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Straight Bristol couple next to demand a civil partnership

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Reader comments

  1. “A key reason we won’t get married is that we don’t want to take part in an institution that excludes our homosexual friends. We feel a fair society shouldn’t countenance this kind of hurtful sexual orientation discrimination and hope this campaign can go some way towards challenging such discrimination.”

    Thank you for your support Ian & Kirstin.

  2. It’s a pity that one of them will be forced to undergo an unecessary sex change before they can get a CP.

  3. – it would be inteteresing if this couple actually went to France , did a PACS and then returned to get their straight PACS registered in the UK for tax, pension etc rights… I wonder how far they would get ?

    Out of interest it looks like SS marriage ban is going to the courts in France as well!

    “A case seeking the legalization same-sex marriage in France has arrived at the Constitutional Court, and gay rights advocates are optimistic that France could become the next European country to allow gay marriage.

    As the battle between gay rights activists and opponents rages across the world, France may be set to become the latest country to legalize same-sex marriage.

    The French Constitutional Court was ordered on Tuesday to decide if the law banning marriage for same-sex couples is compatible with the country’s constitution. Gay rights campaigners in the country say this means gay marriage could be legalized as early as next year.

  4. If William and Kate really wanted to lead this country into the 21st Century, they would join this campaign. Can you imagine how quickly marriage / CP equality would happen if William refused to marry until his gay / lesbian friends could.

  5. Isn’t the future king also the head of the church in Engand – I wonder what would happen if one of them were to be gay, do a CP but no sex .

  6. why – why! What is this all about? This attention seeking distraction is surely not helping achiieving equality for same sex marriage but clouding the issue. The need for same sex marriage equality is clearl it is a single issue campaign. The need for diferent sex CP is moot, if it exists at all outside the theoretical “equality” argument. Why would anyone who can have a civil marriage want a civil partnership? It has the same benefits, and more with none of the downsides. If as this misguided couple says, it is to help their gay friends, then (in my humble view) they would do so better by supporting the single issue campaign, not creating a second limb to it.

  7. de Villiers 23 Nov 2010, 5:11pm

    Those on the left in France sometimes prefer a PACS. It carries less baggage than marriage.

    > “A key reason we won’t get married is that we don’t want to take part in an institution that excludes our homosexual friends.

    That, I find to be patronising – the idea that our heterosexual “friends” sacrifice themselves on our benighted behalf.

    The UK welfare state excludes, and therefore discriminates against, those who are not EU citizens. The UK honours system discriminates against those who are not UK citizens. The child tax credit discriminates against those who have no children. BMW discriminate against the poor. The women-only gym down the road discriminates against men.

    None of those are reasons to pretend faux solidarity in the cause of the march. If the straight-couple prefer a civil partnership or PACS, they should at least say so rather than doing it for all their wonderful gay friends. We’re not party pieces or charms for our straight friends to wear round their wrists. deV

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