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Australian MPs to canvass voters on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Julia Gillard is a truly vile person. She is a self-declared atheist so there is no excuse on earth why she should oppose equality. She chooses to oppose equality for fear of upsetting the christianist extremists in her country. truly a contemptible opportunist.

    As for Portia Degeneres – well I’m sort of surprised she thinks anyone will take her opinion seriously. On her publicity tour she has insisted that only female journalists are allowed to interview her. Someone who supports this type of sexist discrimination should not be taken seriously on any issue.

  2. And what exactly is StonewallUK doing as well as Miliband and Clegg? Empty words to get votes I’ve no doubt, and no action thereafter. Forget about Cameron, he’s nowhere on the radar.

  3. I just hope that the results of the survey that apparently found that 62% of Aussies are in favour of extending marriage to gays and lesbians weren’t massaged because bona fide “canvassing” should now show what Aussies truly think on the subject.

  4. Well there is 1 Greens MP in the lower house in Australia just like the UK. If we can get this far in Australia with just 1 MP against the 2 major parties who don’t officially support SS marriage then surely something should be happenning in the UK with 1 half of the coalition in favour of marriage equality and with a significant number of other MPs already saying they are in favour of it….

    Just look at the news items in Australia and compare them with the UK.. where’s the publicity over there in the mainstream media, where are the MPs pushing and speaking out for it, where are the parliamentary questions and private bills….What’s happenning over there….

    One of the significant arguements for SS marriage here is that it has been introduuced in Canada etc, we need the UK to do more with their fights for SS marriage!!!!. It helps us!!!!

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