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Rugby League begins gay equality campaign in parliament

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Reader comments

  1. Sam Harris 18 Nov 2010, 8:06am

    Bit by bit – Justice and openness will defeat hatred, paranoia and hysteria. The tools of the right wing churches.

    If only we ccould use the Popes head to play that afghan game – on horseback where the ymaddly chase each other for control of a headless animal.

    I’m sure those people would love it- especially once they are rminded that from 900 to 1500 the catholic church and cath european kingsran 13 or 14 curseds against the MUlsim people. 40 million died, barely a generation was spared from seeing men with a cross in one hand and a sword in the other slicing their town to ribbons.

    POlitics can make strnage bedfellows. Catch tath head before it gets bashed on the ground too soon – we hav beeter tricks at the end of the gaem.