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Portia won’t be interviewed by male journalists

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  1. Louie Mince 18 Nov 2010, 9:04pm

    That’s progress for you. The velvet mafia acting in the same idiotic bigoted fashion as the straights.

  2. I wouldn’t want to be interviewed by David Koch either, he is a wanker! Melissa Doyle is so much more professional and good to look at!

  3. What a stupid, sexist bigot Portia DeGeneres is.

    Can you imagine if a male interviewer insisted that he only wanted to speak to male interviewers. There would be an immediate condemnation of his bigotry and sexism.

    I guess Portia thinks that double standards apply to her. What a discriminatory moron she is.

  4. I could understand if she doesn’t want to be interviewed by specific male journos with a track record of homophobia. I’d personally avoid any interview with the reactionary blowhards of Fox News as “fair and balanced” doesn’t come into it other than their deliberately misleading strapline. They talk straight over you and give you 30 seconds airtime unless you toe the Faux News party line.
    But to instigate a blanket ban on all male journalists is just giving the Glen Becks and Bill O’Reillys of the world all the ammo they need to imply to their viewers “see… she’s deliberately sexist, but when I do a homophobic piece these same bleeding heart liberals are the first to complain”!
    Best not to decend to their level, as you don’t do yourself or the cause any favours.

  5. Pathetic.

  6. Very unimpressive. Bad enough that she feels it necessary to change her name (what is she, the Wee Wifie?), but this sort of blinkered partisanship isn’t going to help anyone.

  7. there’s obviously something wrong with ellen. I have always thought that, this episode is only another example that she is as bad as omophobes. N.1 she is a walking stereotype of lesbians, manly, and always dressing up as a male-woman. She wants to be the male one in her relationship with portia, she wears the tie, and portia had to change her name. Now she said that male journalists aren’t good enough for her. Dear ellen you suffer from a very obvious inferiority complex towards men. it is written on your forehead. But discriminating all men means you are also discriminating those men who are not homophobes, and even worse, you are discriminating gay men. I hope everyone will start to treat you with the very same kind of mediocre contempt you always show to half the rest of humans. If you don’t have a penis and you are depressed for that, don’t blame it on other people. Be a real man and have a sex change op.

  8. @c.j. – The article is about Portia, not Ellen, and while I don’t agree with Portia’s choice to refuse interviews with men, what the hell is with your little rant?

    How do you know it wasn’t Portia who wanted to change her name? I almost changed my last name to my wife’s before we decided to go for the double-barrel (and FYI, neither of us could be described as the “man” of the relationship). For that matter, why do you assume that because Ellen has short hair (a still-feminine short hairstyle, by the way)and prefers less girly clothes that she wants to be a man? Do you think the same applies for any “butch” lesbian? Do you also think any drag queen really just wants to be a woman?

  9. well weetzie, i thought you were a lesbian and a butch one, it was clear since you defended that kind of man-hating behaviour. I don’t think portia decided by herself to avoid male journalists, i think it was ellen was pushing. Why are always the lesbians who tend to look like men who hate men the most? Isn’t that just silly? If you don’t like men (talk about it to a professioanl) and don’t act like one. did you see ellen lately? A bit butch? Only a bit? a dark jacket with a tie?? oh come on. please, you made the example of drag queens. There isn’t a single drag who would be so stupid to say: I don’t want to be interviewed by women. Admit at least that there is something wrong here. If I hated men… at least i would have the courage to say it. It is called envy of the penis. have a look at it on the internet or talk about it with a doctor.

  10. From an article I read elsewhere, it was stated that to speak to a woman was Portia’s preference, not that she wouldn’t speak to a man.
    She is under no obligation to speak to anyone she doesn’t want to.
    Also, the book, is about issues more relevant to women. Women have far more body issue problems so maybe she thought it would be more comfortable to talk to a woman and she’d get less stupid questions.

  11. So from this we have:

    1) Portia and Ellen are both man hating
    2) Ellen has penis envy and wants to be a man
    3) Portia is submissive
    4) They’re both bigots

    Seriously? Get over yourselves.

  12. Holly Grainger 19 Nov 2010, 1:58pm

    Wait a minute, read the article again. Portia has not said that she will not be interviewed by men. People (fox) have said she apparently won’t be interviewed by men. Just because she won’t be interviewed by them.

  13. I see men are still as insecure as ever.

  14. Your message is full of hate towards Ellen C.J. This article is about Portia!

    I hope to never see another homophobic message on here, making fun of people for being butch or feminine. So superficial. Judge someone based on their morals/ actions rather than how YOU perceive their gender identity.

    Ellen seems lovely!

  15. It’s just a pathetic attempt by a second rate starlet to generate news. Stop giving it air time

  16. well thank goodness I don’t need to hate anybody (or avoid anyone) to feel better. If I told someone that I didn’t want to be interviewed by women or lesbians… I would rush to a psychiatrist. Seriously… some homosexuals (both male and female) should seriously take a look at themselves and understand the meaning of reverse racism, or heterophobia? or manphobia? We are always comlaining about discrimination, well I don’t want to discriminate anyone, even straights. And I would never send the rest of my life hating women (or men i I were a lesbian) just because I am upset with the rest of the planet. If you are so sad, miserable and bipolar just go and see a doctor.

  17. No 13: QV: “I see men are still as insecure as ever.”

    Not really. Portia de Rossi is simply being calle4d out on her sexist hypocrisy and discrimination. The article states that Portia refuses to be interviewed by male jouralists.

    That’s her prerogative of course. But it utterly delegitimises her criticism of Julia Gillard. If Portia Degeneres feels free to be a discriminatory bigot then she needs to be called out on it. And it delegitimises her criticism of Gillard.

    Again I would like to point out that if a male celebrity tried to impose restrictions on doing interviews with female journalists then he would be instantly crufified.

    Why the double standard with Portia.

    Is she really so insecure and sexist?

    Probably. After all she decided to surrender her own name after her marriage. That doesn’t strike me as the action of a very stable, or secure person.

  18. “Probably. After all she decided to surrender her own name after her marriage. That doesn’t strike me as the action of a very stable, or secure person.”

    Is that a professional opinion? It’s a bloody name for goodness sake and if someone wishes to give it up then where’s the issue? It doesn’t reflect on mental/emotional stbaility – perhaps she just liked Ellen’s name better, or perhaps she felt she wanted to be more traditional.

    Good grief.

  19. c.j – Because I say that someone is “a bit” butch automatically means I’m a man-hating bulldyke? Please. First, I get along with men just as well as women. Second, just wearing a suit doesn’t make you wish you were a man. It’s called not preferring dresses. And before you respond with “of course you would say that, you’re just the same,” I’m sitting here in a dress and I have a closet full of skirts and corsets.

    Also, you’ll notice I started out saying I didn’t approve of her choice.

  20. “Is that a professional opinion? It’s a bloody name for goodness sake and if someone wishes to give it up then where’s the issue?”

    No it’s a personal opinion. And I have no issue if Portia Degeneres wishes to give up her personal and professional name for that of her her more successful wife. But I also think it is quite sad and silly.

    And I hope we’re all agree that Portia Degeneres is a sexist moron who approves of discrimination for her pathetic and moronic insistence that only female journalists be allowed to interview her.

    Unless we agree with sexist double standards of course?

  21. Stuart Grout 19 Nov 2010, 6:16pm

    Looking at the numerous interview clips on Youtube it’s clear that she gives interviews to both men and women. The most recent clip was for the same promotional tour a couple of days ago.

    The reaction here shows just how eager some idiots are to jump on the bandwagon that Fox set rolling.

  22. I just don’t understand… i have always been nice to women and lesbians in particular, I have always helped them and supported them with all my strengh. Now I have to read that they don’t want to be interviewed by men, and not just straight men, but all men, including gays. Why? We don’t rape women, we don’t discriminate them or show intolerance. And I even have to read that “I see men are still as insecure as ever”. This world is so full of hate.

  23. Joseph Carmel Chetcuti 19 Nov 2010, 7:17pm

    If this is the case, the only thing she is doing is reinforcing the stereotype that lesbians are men-haters. This being the case, Portia could hardly set herself up as a good model for lesbians. But then when you speak of stereotypes, Ellen and Portia seem to have it all. In their wedding photo, we see Ellen dressed as a male and Portia in a bridal gown. Speak of gay liberation. More like mimicking straights. Anyhow alright!

  24. Wow. People need to get laid more often. And I mean in here.

  25. C.J., I don’t really understand your problem with Ellen and Portia’s relationship. So Ellen likes to wear suits and cut her hair short and Portia likes dresses. Isn’t it their right to choose what to wear? And Ellen likes more feminine women. Is that preference a problem? Maybe a relationship with one being more masculine and the other more feminine works for them. Straight women can be more ‘girly’ or ‘tomboyish’, and have a preference for men who are more ‘macho’ or ‘sensitive’ or ‘metrosexual’ types; why shouldn’t lesbians? It seems like you are saying there is something wrong with Ellen liking to appear masculine, but then are you saying she should have to dress ‘like a woman’ otherwise she must want to be a man? Surely the right to be who we are, dress as we like, and love whoever we choose is kind of what the gay movement is all about? And on the subject of equality, why do we have to declare suits and short hair as ‘manly’ anyway?

  26. I won’t name-call and claim this CJ person is disturbed but I will say his comments are disturbing. Why he insists on taking one report about one woman and generalising from that that all lesbians now refuse to talk to male journalists whom he assures us are not rapists … the rant is just too bizarre. And entirely offbase.

    Portia’s book is about issues that touch on female body issues and , it is intimated, abuse. It has been suggested that it is neither her lesbianism nor any sexism to say she prefers a woman journalist but rather a PR move to highlight the sensitivity of these issues. I think the move has backfired, personally. But my distaste for it does not go so far as to approve the kind of abuse being heaped on her.

  27. I think that the attacks on Portia De Rossi are totally over the top. For a start, she didn’t refuse to give an interview to Hamish and Andy. She said that she would prefer to be interviewed by a woman because of the issues raised in the book. They didn’t object or throw a tantrum like David Koch. I wish people would report that part of the article and not cut it short, as if they’d been snubbed and were outraged about it.

    Some of the comments are disappointing. If she wants to change her name to her wife’s so what? It’s a personal choice and not a sign of insecurity or weakness. Stop putting people into boxes and bitching when it’s not something you like or agree with. I’m sick of being put into boxes because they don’t agree with my life and how I live it. Get over yourselves.

  28. PumpkinPie 20 Nov 2010, 3:41am

    The reaction here shows just how eager some idiots are to jump on the bandwagon that Fox set rolling.

    Agreed. Glad to see a few people here realise that this is just a bunch of exaggerated rumours and smearing.

  29. Reading this forum is depressing. Hate is hate – whatever type of ‘phobic’ it’s affiliation. When you post angry, ranting, hate-filled comments on here about other people’s hatredsand prejudice can you honestly claim to be any better than those your criticise?

  30. yeash sure… whatever… i wonder what would happen if I said:

    “I don’t want to be interviewed by black people”.

    Some of you are just blind or very stupid, and I don’t believe anyone is THAT stupid so I would instead call it hypocrisy.

    If I said” I don’t want to be interviewed by black people” there would be a catastrophy, if a lesbian says “I don’t want to be interviewed by men” …no problem. It’s unbelievable the level of hypocrisy. Liars are just shameless. That’s all I had to say but noooo let’s make it a huge polemic. Just learn to accept other’s opinions. Portia has the right to say she doesn’t want to be interviewed by men? Well I have the right to say she is a stupid woman. You don’t accept my oinion? And I don’t accept hers. This is very simple logic. 2+2=4. Some lesbians think it’s 35. No, it’s 4. Some gays think it’s 13. No, it’s still 4. And you know what? The day lesbians and gays will demonstrate to be truly smart, tolerant and intelligent, maybe that will be the day straights will accept us. You do with what I said whatever you want. End-

  31. What’s Portia actually said? To me this smacks of exaggeration and trying to make a story out of very little. Portia’s spoken to men in the past, hasn’t she? So I’m inclined to think this is just sh*t-stirring by a few people.

  32. well iris, you can read the article from the daily telegraph:

    “But Mrs Ellen DeGeneres has one requirement: no male interviewers. DeGeneres refused to speak to Fox FM scallywags Hamish Blake and Andy Lee on their drive show yesterday, with Fifi Box called in for the recorded interview”.

    here’s the link:

    have fun reading.

  33. “@c.j. – The article is about Portia, not Ellen, and while I don’t agree with Portia’s choice to refuse interviews with men, what the hell is with your little rant?

    How do you know it wasn’t Portia who wanted to change her name? I almost changed my last name to my wife’s before we decided to go for the double-barrel (and FYI, neither of us could be described as the “man” of the relationship). For that matter, why do you assume that because Ellen has short hair (a still-feminine short hairstyle, by the way)and prefers less girly clothes that she wants to be a man? Do you think the same applies for any “butch” lesbian? Do you also think any drag queen really just wants to be a woman?”
    THIS. Thanks for writing what I would have written.

    Portia has done interviews with men before, and I’m sure she will again. The fact that she PREFERS to be interviewed by a woman for this particular book which she has said focuses on women doesn’t mean very much. Even if you do think it is not entirely fair it still is not some sexist lifelong policy she has about all her stuff she does interviews on.

    Oh, and she didn’t give up her professional name and you can barely say she gave up her personal name either. She still goes by De Rossi professionally, and she says the reason she changed her professional/personal name to De Rossi originally was “largely due to my struggle about being gay. Everything just didn’t fit, and I was trying to find things I could identify myself with, and it started with my name” along with wanting to sound glamorous. So you see, for her specifically, the obvious full-circle to her journey of non-closeted self-acceptance is taking the name of her wife, as dated as it kinda is. I would have thought the name of her wife would mean much more than one she made up, especially since she invented her american accent too. It is linked to something real at least.

  34. again… it still makes no sense. If I said: “I PREFER (like you put it… but that’s not Prefer: NO MEN she said)I PREFER to be interviewed by white people only, the entire planet would be outraged. And I would be considered a … have a guess? racist…!

    If somebody said: “But why white people only… isn’t it a bit discriminating? I could always reply… ” Oh but I am talking about “white stuff” or things withe only, so you dark folks aren’t really involved so… no offence but I want to be interviewed by white people only.

    So again… the level of hypocrisy of “some ” people is embarassing waaaaay beyon reason. I only say: If somebody said: “I do not want to be interviewed by a woman becose I am talking about things mannish or male issues, I would be sexist. That’s it. We could go over and over and over… As you like it.

  35. You all are making a big deal over nothing. My reaction to the story is “so what”?

  36. c.j, thanks for the link. Hmm. Sounds weird to me, but until I read what Portia actually said and what reasons she gave, then I’m not judging. Yep, on the surface it seems weird, but maybe there are reasons we don’t know. I still think there’s something funny about this story and I don’t think we’ve heard all of it yet.

  37. Perhaps she wants to support the careers of women journalists, knowing that they are less likely to earn as much and progress as easily as men. Which would be cool. Or, as others have said above, maybe the whole story is bollocks made up by the media.

  38. Analogy fail: straight white males aren’t black people, they aren’t any other minority either, they’re full of privilege and unaware of it, have you all gone mad? Bringing up the ‘double standard’ crap will get us ‘reverse sexism’, and from there it’s not far to whining about WHO WILL CARE ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF STRAIGHT PEOPLE??! Look at yourselves.

  39. 2Mara

    It is so obvious that you dislike what you call “straight white males”… and that is discrimination.
    I am not straight, I’m gay, but i do not discriminate anyone. Not ALL straight white males are “full of privileges” as you say. You ARE bringing up double standards. I do not care of the rights of straight people, as you write… I care that NOBODY gets discriminated against. N O B O D Y includes what you called straight white males. And maybe you don’t like this fact, but there are millions of straight womenwho are mothers, wifes, daughters and sisters of straight white males, and I don’t think they agree with you that we should start to discriminate them just to feel better. If you need to discriminate somebody to feel better with your life than you seriously need a help from a professional.

  40. @c.j. Don’t you think you’re being a bit intrusive in Ellen’s personal business? If she feels comfortable being what happens to be the stereotype, then hell, why not? And to say that she should have a sex change is just rude. Not only is it insulting to an individuals right to decide their own sexual/gender identity, it’s insulting to trans people who may never feel comfortable having reconstructive surgery on their genitals.

  41. there is something called fredoom of speach

    not everybody appreciate it… but i do.

    You were talking about being rude, well aren’t you rude when you tell me (and you have the right to do so) that I don’t have the right to express my opinion? My opinion is that Ellen is a stupid woman, and I have explained why I think so. If you wish to go all over it again then it clearly means you are not an intelligent person, you ignore 50 comments, and you hide behind the lame excuse of feeling offended. As a man I am offended by an angry lesbian who hates men and says stupid things like “I don’t want to be interviewed by men”. If you can defend transexuals (and you have the rightto do so) why can’t I defend men?? I was talking about hypocrisy (ever heard?) have fun

  42. c.j. if she’s an ‘angry lesbian who hates men’, you’re a ‘drama queen’. Freedom of speech here, too.

    Portia’s been interviewed by several men since she’s with Ellen and of course she’s worked with a few males as well. She just preferred a woman on this particular occasion. Enough with your male ‘hysteria’ already ;)

  43. rather be a drama queen about the TRUTH than be a pissed off bipolar angry dyke who spends her (his) life in denial and being in hate all the time. Why are the butch always so insecure? Can’t find where the truck was parked?

    thanks goodness for real freedom of speech. ;) ;) ;)

  44. Other things you certainly are, c.j., is a hypocrite and a liar, claiming you don’t discriminate but bashing women who are more masculine than you are comfortable with.

    You also keep making up quotes like “I don’t want to be interviewed by men” when she in fact did talk to Frank DeCaro about the book, as well as a few other male interviewers. She just said she would prefer to talk with women about her book about anorexia in these cases.

    Reading about Koch, he is a very questionable journalist, so I can’t blame her there, and Hamish and Andy were happy to get a woman in to talk to her.

  45. so explain to me why is it normal for a woman to be a lesbian (I understand and accept that) who doesn’t like men (now that is the hypocrisy you were talking about) and then ends up behaving like one. I am waitning for a reply using logic.

    “Men are so insecure and so bad and so nasty I am going to just look like one”

    You make me laugh, :) :) :)


  46. There is no evidence that either of the women you are talking about dislike men, just that they felt it was more sensible to do interviews about anorexia with women in a couple of cases, and liking snazzy suits and short hair is not the same thing as liking cock.

    You require psychology of others but reference Freud’s idiotic fancies? LOL.

  47. You are right… Freuds was a “straight male” (so a very bad individual…), well let’s see what a lesbian (professor, author, teacher, and social critic) had to say:

    have fun reading, and don’t skip the “are just immature” part. ;) :) :) :) :)

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