the new sleek design. Still can’t get to grips with the dated logo, though. And the baby pink overload in the comments section makes any serious discussion almost impossible. It screams “Happy, happy place!” and has a weird, sterile vibe to it.

    Would it be possible to open the comments directly from the first page by clicking on the number (of comments)?

  30. Messy. Change for change’s sake. The last version was pretty bland but this one is hardly revolutionary and with the times. Yawn.

  31. “Instead of asking these clueless users, ask a professional.” Jaymes

    I hope you don’t work in a customer focused position with that opinion. Its not IT professionals that use this site, its these clueless users!

    Maybe we have more idea what we want.than some IT bod.

  32. Much faster to load – well done.

  33. michael casley 24 Nov 2010, 12:33am

    I do not like the new design at all, it looks very weak, too much pink, not much clarity.

    melbourne, Australia

  34. “Messy. Change for change’s sake. The last version was pretty bland but this one is hardly revolutionary and with the times. Yawn.”

    Another insightful but useless comment from William. Perhaps you can tell us all William how its all “liberal PC nonsense” again, that one was delightful *rolls eyes*

  35. Ricardo Duarte 24 Nov 2010, 7:48am

    As an avid reader of, I quite like it. I was used to the former style and didn’t realise the difference a facelift would make but I think it was successful. :-)

  36. I like it……too much black in the logo…and where are the archives…

  37. I like it…

    but too much black in the logo,

    and where are the archives

  38. Sory but I hate it. The old page was great. It appears to have had more stories and was easier on the eye.

    I get error messages when I add a comment now, although the comment seems to go through anyway.

  39. General look is not bad, but don’t really like it.

    Technically, not properly tested before you went live with it.

    The menus (Home, UK, World, …) don’t work properly. Some bring up irrelevant submenu choices. Some make Facebook and Twitter buttons appear, others don’t. Some make a search box appear. Search box should always be there. Even where they are working, these menus are fiddly to use (e.g hover over ‘lifestyle’, and have to very carefully move cursor across screen without going too high or too low to select submenu).

    Colours need to be more saturated. Grey text and washed out pink in the logo and icon make it look like the whole page has been greyed out.

    Some stories don’t allow you to add comments (e.g. Teenage girls kick gay man..). Is this deliberate.

    Popular top stories section on right shows number of comments, but is wrong. In Firefox always sows 0, in Google Chrome always shows 11.

    Overall, pretty lame design, poorly implemented.

  40. The app pages load faster now and I can get to comments section much quicker, shame spam blocker passwordthing takes so long.

  41. Notice a bug… On main site from iPhone can’t turn off mobile theme from homepage.

  42. Dave, I must admit I was surprised to see my face pop up. ;) It suggests Pink News has implemented Gravatars aka “Globally Recognised Avatars” – you can get one at

    As long as you post on here using the same email address as your Gravatar account, your pic will show up. A lot of news sites and particularly blogs (including my own) use them.

  43. Where is the email page link?????

  44. Every time I come to the site now with my iPad it redirects me to the mobile site – very annoying. Ive dropped Pink News from my Bookmarks.

  45. The layout is really nice and fresh, however the logo needs a bit of updating. Feel free to hit me up, I do “free” logo designs for my portfolio, and want some more LGBTQ clients :)

  46. Interesting how in Firefox the new look page has a white background, yet in Opera it is brown. Must be a CSS issue I guess. Be nice if it was all a little smaller so i could see more in 1 go, but good to have the change nevertheless.

  47. With regards to the comment area specifically, if the user zooms in via page zoom too much then the entire ‘reader comment’ section is obscured entirely. At least this is the case on Chrome (Version 7).

    Due specifically to the methods used to style the various sections. Good to see you’re using WP though. An improvement in some areas.

  48. Mumbo Jumbo 24 Nov 2010, 7:53pm

    Testing, testing, 1,2,3, testing.

  49. Love the makeover!Keep up your invaluable work!

  50. I find it much easier to save vital news for my self. The only thing I miss is a link to forward a news item to close friends for their info. Otherwise it is much better all round.

  51. Can no longer send comments via the app. The spam passwords are gone, but now it justsays error perhaps text too short.

  52. Nice shiny new look. It desperately needed it. However, websites are more than just looks, and functionality is important too. Might I suggest a suggestion box, as well as somewhere to post general news stories that PN might have missed and comments in general.

  53. As others said, the pink colour looks somewhat washed out and I’ll have to get used to not having all the headlines in one column, but generally a considerable improvement, the more so as you’ve apparently worked on some of these comments’ hints in the past few days.Well done!

  54. It’s definitely faster… The other one used to slow to a crawl at times and make Firefox lock up. It looks cleaner too.

  55. Having a front page that wastes so much space that it displays less than a single day’s stories, and then has no link to further pages, is really stupid.

  56. It really is a waste of space that would be better used for a wider comment box and explanations of how entry text may be styled or links included, and how the automatic word-censorship works, to have a row of identical icons down the left of the comments pages. Yes, they can be personalised, but only by subscribing to a service that tracks ones activity across sites, which is definitely contrary to the interests of most LGB or T people.

    If you really want individual icons, which might have the advantage of stopping impersonation of other readers, why not link them to PinkNews’ own profile pages?

    Also, would it have been too difficult to add and option to your site search to search comments? I would not have thought so. And it would be really useful.

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