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Video: Prime minister David Cameron tells bullied gay kids ‘things will get better’

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Reader comments

  1. Fairplay to him!

  2. What a Tory hypocrite and plagiarist.
    Obama made the same announcement to young people only a few weeks ago.
    The bullying that goes on today in schools is a direct result of the old clause 28 rule. It threw gay rights progress back decades.
    Tory = Nasty.

  3. Gosh, Im kind of amazed! Well done to the Prime Minister!

  4. In general I am supportive of It’s Get better project – but not when politicians use it as a way to campiagn and whitewash their record

    Especially when those politicians are in a position to MAKE it better, not just make pretty speeches. Doubly so when they’ve spent no small amount of time making it worse

  5. When will things get better Prime Minister?

    1. When will gay couples be allowed to access the legal contract on the exact same basis as heterosexual couples?

    2. When will religious groups lose their exemption from equality laws?

    3. When willl the government start taking action against the disgustingly bigotted Commonwealth countries such as Uganda and Jamaica.

    Your deadline to achieve points 1 to 3 above is by the end of your term of office.

    If marriage equality and the removal of religious opt outs from equality laws have not been achieved by then, well we will know that you are a hypocritical oppportunistic liar.

    You have 4 years to achieve these. Better start working on them Prime Minister. Otherwise you’re simply confirming that the Tories remain the party of bigots.

  6. vulpus_rex 19 Nov 2010, 3:39pm

    Simon – why are you posting as David now? How’s that lovely Dutch husband of yours?

  7. Fairplay to him. Wonderful to hear, and inparticular coming from a Conservative Party PM. I think alot of people thought they’d never see this but it’s amazing that we have.

  8. Cameron says: “Britain is a diverse, open, tolerant place. This is not the sort of country where we label people for being different.”

    Is Cameron for real or is he delusional? We most certainly are labelled very differently when we want to legalise our relationships in the form of an unequal civil partnership? Both he and StonewallUK need to address it and the time is now. Its all very well and good commenting on bullying but inequality is one of the ringleaders in all this. When we’re perceived or treated differently than the rest of the society, it sends a clear message to homophobes that we’re not equal and deserve what we get. In other words, we’re less respected, our relationships not taken that seriously or viewed the same as heterosexuals. This is wrong and must end, sooner rather than later when the next election campaign begins just to get votes. Let him prove he’s for full equality by doing something about marriage equality.

    David, No. 5…I agree with you although I don’t think religious cults should be forced to recognise or perform civil partnerships or same-sex marriages and who really cares if they do or don’t? Civil marriage equality is all we need and that of course has absolutely nothing to do with religious marriage, so they can’t whine and complain about it when we eventually are allowed to marry. Its none of their business. Other than that, they should NOT be exempt from other equality laws.

  9. de Villiers 19 Nov 2010, 4:48pm

    > What a Tory hypocrite and plagiarist. Obama made the same announcement to young people only a few weeks ago. The bullying that goes on today in schools is a direct result of the old clause 28 rule. It threw gay rights progress back decades. Tory = Nasty.

    Surely it is good news that the Prime Minister tells young people that bullying of gay people is unacceptable? I cannot in any way see how this could possibly be nasty.

  10. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his stupid face. The pathetic creature can’t even bring himself to say the word ‘gay’. The Conservative Party are notoriously homophobic, with a higher proportion of MPs voting against LGBT equality than in any of the large three parties. This pretty much sums it up.
    Members of the party also have a much higher degree of absenteeism than any of the other big three on LGBT votes, including David Cameron himself who was absent for 5 of the 13 pieces of legislation pertaining to LGBT rights and equality during his Westminster career.
    Mark my words, he is no friend at all of gay people, nor are the Tory party in general.

  11. Moreover, I don’t want to be gay, Cameron. I never chose it. It’s what I am.

  12. God, you can’t please some people! I know he’s far from perfect when it comes to supporting gay rights, but at least he’s making an effort.

  13. Thanks for the effort Mr Cameron, tomorrow is International Transgender Day of Remembrance when the trans community comes together with its allies to remember transgender victims of hate crimes and those who committed suicide.

    This year eleven transgender people in Europe where murdered just for being trans, five of them in Italy. Hundreds more will of tried to kill themselves because of the ignorance trans people face in everyday life.

    Memorialising 2010 TDOR

  14. ….total propaganda!

  15. Propaganda or not, it doesn’t really matter; it’s important that the Prime Minister of this country actively condems homophobic bullying.

    However, while this video should be viewed positively Cameron needs to back up his words with action. The fact that gay people can’t get married sends out the message that we are not equal and young people can pick up from society this sort of thing which can in turn lead to homophobic bullying.

    The government needs to lead by example.

  16. I agree with marlow – actions matter more than motives. This is a step in the right direction and must have made some Tory die-hards apoplectic, apart from anything else.

  17. Deeside Will 19 Nov 2010, 7:02pm

    I haven’t voted for the Tories since my student days, and I think it unlikely that I ever will in the future, but I have to say that, in this respect if in no other, I’m proud of our Prime Minister.

  18. “It will get better, kids… unless you ever want to go to university, in which case, I hope your parents are rich!”

  19. The LibDems are imploding and the gay community is holding the coalition together. I think the scrapping of the Equality Duty was a big mistake by the Tories in other words they did not know what they were doing (retards). They have whipped themselves up into a frenzy of blaming the Labour Party for PC legislation and started scrapping things without knowing what they were for! Thats why Dave recorded a message today to fill in the cracks of the crumbling coalition.

    When the Con-Dem’d Party brakes it will be the gay community that brakes it.

  20. Well done everyone, you’ve all past the test on action and support against homophobic bullying at schools. That’s the easy test, the uncontroversial one and the one that was always going to go down well.

    Now, the harder test, action and support for marriage equality!. What’s the progress so far on that issue, everyone? Next to nothing???

  21. Seems kinda fake to me. The only time he talks about things getting better is like the last 10 seconds of the video, the rest of the time he yaps about the Tories and how tolerant his party is. The only thing that would make me respect them is if they made same-sex marriage equal to, and recognised, like heterosexual marriage is.
    The sooner this is introduced, the sooner bullying rates will go down yet David Cameron seems content with the current system. Not buying this, sorry.

  22. It would be nice to think that telling someone about homophobic/transphobic bullying would always make it better. But things aren’t always that simple. See these earlier comments by Oscar and myself.

  23. I’m sorry but what does he know is he gay? No his a white middle class straight man he knows nothing about what its like growing up gay

  24. …..come on! He’s allied with all the FAR-RIGHT parties in the European parliament!

  25. Jock S. Trap 20 Nov 2010, 8:03am

    A Very positive step and I for one welcome it. Could Never see Gordon Brown doing it.

    Well done to our Prime Minister.

  26. de Villiers 20 Nov 2010, 8:51am

    People here are really mad. What does it matter what were the Prime Minister’s motives. The real facts are that the Prime MInister of your country has stated openly, publicly, without reservation on video that gay people should not be bullied and they are an important part of your country.

    That has -never- happened in France. Not from the right or the left.

  27. No Gordon didn’t need to, did he , weren’t we led to believe that everything was now hunky dory after 13 yrs of labour majority govt..We had CPs, the equality act , blah blah, we were now supposed to be happy, they had been the best thing since sliced bread for the gay community, all legal inequlaities had gone and we had an equality act to protect us and of course we had all that scary talk about what a bunch of homphobes all the tories were…. I’m sure if we were a few months prior to the election , even Gordon, would appear on the video…

    I’m glad Cameron has appeared on the video, good on him and I think the younger current generation of the tories have genuiely changed and probably will throw a lot of resource into homophobic bullying to prove that they have changed. It’s sure going to be tough choosing between these parties in the next election on LGBT issues! What on earth is going to distinguish them?

    The tory are homophobes we are told and I guess they probably were , perhpas it’s part of the continued proving that they have changed. As far as I’m concerned they have and thee is so little difference between the parties now on LGBT issues that

  28. Paul Halsall 20 Nov 2010, 10:04am

    I am not a fan of David Cameron or his government (especially because of the attacks on the poor), but he does deserve great credit for making this video. I lived 20 years in the US, and it is impossible to imagine any Republican leaders (except perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger) doing anything like this. So, just this once, Thank you Mr. Cameron.

  29. No. 20,John….exactly! Its incumbent on all of us now to hold Summerskill’s feet to the fire and make sure he becomes proactive on marriage equality. I’ve visited StonewallUK’s website and I don’t see anything mentioned, absolutely nothing. Cameron won’t do a thing about it unless prodded by StonewallUK, but we as supporters of marriage equality must make the loudest noise. Homophobic bullying is never going away, no matter if we have civil marriage equality although it might diminish a bit if we did. It will always be there unfortunately, its been around for millenia and I don’t see it ever being eradicated completely. Its not even realistic to think it would.

  30. Okay, fine, the Conservatives are bigots, etc, etc. We don’t have gay marriage, no. But these videos are, I think, addressed towards bullied kids, who are not really worried about getting married. The average bullied teenager is not going to watch this video and think, oh, but we don’t have gay marriage. My life totally sucks now.
    However, a gay teenager (such as myself) might pick up on the fact that a) he mentioned “my government”, as if the previous government wasn’t doing enough and actually he just wants us to vote for his government because they’re obviously the best; b) he says, with not a hint of a maybe about it, that I will definitely feel better if I come out to my parents, which is a blatent lie as my parents along with many others do not look too kindly upon homosexuality; and c) he tells me that “This is not the sort of country where we label people for being different” – when I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been called ‘gay’ rather than my name, and if that’s not labelling, I don’t know what is.
    It’s a nice gesture, but the message of the entire campaign just does not ring true.

  31. This is amazing. A conservative prime minister actually supporting anti-homophia. Here in Aus our conservative leader and cronnies actively support homophobia and get away with it. Abbott says that gay people are threatening and one of his stooges suggested recently that it would be fine for gay people to get beaten up in a working-class pub if they mentioned gay marriage. Our prime minister is little better. Can we swap leaders?

  32. But Andrew , you don’t have the house of lords in Aus… An accumulation of ageing, non elected homophobic bishops and peers who are there literally until they die… whatever the British leaders do and say they will unevitably come up against a brick wall ie the house of lords…

    At least in Australia , you have the seante and lower house, both elected, both changeable… at least there you have a coalition govt with the Greens who are making noise on LGBT issues eg marriage equality, you’d be hard pressed to see much progress over here in this coalition govt on this particular issue…

    I agree with you about Gillard though, but it’s not only her though is it, what about the awful de bruyn union leader, what did he say:

    There are no votes for Labor in the marginal electorates in the big metropolitan areas on the gay marriage issue,” he said.

    “We all know that marriage is between a man and a woman not just because that is what the definition of the Marriage Act says but simply because this has been the way that it has been in the existence of the human race.”

    I think in Aus, like in the UK, the labour party need to prove that they are different… I sorry but at the moment there no much difference between the parties in either country on LGBT issues…

  33. Talia Claire 21 Nov 2010, 1:12pm

    “Prime minister David Cameron has added his voice to a campaign to support bullied gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans youngsters.”
    This is not true. The Stonewall campaign is directed at bullied LGB young people, not trans young people. I hope they correct this. As LGB issues are different to trans issues (despite much overlap), it’s fair enough to have a campaign directed particularly at LGB young people, but for a news website to claim that this also covers trans young people is a grave oversight.

  34. de Villiers 23 Nov 2010, 5:16pm

    > but for a news website to claim that this also covers trans young people is a grave oversight.

    It’s an oversight.

  35. Yes, things will get better, as soon as these Fascists are voted out.

  36. Northerner 27 Nov 2010, 5:11pm

    All bullying is wrong,and should be dealt with, but life is never 100% fair! The problem with the gay community is that they want special treatment above and beyond the ordinary. Being ‘gay’ is an abnormality, there is no getting away from it, but then they demand to be treated on a par with 90% of the rest. Get real guys, you can’t be different and the same, at the same time! If you deserve to be treated well, by acting sensibly, then I believe most fair minded folk will do. But at the same time you have to accept other people’s feelings and beliefs. You can’t have it all your own way.

  37. What patronising twaddle. How in the name of hell does he know ANYTHING about what young gay people go through. He’s rich, white, cis-gendered, heterosexual, male and non-disabled. He will never be able to comprehend what it’s like to be part of any minority group. He belongs to the party of section 28, something that haunted my entire school career even after it had been abolished and what now he’s the saviour of young gays. If you want a politician to tell young gay kids that thing get better why not Michael Cashman or someone like him?

    Dave take your patronising, tory-boy, shiny-foreheaded platitudes and stick them somewhere interesting

  38. Andrew Hamm 5 Jun 2011, 1:39pm

    Talk to someone and you’ll feel better immediately, at least according to him. In the real world, no one wanted to listen to me, despite me telling them time and time again that I was being bullied.

    Britain is not a country where we label people – oh, yeah? I was labeled for a lot of things, so clearly what he’s claiming is not the case.

  39. I ended bulllying and harassment at DHL Global Mail by calling in the Police. A year later when asked what was the biggest change DHL had made I replied “Banning homophobic bullying and harassment. I was sacked for Gross Misconduct, Bringing the Company into Disrepute and Use of Indecent Language. I said “gay” 3 times and was alleged to have said “ass”.

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