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Australian Greens predict legal gay marriage as poll shows majority support

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  1. So what’s happening with Nick Clegg, why isn’t he pushing for it. He has a party officially endorsing it but doing nothing about it. Oh yes…its the economy isn’t it? Hmmm, even if it were’nt, I doubt if anything would change. Action speaks louder than words, Mr. Clegg and PM Cameron. The time to act is now, not during the next election campaign. If neither of you can’t multitask, then you shouldn’t be in number 10. Summerskill too has been mighty silent since his reversal. Time to light a fire under his lazy arse.

  2. I think this article should be forward on to Caroline Lucas and all the lib dems MPs in the UK …

    What are they doing about marriage eqaulity, they are already starting from a stronger position in the UK yet they don’t seem to have the balls to do anything!!

  3. Peter In Brisbane 22 Nov 2010, 11:04pm

    Oh-no-not-again. I’ll have to invest in another gold wedding ring..Jeeezus, just when the price of Gold is at it’s highest. Thank god my Drip-Dry wedding frock is still ok. Just kidding!

  4. Much as I would like to agree, I think it will take about 10 years for gay marriage to come in here. The Labor Party will (grudgingly) allow `relationship registers’ in about 1-2 years (which will be opposed by the opposition) and then have a long wait and several parliaments later for anything else.

  5. A wedding in Australia sounds just great to my partner and I. We’ve been looking for somewhere sunny and hot to tie the knot. Let’s hope they can get this done soon.

  6. Send the pope a gun. He’ll freak out so b ad that he’ll most likely decide to go complain directly to God

  7. anotheI think most of us rfealize that sex denied results in so many people becoming rapists and even murderers.

    Realize how this ties together with the endless rapes of culdren in the church.

    Remidns me of a guy at work who used to bragg that he had “never wasted his seed”.

    As one o fhte kids said – his name will be on the list of sex offenders

    He was right.

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