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Tory councillor accused of homophobia for criticising gay actor’s school visits

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Reader comments

  1. Shocking and disgusting. This man should lose his seat.

  2. Small typo – you mean Bristol Evening Post, not Birmingham Evening Post.

    Shocking story though.

  3. Thinks Windows: “By God, if we can save them from becoming gay and lesbian, then, by God, we must!”

  4. How can a visit by a successful gay man ‘put pressure’ on children? Does this fool really think that children are so stupid they’ll look at Ian and think they have to ‘turn gay’ too??

    Yet another example of an ignorant person who has completely mis-understood the nature of sexuality. HE’S the one who need an education not the children.

  5. So he wants to be able to get away with homophobia and misses the point of the school visits? it’s always predictable that cowards/homophobes won’t see why they need to be opposed!

  6. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2010, 2:59pm

    So he thinks he should be able to express his view without recieving abuse and yet what about the rights of LGB pupils not to be abused and bullied for being who they are. Why can’t these pupils be open without the threat of ‘potential bullying’?

    It’s because of bigots like him thats why. With that kind of unhelpful attitude he should be ashamed of himself!

    The mans a damn hypocrite.

  7. I want to see him expelled from the Tory Party IMMEDIATELT. The BNP can have him.

  8. Here is a video of him making those comments (2 hours.20 Min) :

  9. The buffoon even comes out with ‘confused’ as an obvious synonym for ‘gay’ (straights never are). That one goes way back.
    How utterly, drearily predictable. Dave and Theresa: good luck with changing the Nasty Party. If you actually are serious about doing so, that is.

  10. What he means is that he believes Ian will try and seduce young boys to become gay but understands he can’t say that as his career would be over.

  11. Typical Tory mentality. Scratch a little more and you’ll find more of them under that false veneer of being so pro-equality. Of course this scumbag is homophobic otherwise he wouldn’t have a problem with McKellen visiting any school or other public venue. He’s part of the problem, ignorant. Obviously he doesn’t know one gay person to make such a disgusting statement. He should be booted out of the party altogether. Come on Dave, say something!

  12. de Villiers 18 Nov 2010, 4:37pm

    > Obviously he doesn’t know one gay person to make such a disgusting statement.

    That’s probably right. He is ignorant and probably blinkered. What is the best way to engage with him to persuade him as to the error of his position? I suspect it is by education and contact with gay people.

    Kicking him off the council may allow him to revel in his martyr status.

  13. ….one window that needs a good smashing.

  14. This man is a dangerous homophobe and has the right to be so. It’s heartening how the members countered this appalling tosspot.

  15. I live in Bristol and think you’re perhaps all over reacting a bit. I don’t agree with his views but I think his views on LGBT issues are just very old fashioned. I don’t think he is actively homophobic but would just prefer no one to ever mention it. He even said these issues should be left in the bedroom.

    Oh dear, it’s not the 1950’s anymore. You can see an interiew with him on our local BBC news. The poor love even has rather a hard time actually saying the word ‘gay’, there’s a huge pause before he brings himself to say it!

    He’s not worth taking seriously and getting worked up about. As it says in the article the other councillors immediately challenged his statement.

  16. He should be ashamed of himself. To me he might just as well be condoning all the bullying and suicides.

    Ian McKellen is no doubt helping to stop the bullying of gay/lesbian people and the suicides. If only more high profile people did the same then the world would be a happier place.

  17. PumpkinPie 18 Nov 2010, 7:20pm

    Windows, you silly old git, the only “pressure” our “confused” youth are under is the pressure to be straight. And what’s wrong with teens mistakenly thinking they’re gay, anyway? Most gay people went through a phase of thiking they’re straight. It just ended up making them more sure of themselves. Why, I think it would be a benefit for ostensibly straight teens to experiment a bit, too. Especially for bisexuals. In this monosexual-oriented world, many bisexuals end up pretty damn confused about themselves unless they’ve had the opportunity to really explore their feelings.

    Personally, I’d support his removal from the council. Protecting our youth is more important than preventing “martyrdom” or any sort of PR rubbish. We cannot afford to go soft on bullies in positions of power, even if it makes us look “unreasonable”. Even some of the die-hard “unlimited free speech” advocates here should understand that people with power and influence, such as politicians, should be held to closer scrutiny than private citizens.

    Also, it was interesting to see how much of his comments the South West region’s BBC news broadcast failed to report on. They made him sound a lot less unreasonable (crazy?) than he actually is. On the other hand, they also had an interview with pupils at one of the schools McKellen visited, who basically said that Windows was talking out of his ass. Still would have preferred to hear the BBC report fully on Windows’s comments, though.

  18. Bob in Bristol I wouldn’t waste my breath, the old queens on here are still stuck with a 1950’s mentality themselves towards the Tory party, no matter what the Conservatives do to prove they’ve changed with the times you’ll have the die hard gays frothing at the mouth complaining the Conservatives haven’t done enough for “us”.

  19. jonnielondon 19 Nov 2010, 12:00am

    Parents often argue that schools are not the place to talk about gay issues, yet this is exactly the place where it needs to start. Just as we teach our kids about racism and sexism, so do we need to teach about homophobia/heterosexism in the schools. Far too many parents abdicate their responsibility to do so at home, or are just plain homophobic themselves. Good for you Mr. McKellen. Don’t let a tory bigot sway you from doing otherwise!

  20. heh. being called homophobic when being homophoc is ‘abuse’

    interesting place, this guys mind must be.

  21. Chrs Masterson 19 Nov 2010, 1:45am

    The person who made the comment is not the best judge of whether or not his response was based on homophobia. Hell … a murderer doesn’t think he’s a murderer if he feels his act was justified.

    Homophobes do not fear homosexuals … they fear “knowledge.”

  22. “I’m not homophobic, I never have been. I just don’t like undue pressure put onto young people, particularly when it’s a famous character. I do believe we should be able to express our views without receiving abuse.”

    OK – I think you’re an absolute bigoted c*nt.

  23. No 20 Leo: you say: “no matter what the Conservatives do to prove they’ve changed with the times”

    Have they sacked the bigot yet?

    If they don’t then surely you admit that the Tories have NOT changed with the times, if they allow a geriatric, grave-dodger like like Chris Windows to question the appropriateness of gay people giving education speeches in school.

    Chris Windows belongs in the BNP.

    If they Tories do not sack him then they are endorsing his BNP sympathies.

  24. Oooh David, looks like they’ve suspended him. Now what were you saying about the Tories not changing dearie?

  25. I always marvel at these men and women who say they are concerned/disturbed for ‘our children’ as if a proportion of ‘our children’ are never going to be bi or gay? Where do they assume all those many ‘our children’ of the past went to who turned out to be gay and lesbian or does he assume that one ‘turns gay’ as soon as they become an adult (i.e. the ludicrous label ‘lifestyle choice’)?

    I just don’t get who all these ranks of ‘our children’ are meant to be unless they don’t in some way also include gay/bi kids.

  26. I can understand his concern.

    Homosexuals don’t want equal rights, they want ‘special’ rights.

    Remember folks, disagreeing with someone’s lifestyle choice is not discrimination, it’s just disagreement.

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