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Featherstone says government is ‘committed’ to tackling transphobia

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Reader comments

  1. I’m afraid she’s not the equalities minister, not in the Cabinet sense which is suggested here. That would be Theresa, Queen of the Bigots. Featherstone is, according to Wikipedia, the ‘Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Equalities’.

  2. Oh and getting rid of the Equality Duty is a sign of your commitment?

    I don’t think so! You can tell Steve Webb to go and screw himself!

  3. Maybe you could try a show some respect for the day instead of making cheep political capital! Lynne Featherstone has always been a good friend to the trans and LGB.

    Remembering those who lost their life’s in 2010 TDOR

  4. OrtharRrith 19 Nov 2010, 6:33pm

    I really hope this is more then just talk. Fingers crossed. Here’s the full thing:

  5. The Coalition’s Programme for Government promised to tackle bullying, so it was disappointing not to see any new initiative in Anti-Bullying Week. Hopefully something important will be announced in time for LGBT History Month in February.

  6. List of the 179 trans people murdered in the past 12 months

    Since January 2008 the murders of 487 trans people have been reported.

  7. Remembering some of those who died because of hate this year.

    “If hate violence stems from a belief that some lives don’t matter, remembering those lives proves unequivocally that they do.” Jaan Williams on why TDOR matters

  8. poeticlicense 20 Nov 2010, 8:35pm

    Sadly, she has allies who are transphobic, in the cabinet you have Theresa May who voted against every single trans right vote in Parliament bar one, and she abstained on that one, then there is Chris Grayling who believes gender reassignment surgery should not be funded on the NHS, and they have no plans to to revise the Single Equality Act which has reversed many trans rights.

    We value Lynne’s support, but this has to go further by silencing the tory transphobes, and scrapping the SEA and starting again with a redraft.

  9. Tim Hopkins 22 Nov 2010, 8:43am

    Cleggy (#2) You’re confusing the public sector equality duty with the socio-economic duty. The equality duty has not been scrapped, and the UK Govt continue to say that it will come into effect next April. It was the socio-economic duty that was scrapped last week.

    The equality duty requires all public bodies to have “due regard” to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equal opportunities, and foster good relations, for each of the equality strands including gender reassignment and sexual orientation.

    The socio-economic duty would have required some public bodies to have due regard to the desireaility of reducing inequalities resulting from socio-economic disadvantage. That is, it was about poverty issues rather than strand inequalities – although the two are of course connected.

    I mention this not to defend to Govt – I disagree with the scrapping of the socio-economic duty, but to clarify the facts, because the equality duty is potentially very important for LGBT people.

  10. Unless Trans people start uniting together it won’t happen. They need to get rid of their stupid internal differences and start working together, which at the moment still seems too far off.

  11. Stacey:
    > Unless Trans people start uniting together it won’t happen. They
    > need to get rid of their stupid internal differences and start
    > working together, which at the moment still seems too far off.

    Sorry Stacy, I really believe in working with others wherever possible, but the fact is that there are very significant differences under the supposed “trans” umbrella, which need to be respected, understood, and all accommodated. Its people trying to pretend they don’t exist, or ignore some, or to erase them, or speak for them without consultation or consent, that cause the strife.

    It is no different to the other classes of people protected under equality legislation (Ethnicity, Disability, etc.), they all have differentiated groups with some conflicting concerns. If, say the Romanies, off their own bat, declared they were representative of all of the Africans, Afro-Carribbeans, Jews, Greeks, Cypriots, Italians, Irish, Indians, Black-British, and more, what do you think would happen?

    Genderqueer people have very different needs, priorities, and sensitivities than those living fully in one gender role; non-ops to those in need of surgery and being given the run-around; those with transgender or gender-variant identities from those seeking full acceptance as women, or men; late-transitioners with children to those who were transsexual as children, or transsexual children themselves; drag queens to heterosexual transvestites, or transsexual women; those who were gay or lesbian before transition to those who were asexual, or heterosexual; trans men from trans women; sex workers from those who transition after retirement from highly paid careers, etc., etc.. And that’s without mentioning divisions of ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, or politics.

    Like, is anyone allowed to dissent that someone who was killed didn’t accept being dubbed transgender, when it comes to the Day of Remembrance? Its a label many reject, for good reason, yet the dead, and the mourners, are given no choice. And it was originally a political decision to do that, which has poisoned it ever since.

    Like a survey I got this week, for “Transgender-identified and Intersex” people, that asked my precise identity but, with 30 options didn’t provide the option of “woman” (or “man”, “boy”, or “girl”), so went in the bin.

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