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Apple approves ‘anti-gay’ iPhone app

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Reader comments

  1. Religionist need to STFU!!!!

    Very disappointed with Apple I guess they don’t wand the custom of LGBT people.

  2. Well, that’s disappointing. Just another reason for me to go Android, then.

  3. Who cares? There are a lot of applications that anyone would fine objectionable. This is just another app. Do you really want Apple to start censoring applications due to content? Seriously.

    And you can’t find a company more supportive of GLBT rights.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 23 Nov 2010, 7:12pm

    So, when is Apple going to ditch its tradeamrk apple?

    After all it was in comemmoration of Turing: there seems to be a retreat from LGBT* rights and an assumption of the values of those who caused Turing to take that fateful bite.

  5. OF COURSE, iPhone must accept it. We live in a democratic society and those views are perfectly reasonable.
    I am buying iPhone!!

  6. I really like my iphone but now it feels tainted.
    It really does.

  7. de Villiers 23 Nov 2010, 7:57pm

    Cock up, I expect, rather than anything sinister.

  8. Noel Dolan 23 Nov 2010, 7:58pm

    Download the app. Take the survey (and score zero) – then rate the app (zero), write a negative review and report the app as offensive.

    I just did.

  9. @yoshi – Do you actually believe that Apple DOESN’T currently censor apps? Ever hear of Grindr?

    @Huk – iPhone/Apple are not a democracy. They can (and do) censor things they disapprove of. Often, these are apps that cater to either homosexuals or promiscuous individuals.

    I honestly have no problem with this app, assuming of course that there is another app that is supportive of gay rights and gay marriage that could also be downloaded and allows you to put your name to a list of supporters. Unfortunately, I doubt that app exists (whether due to nobody creating it or due to Apple censorship, I can’t say).

  10. Disgusted!….further proof that democracy & freedom of speech are NOT ENOUGH ! People need to be protected from hatred & prejudice…after seeing ‘Panorama’ last night about faith schools indoctrinating hatred I am totally sickened!

  11. Keith Lynwood 23 Nov 2010, 9:19pm

    we care……yes I do want Apple to censor religious freaks teaching young people that I am not worthy as a person. Either you are unaware of how people have fought for our rights or ignorant of LGBT history. Seriously , yes I do want to stop bigoted religions putting apps on apple.

  12. «The declaration says that signatories act out of “love and “concern for the comment good” rather than prejudice.»
    Such deceitful statements make me feel sick.

  13. Typical. Frankly I hate apple enough as it is, this just gives me one more (big) reason to continue hating them.

    What is the point of Apple’s nannying if it lets stuff like this through.

    I will continue boycotting apple and encouraging everyone else to do the same.

  14. Let Apple know your opinion. You can go to the App Store on your iPhone and tag the App as offensive.

  15. I’m very sick of this shit I don’t have a Iphone but I do have apple software on my computer and I will be deleting it very soon we need to boycott apple

  16. no matter how people feel about it personally, everyone has to accept that there has to be freedom for all. Just because one person agrees with it doesn’t mean another does. This is obviously geared towards people that have that view and you have to accept it or you are just being as ignorant about the issue as they are.

  17. As much as I despise the commentary this app is making, I support free speech for all, including those with whom I disagree. I don’t want apple to start censoring applications. Though I might expect them to rate it higher in terms of content some might find objectionable for the purposes of warning folks.

  18. “no matter how people feel about it personally, everyone has to accept that there has to be freedom for all.”

    I don’t understand this statement. People are already free to believe what they like. Apple does not have to provide a platform for bigotry however.

  19. Another seemingly unimportant symptom of the disease of the West slipping backwards. All there is concern for is corporate profit, and the Xtian right who supports that agenda (in lieu of actually practicing a historically acurate version of their theology of course).

    Apple used to be an agressively caring company, but like most, profit is all they care about now. The liberal media has essentially been dead for years. the Murdochs of the world are controlling most of what is seen and heard. And hence what is promoted in the press. Right now being rotten is considered a safer bet by a lot of companies. The only leader I am aware of that is actively trying to fight right wing control of the media is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (just love that woman).

    In the US it is hardly surprising, we have a general public so mind bogglingly ill informed that they thought the solution to our problems was more of the same shite that gave both this backward political climate and the finacial mess that always goes with it. No one seems to have noticed that Republican obstructionist policy, which they freely admitted was their only agenda back in ’08, was the real problem.

    But cheer up, things are going to get worse. If the West keeps inviting Islam to excercise it’s influence, even the discussion of equality, freedom, or being anything but a cookie cutter person who blindly supports the oligarchy, will become totally illegal.

    And business interest and the Xtian right can be counted on to applaud the atrocity all the way to the end.

    Welcome to 1453 Byzantium, or is it 1478 Spain, or 1933 Germany? Tyranny all looks alike…………..

  20. Honestly guys, it’s a stupid app, give me a break, we would have never even heard of it if it wasn’t mentioned here on PinkNews.

    Apple is one of the most LGBT friendly companies around. They contributed $100,000 to the fight against Prop 8 and have very pro-LGBT internal policies for their employees. It seems to me that it’s pretty clear where they stand on this issue.

    If you have a problem with Apple, don’t put it down to them being anti-gay because they definitely ain’t.

    They have anti-porn policies for their apps but they are not going to censor on the grounds of difference of opinion. Just don’t download the stupid app.

    PS: @Micheal – Grindr is available on the App Store

  21. Whatever one’s views on censorship and free speech, it seems patently bizarre for Apple to have an “objectionable content” rating system and not to give this a rating that shows it to be highly objectionable. There are lots of very sincere objections to this vile bigotry, so it most demonstrably is highly objectionable.

    One cannot claim that it’s merely a difference of opinion – that some will find it objectionable while others won’t. One could say that about anything at all. If that’s one’s line, there’s no point having such a rating systeml – either everything gets a highly objectionable rating (because there’s always somebody who will be deeply offended by it) or nothing does (because there’s nothing we all find universally offensive).

    So, basically, if one has an objectionable content rating system, one has by definition committed oneself to a position on what should be considered objectionable and what should not. As such, Apple can and should be judged on this position.

  22. Richard S. 24 Nov 2010, 2:53am

    In addition to signing the petition, you can send Apple a note about this using their form for iTunes feedback:

  23. victor flores 24 Nov 2010, 4:57am

    what a hell is that???? very dissapointed about apple

  24. Jock S. Trap 24 Nov 2010, 7:59am

    This is absolutely disgusting. The fact that many of it’s customers will be from the LGBT community and this is the thanks and treatment we get? Very disappointing indeed!

    The fact this company chooses to use incitment and hatred for it’s profit means I for one will be avoiding Apple at All costs. There are companies that actually want my business!

  25. de Villiers 24 Nov 2010, 9:26am

    This thread is worse than reading letters from “Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells” in the Daily Mail.

    And then those parodic comments about “Does Apple want my business?” which are just nauseating.

    Apple donated money to helping to oppose Proposition 8. It is an avowedly liberal company. Al Gore sits on its board. People are so quick to ejaculate their condemnation, I’m surprised they have energy for anything else.

  26. Huk wrote:
    “OF COURSE, iPhone must accept it. We live in a democratic society and those views are perfectly reasonable.
    I am buying iPhone!!

    Thanks for the laugh Huk, your comments always cheer me up .

  27. aaa, o malakas Pavlos! “malakas” I mean in its original meaning. you are here, as usual!

  28. Wanker iinnit Huk?…you should know, and yes, I know my Greek.

  29. Apps sneak through all the time, problem is either a admin mistake or the person checking shared the views. All we need to do is let apple know, let them see it’s bad publicity… It will soon be gone.

  30. their views aren’t reasonable and opposing bigots do not make you as bad as the bigots

  31. Disgusting

  32. Whether we like it or not, the idea that marriage should be between a man and a woman in our day and age, is still a legitimate political position. However strongly we may disagree with it, it is the actual state of our legal system and it’s not something so violently opposed to our “way of life” that it automatically requires censorship.

    We are fighting against this but, even here in the UK, marriage still IS between a man and a woman so I don’t think claiming that it should remain that way warrants the same level of censorship that Apple have reserved for pornographic material.

    Let’s get some prospective!

  33. Also, if you look at the iTunes page for this app, all the ratings are negative and have come between yesterday and today. Considering that you need to get the app to rate it, I’m deducing that all people opposed to this app have actually downloaded it since this article appeared in order to try it and/or rate it negatively.

    No one gave this app a positive (or negative) rating before yesterday so I think all you guys are simply advertising this app now.

    Just ignore it.

  34. Well, if Apple doesn’t reject the application then I’m going to let my contract expire and sign up with a provider who supports my equality, simple as that. Hit them where it hurts, in their deep pockets.

  35. Old codger 24 Nov 2010, 3:29pm

    After years of “how superior we are to Microsoft”, it’s so nice that the fashion statement that is Apple is beginning to receive its share of flak

  36. I bet Apple would not DARE to allow an app through which was anti interracial marriage. Outrageous!

  37. I do not think for one minute that Apple are in anyway for or against any particular ‘community’ as it makes no business sense. However Apple have been loyally supported over the years by the LGB and T community for products which were once seen as ‘different’ from the mainstream, especially Microsoft. I hope that they will have a rethink over this app (sign the petition!) which seems to have no value other than to cause ‘trouble’. Is there an anti-catholic app?

  38. Will the accept an app encouraging you to hate Jews or black folks?

  39. While I am dissappointed that apps supporting this sort of cause exist, Apple is an American company. As a gay man I definitely oppose this cause but I understand why Apple approved of it. This may be a very contraversial application but Americans have the right to make it. Just as they have the right to protest for and against the cause.

  40. John: “I bet Apple would not DARE to allow an app through which was anti interracial marriage. Outrageous!”

    Agreed! What a stupid app. And the Manhattan Declaration is barmy – you don’t have to obey the law if you’re a ‘christian’. Yeah, right.

  41. I suspect Apple would lose at least 50% of their sales if every LGBTQP-etc person boycotted them… says me while typing on a Macintosh…

    I’m sure it may be a simple mistake – for example, they also approved a file sharing app, then removed it a couple of weeks later after they realized what it was.

  42. Apple are a disgrace-this is 2010 not 1810. I t is about time that international corporations deevolved themselves frompolitical issues, directly or indirectly.

  43. Rather than us all venting our frustration at Apple, perhaps we should be targeting the app developers, CSN Media (

    They have a list of their clients (, including BT and Sony.

    Might be worth using their contact page ( to let them know you’ll be writing to BT and Sony asking them to cut their business ties with a company which creates such offensive apps.

    That may have far more impact than leaving a negative rating for the app on the iTunes store.

    Just a thought…….

  44. If the app was not let through, the makers of the declaration would be up in arms, crying about free speech; I’m thinking lawsuits, national news, the whole shebang. I reckon, really, they didn’t have a lot of choice.
    The Manhattan Declaration is not a uniquely American Christian right thing. There was a similar one called the Westminster Declaration floating around on the web around a year or so ago; I even knew a couple of people – young people, university students – who signed it. The only difference was that the Westminster Declaration didn’t try to claim that Christianity is responsible for all the good in the world.
    I visited the Manhattan Declaration blog. I left a very respectful comment alerting them to their inaccurate and slanderous reporting regarding a case in which a newspaper refused to print gay marriage announcements. Of course all comments had to be approved and mine wasn’t.
    Anyway, the point is, it’s not Apple’s fault that the Christian right want to demonise us. Direct your anger toward something it’s really worth.

  45. The Manhattan Declaration IS NOT just another foolish anti-gay statement. It moves a dangerous step beyond.

    It is a statement by religious leaders that they will ignore established law, and refuse honor new law, respecting the rights of gay people in society.

    It is dangerous because, when leaders state that law may be, and will be ignored, they grant tacit permission to followers to do the same. And followers will accept that permission.

    Unfortunately for us, followers rarely have power to hire and fire, or to rent quarters or provide service, but they do possess the power of violence. It is here that the permission lands.

    The Manhattan Declaration is not just a referendum on gay marriage. It is a reckless and irresponsible creation that grants permission to take law into one’s own hands, and its ramifications for violence against us are genuine.

    That Apple would ignore this is beyond appalling.

  46. SilenceIsGolden 26 Nov 2010, 9:35pm

    It’s gone!! :-)

  47. Some of these comments really leave me speechless. How can people be that stupid?

    Do you guys have any idea how many app submissions Apple gets per day? Hundreds… perhaps even thousands since the last figures were released. Just because this app made it into the store doesn’t mean that Apple is homophobic. It just means that some guy in an office didn’t read into it as far as all of you are.

    The app came off the store fairly quickly by Apple’s usual standards and it’ll never go back up.

    Apple has very strong policies with regards to the rights of their customers and employees so it is highly doubtful that the guy that approved this in the first place was even remotely homophobic…

    So basically… chill guys. Get off your high horses and stop ranting over things you clearly haven’t put any time or effort into learning about.

  48. RobertMfromLI 23 Mar 2011, 6:41pm

    To Jessica (author)

    This should be changed: “The app is based on… by Christian and Catholic leaders which rails against the “erosion” of marriage.”

    It should read “by religious nutcases”.

    Mostly, it is the Religious Wrong that keeps doing these things. Reading through the comments on the petition to remove the app, one will find NUMEROUS Reverends/Preachers/Priests who have denounced the app AND Exodus International.

    While there is a lot (and I mean a LOT) that I do not agree with about Christianity or some of the actions of the RC Church, I do believe people should avoid such generalizations as the one made in the article, since many of such faiths do not act like the MD or Exodus people. Gaining more support can probably be helped by not making such generalizations and acknowledging those of religion who do support LGBT rights.

    Of course, you may wish to select a better term than my “religious nutcases” one. ;-)

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