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Judge extends ban on Ugandan tabloid outing gays

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Reader comments

  1. No wonder he’s having trouble with his wife. She’s probably realised what a bigot she has married.

  2. “Rolling Stone’s editor Giles Muhame said he was not able to offer a defence because he was having problems with his wife.”
    Perhaps he really should print some pictures of Uganda’s Top Difficult Wives next…that should bring them back into line.

  3. you don”t have to talk a lot Friday is very near by.we will see if your going to escape us you gay people.

  4. he can not really print some pictures of Uganda’s top difficult wives because it is of no use to the entire world we live in. he must print more pictures of gays next Friday am sure of that. stay informed

  5. Better to make a list of Uganda’s Top Homophobes…the ones who are creating holocaust conditions for gay men and lesbian women in that country, starting with
    David Bahati & Martin Ssempa
    and put them on trial for crimes against humanity for their role in this pogrom on gays.
    Perhaps you’d like to join these homoiphobes in prison one dasy Isaac.

  6. Isaac (aka closet case) I think we should get Pink to print your IP address and trace it back to whichever Ugandan/African government office you are using to access gay content and then inform your government and let them take care of you. You can be traced you know. The gays know all about you.

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