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Pope says male prostitutes could use condoms as first step in their ‘moralisation’

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Reader comments

  1. What I’d like to know is what is the pope’s first step in moralisation going to be. He behaves as if he’s God. He’ll have a rude awakening when he passes away.

  2. Even better, why doesn’t the UN shut down this anti human organization?

  3. are these the same rent boys used by the vatican?

  4. Iain MacLeod 21 Nov 2010, 5:36pm

    Maybe the silly old fart was mixing up his views and thought he was making a suggestion to ‘protect’ the priests instead? He is getting on a bit poor soul.

  5. The thing is he always states the bleeding obvious. Of course rent boys should use condoms, but nothing he says is going to make those who don’t start using them, unless they are suffering from that disease infinitely worse than HIV: Catholic guilt. So much for being a leader of people. why_me has it spot on. I hope his Holiness practices what he preaches and ensures the local hustlers are wrapped up before they dive beneath his Vatican chums’ frocks and habits.

  6. ensure that sexuality is treated as a positive value and to enable it to have a positive effect on the whole of man’s being. The catholic church has a very malecentric view on sexuality, eh? Also, why does the example of a male prostitute suddenly spring to our good friend’s mind?

  7. The Pope need to get a life! A real one!

  8. LOL!….as if his priests aren’t already using them!

  9. Its too late for you MF Pope. your only salvation will be the maggots eating your body.

    which should be soon – do you realize why you are having theose problems with hemhroids, Herr churchenfuhrer

  10. why cant he modify his stand on gay rights, womens rights etc……

    Well go ask the ghose of his mentor why he cant modify his beliefs 65 years after he committedsuicide. Put a narrow mustache on IL papa (I almost spelled it IL caca) and youll see a surprising resemblence.

  11. So whilst the pope catches up with the last 400 odd years of progress in birth and STD control (yep, Casanova used a sheep’s stomach for that back in the day so it’s not that recent an innovation) the rest of us enlightened folk can continue to ignore him, same as ever.
    I just feel sorry for those poor so and sos in third world countries who still hang on his every word.
    There’s an elephant in the room whenever he has a complete reversal of policy and it’s called “papal infallability”. You can’t set out your stall by describing yourself as infallable then admit you were wrong, unless this whole infallability malarchy happened last week.
    Give him another 300 years and he’ll be telling us he was pro-gay and an equal opportunities employer all along.
    Why people are applauding him for coming to the same conclusion as everyone else did several hundred years ago beats me.
    Slow handclap and a universal chorus of “well d’uh!” is about all he deserves.

  12. This is why the fight against the banalisation of sexuality is also a part of the struggle to ensure that sexuality is treated as a positive value and to enable it to have a positive effect on the whole of man’s being.”

    A positive value? Says the person who’s renounced sex and presumably claims he’s never experienced it? Practice, preach …!

  13. “So whilst the pope catches up with the last 400 odd years of progress in birth and STD control”


    The thing is that few of the reporters quoting from the new book have actually read the bloody words that the pope said.

    He was NOT changing the stance of the church on artifical birth control.

    He was giving a very specific instance where wearing a condom might be OK, and that is in an area of sexual activity which A) does not involve procreation, and B) involves a group that is already sinful in the eyes of the church anyway.

    The media hype is a big con.

    A vatican spokesman has just confirmed the above, too… but I note that none of the papers trumpeting the pope’s “liberalism” have mentioned that!


  14. Of course this is all about protecting the priests – that all that Rattzinger cares about as we have seen with the abuse saga. The Priests are users of rent boys as was recently exposed in Italy. There is also incidence of HIV in the priesthood that you don’t much hear about so they are obvious not good at using condoms.

    What a sad bunch on humanity the Catholic Curia are – how anybody can follow their teachings is beyond me.

  15. Let’s look beyond the Pope’s words. He is probably afraid that one of his underlings that pays for male on male sex by using rent boys will actually catch HIV/AIDS. Thus by urging rent boys to use condoms, the Pope is hoping to keep the level of HIV/AIDS low in the Vatican.

  16. so he wants sexuality to be positive whilst he supports homophobia? but he also hides pedos and protects pedos?

  17. Opposition to capitalism finally ended in the 19th century…
    Urging the forced conversion of Jews just quietly dropped…
    Admitting Galileo was right at the end of the 20th…
    Give it another hundred years (if we and they are still here) and there will be gay weddings in your local RC Church, possibly celebrated by a female priest.
    Don’t think it’s worth waiting, though.

  18. Yeah, I was wondering why male prostitutes was the first thing that leapt into his mind too…. So presumably it’s not ok for a married couple to use a condom if one of them is HIV positive?? OR, nevermind AIDS, what about if another pregnancy would seriously damage the mother’s health?

    So hard when you admit that not every issue is black and white, isn’t it, Mr R? Dear me, soon you might be sliding down that slippery slope to equal rights.

  19. Chrissie – I stand corrected… it would seem the pope’s actual position is more along the lines of “Those rentboys I said were an abomination anyhow and bound for the lake of fire can use condoms but I’m not recommending them for female prostitutes who might just conceive kids they neither want or need”.
    Well I was probably safe to carry on ignoring him either way. Alert me when he gets up to speed with cultural progress since the Victorian era.

  20. john sharp 22 Nov 2010, 2:34pm

    i suppose the pope
    is using male prostitutes
    therefor needs to be protected

  21. Why isn’t he admonishing straight males/husbands/boyfriends of women? Singling out male prositutes seems to imply that straight males don’t get HIV/AIDS when in Africa for example, the trasmission rate is overwhelmingly male to female. Are we to assume than that those African men are straight male prostitutes?

    There’s a parallel between the above and the roman cult’s criterion for weeding out gay seminarians who have predilection to commit paedophilia. Why haven’t we seen the criterion for weeding out the “perceived” straight molesters including straight seminarians, and there were many in the U.S., Belgian and Irish cases?

  22. @ Flapjack… “Alert me when he gets up to speed with cultural progress since the Victorian era.”

    No worries, but I think you can have a good long lie-in, pet.. ;-)

    Never Happen.


  23. So is the pope saying that AIDS is a gay disease? I thought we’d moved passed that and realise the the disease doesn’t discriminate unlike us humans. Where is his mention of female prostitutes getting their male clients to use them as well.

  24. Bill Perdue 22 Nov 2010, 6:19pm

    If male hustlers used condoms it would certainly cut the Vaticans insurance costs. HIV/AIDS remains very expensive to treat.

  25. I easily dismiss what the Pope says about anything, assertions made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

  26. Lord this jackazz has a LOT to say for someone who has supposedly been celibate his whole life. Moralise rent boys?! They should be using them to protect against STDs and for no other reason. Notice though that women had better not consider wanting their men to use condoms…gotta have the fear of pregnancy with no chance of abortion hanging over their heads.

  27. 2 wrongs now make a right, now do they..?
    Ubi petrus..?

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