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Government asked to ensure national HIV strategy

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Reader comments

  1. Deborah Jack says that “New HIV diagnoses are now three times what they were ten years ago and we have yet to see evidence of a decline in rates of new infection”.

    That’s good reason enough for the government to devise and commit to a dramatic new national HIV strategy. 100,000 HIV people in the country already requiring £20,000 worth of anti-retrovirals per year: hopefully the government will be stimulated to take effective action to promote greater HIV awareness on economic grounds alone?

    P.S: Have just noticed the new blurb at the foot of the PinkNews front-page: It says: “Founded to produce broadsheet quality journalism for the LGBT community, we cover politics to theology in an intelligent manner. ”

    I guess that means that from now on there’ll be no more cheap stories about celebrities, about what Ricky Martin has just told Oprah, and how George Michael feels about being in prison?

  2. ““A new national strategy is needed which takes account of the significant changes in the last decade in HIV testing and treatment, in health and social care provision, in legal rights, and in the epidemic itself. ”

    Er, aren’t you missing something out here, Debs dear. Or does prevention simply not figure at all in your agency’s list of priorities?

    So, by Debbie’s own calculation, the annual drugs bill to treat everyone in the country next year will amount to some £2bn. Don’t you think George Osborne is going to take a sharp intake of breath when he gets wind of this? That figure represents almost two per cent of the UK deficit. I don’t think it’s difficult to see what may lie on the horizon, and we need to be very concerned indeed. Already we are hearing daily of how cancer sufferers are being denied the drugs they need to keep them alive at the advance stages of their illness thanks to the government’s heartless drugs monitoring quango, PACE. I foresee a two-tier system in which the top-line treatments will possibly quite soon be available only to those who can fund, or at least part fund them, themselves, while everyone else will be switched to cheaper alternatives. All these years of failed HIV prevention campaigns may just be about to jump up and bite us big time on the bum.

  3. The real figure is below 1 billion, and not 2 billion. Just half of all the people living with HIV are on therapy,

  4. Re: Damian comments: I would like to inform that the cost of treatment for people in London costs about £3155.55 the London Specialist Commission budget used 09/10 was about £142m / 45,000 residents of London. Orginally was estimated at about £7,500. refer

  5. NAT and THT should be pusing the PCT for now to further use the £9m underspend on resbite, medication and other HIV resources which the LSG forcasted and didnt use to help support people living with HIV/AIDS in the community. Given that about 8,500 people claim DLA, 800 claim AA and 86 receive support through the ILF suggests?

  6. Apoligies cost of treatment is about £4,720 as should read £236m / 50,000 mimiun (45,000 reside London) . I have asked NAT for clarity on what it suggests as £360K cost of treatment

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