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Gay man wins £13,000 after being bullied at work

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Reader comments

  1. Has PN sought a comment from THT directors on how this happened and what remedies are they going to set in place to make sure this thing does not happen again. Maybe it should use some of it £18m income on equity and diveristy training or look at

  2. PumpkinPie 20 Nov 2010, 3:48am

    Wow. Hard to imagine stuff like this still happens in the UK. He deserves that compensation.

  3. Patrick, Dublin 20 Nov 2010, 5:20am

    Glad that this man won his case. Hopefully it might make other homophobic employers think again.

    Very disturbing that this man had been working in an architecture and design centre. You would expect such a workplace to be more tolerant of diversity and open minded than most. The Lighthouse’s reputation should be dragged through the mud.

  4. Good brave gay man for having the guts to go public with his plight and take his employer to a tribunal! Well done!

  5. ….and we’re telling kids ‘it gets better’….13k is not enough!

  6. I agree that 13k is not enough. For an organization like that it’s nothing. They should receive proper punitive sanctions that make them deal with this issue, compulsory diversity training for all employees and a written commitment to tackle bullying effectively and take disciplinary measures against employees found guilty of bullying in the future.

  7. well done to him! I bet this is only the top of an iceberg. I think there are many gats still been bullied at work, especially people working at the city in london

  8. 21stCenturySpirituality 21 Nov 2010, 2:02am

    Disgusting, grossly unprofessional, totally unacceptable. Time for a boycott me thinks.

  9. Sorry, but I know the Lighthouse well and it has employed many LGB staff over the years. I don’t know the case but the centre pretty much went into receivership, plenty of people lost their jobs and many felt aggrieved. It is doubtful that this guy lost his job (or was bullied) simply because he was gay. Of course unacceptable behaviour took place to warrant a successful claim, but I hope his case is unique.

  10. steven bain 27 Nov 2010, 3:58pm

    I am the person mentioned in this article and as to the comments of ‘Alisdair’ I started the ET case 5 months BEFORE I was made redundant, so NO it was not a case of being aggrieved at my losing my job, or not receiving any redundancy money from the Lighthouse, yes, there have been GLBT members of the Lighthouse, but it seems I was the first to be treated this way. I was subjected to two years constant abuse and harassment from a small clique of staff, when I reported the incidents to management they did nothing, in actual fact this article doesn’t mention I took out 4 ET cases against the Lighthouse to cover the two years of harassment and won all 4 cases! Two Directors attended the pre trial and had their say, I won this case because discrimination went on….end of, and I would urge anyone in the same situation to stand up for themselves, I took on a big company and it’s lawyers without legal help and won. Don’t let anyone belittle you like I was because of your sexuality.

  11. steven bain 4 Dec 2010, 4:27pm

    I was an employee at the same time as Stephen. I cannot comment on what happened to him however I can tell you there were many bullys working there and unfortunately one of the biggest was the personell officer who whilste I was very ill called me in to humiliate and berate me. The reasons were not the same as Stephens but Im sure that some of the bullies were the same. I know of others that he (along with the joke of a director Nick Barleys other ‘puppets’ bullied as well. I just wish I had been well enough to take them to a tribunial myself. Good on Stephen for standing up for himself for being treated wrongly, unlike me. Exemployee lighthouse – Daily Record.

  12. You should keep your sexuality to yourself, or keep it low key, and behave accordingly then you wouldnt have attrackted this unwanted attention.

    Too many people blame others.

  13. Katie Murphy 16 Dec 2010, 5:47am

    John says “you should keep your sexuality to yourself”

    Well, John, how do we apply that to you. Are you going to put a sign over your desk and say you are non-sexual, not married, not interested in either men or women etc?

    Or are you simply mouthing off and parroting your stinking church, while placing the blame on the victim. the oldest trick in the book.

    I think that the people who gave this man the problem should also be thrown out on the street, and their records, should they use the employer as a reference, should be listed as bigots who made problems for other employees

    I’m sure they could still get a job as garbage collectors. And at the end of the day, jump into the trash themselves.

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