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Straight couple’s civil partnership application rejected

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Reader comments

  1. So why hasn’t Ben Summerskill started the ball rolling? Leave it to Peter Tatchell to take the lead. If only Summerskill had the guts and the courage as well as the determination to make full marriage equality happen.

  2. Sorry, but my comments below won’t post on the HIV thread. I get a “500 Internal Server” error.

    Deborah Jack says that “New HIV diagnoses are now three times what they were ten years ago and we have yet to see evidence of a decline in rates of new infection”.

    That’s good reason enough for the government to devise and commit to a dramatic new national HIV strategy. With 100,000 HIV people in the country already requiring £20,000 worth of antiretrovirals per year, hopefully the government will be stimulated to take effective action to promote greater HIV awareness at least on economic grounds alone?

    P.S: Have just noticed the new blurb at the foot of the PinkNews front-page: It says: “Founded to produce broadsheet quality journalism for the LGBT community, we cover politics to theology in an intelligent manner. ”

    I guess that means that from now on there’ll be no more cheap stories about celebrities, about what Ricky Martin has just told Oprah, and how George Michael feels about being a prisoner?

  3. Damian –
    I’ve had that problem today too, but found that the messages appeared later.

  4. Some useful info from a Euro vote toay, and yes , marriages are treated differently to CPs!!!

    Today the European Parliament voted in favour of a report calling for mutual recognition of civil status documents. This means that the current discrimination against same-sex couples in the form of non-recognition of their marriages/partnerships should be removed when a same-sex couple is exercising their freedom of movement within the European Union:

    From the report:

    N. whereas Union law must be at the service of citizens, notably in the areas of family law and civil status,

    and further:

    40. Stresses the need to ensure mutual recognition of official documents issued by national administrations; welcomes the Commission’s efforts to empower citizens to exercise their free movement rights and strongly supports plans to enable the mutual recognition of the effects of civil status documents; calls for further efforts to reduce barriers for citizens who exercise their rights of free movement, particularly with regard to access to the social benefits to which they are entitled and their right to vote in municipal elections;”

    Find the full report here

    The report can be useful for lobbying at national level in 3 ways:

    In countries that allow same-sex partners to marry (Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden) you can use the above to exert pressure on your governments to demand that domestic marriages are recognised all across the EU.
    In those countries that allow same-sex partners to enter into registered partnerships (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Slovenia and The United Kingdom) you can use the above to exert pressure on your governments to both:
    (i) recognise partnerships that are registered in other EU counties,
    (ii) as well as for them to demand other countries to recognise you domestic partnerships
    In those countries where same-sex partners’ marriages that are celebrated in other European countries are not recognised (Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithunia, Malta, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) organisations may exert pressure on their governments to take the European Parliament’s report into account and remove any discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation with regard to the rights of freedom of movement and residence as well as other all other benefits and rights that are associated with marriage in your country.

  5. In New Zealand both hetero- and homo- sexual couples can have a civil union. I think everyone ends up with a marriage certificate though.

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