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Interview: Shadow equality minister Fiona Mactaggart

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Reader comments

  1. She said plenty on L&G issues but nothing on B&T issues. I find that disappointing, she has had a chance to show support for everyone in the LGBT and blew it.

  2. Also saying this “When they saw Tory canvassers on the doorstep saying that I was a lesbian” without providing supporting evidence feels wrong to me as a Labour supporter.

    Lets not repeat the mistakes of Oldham

  3. What feels wrong to me is that she thought the worst thing about it was the implication she might be closeted (“lying”). As opposed to, you know, the implication that being a lesbian is a bad thing. Or the fact that some lesbians are forced into the closet.

  4. Pretty disappointing interview , I wasn’t very convinced that the labour party wil make marriage equality part of their party policy nor had any clue that this is actually a real issue in the gay community… I suspect we will never hear much from Labour on this issue until prior to the next general election when they again try to trash the opposition and say they will bring in marriage equality.

    Can’t believe she had no clue on why her party’s LGBT polling didn’t improve during the election, if it was only to do with the economy then we wouldn’t be looking at a lib dem/tory coalition govt and we wouldn’t have had our first greens MP, we would have had a majority tory govt…

    Very poor LGBT research work, get a few tips from Ed’s adviser. He was able to tick all the boxes when he made his interview prior to his leadership battle…

  5. disgruntled voter 18 Nov 2010, 3:51am

    Fiona Mactaggart knows a thing or two about coming out as one of the riches people on the Labour benches.

    She is a multi millionaire who expects us to pay for all her bills via expenses. It must be nice to have the life of privilege she lives, having had the best private education and the security of her inherited family money.

    Please don’t give us all the I’m down with the people crap. Mactaggart would not know what the true reality for all of us is. Lets just hope she does not make up fake statistics on us like she did about trafficked prostitutes.

    Miss Mactaggart non of us have been trafficked and forced to be who we are!

  6. My God. It’s 2010 and Labour are still talking about LGBT issues as if they are ashamed to be talking about them.

    “I don’t know… I just think we have to talk about it, listen, find out.”

    Fence sitting on rights issues??? Very bad form Labour.

  7. Message to Mactaggart and Miliband.

    Get your LGBT stratagy sorted immediately. This interview with Mactaggart sounds like she was disengaged from LGBT issues; uninterested in LGBT equality concerns and generally just out of step.

    carry on like this and you won’t regain the LGBT vote.

    We’ve already abandoned Stonewall for their treachery. We will do the same to the Labour Party unless you start supporting full and immediate equality.

  8. Perhaps Fiona Mactaggart is not aware of her party leader’s position on gay marriage. In August Ed Miliband told Pink News “I want to see heterosexual and same-sex partnerships put on an equal basis and a Labour Party that I lead will campaign to make gay marriage happen.”

    However in an email to Ed Miliband on September 30th I asked Ed when the Campaign will begin:-

    Many thanks for your reply, and also for writing the piece in Pink News last month, where you said “a Labour Party that I lead will campaign to make gay marriage happen.” Please could I ask when the campaign will begin, as I wasn’t aware of anything about marriage equality in your speeches at the Conference which ended today. Thanks again.

    But I have yet to hear back, despite chasing up on the issue.

  9. “Faith organisations should not be forced to hold ceremonies for gay couples, she says.”While I think the state could properly legislate for civil marriage for gay people, and I have no reservations about that, I think requiring religious organisations to offer religious marriage to gay people might interfere with their rights.”

    Has any gay group ever demanded that religious organisations should be forced to hold ceremonies for same sex couples? I don’t think so.

  10. ..sounds pretty indifferent & incompetent to me…..why did they give her job?

  11. Disappointing. She doesn’t seem to understand the issue of marriage equality at all. She seems to think that it needs ‘explaining more’. Why? If it’s just fine to have a ‘separate but equal’ system for gay people then why not introduce a special non-marriage for black people? In fact, why not insist they have CPs too not marriage? No? Making you cringe? Yes, well there’s the problem….

    We’re all equal and we should ALL have access to the civil contract of marriage no matter what our race, gender or sexuality. Now what needs ‘explaining’ about that?

  12. Dave, No. 8….all of us have to keep holding their feet to the fire on this one, including StonewallUK which so far has nothing on its website to indicate any move.

    Iris, I fully agree with you. She should be asked what she would do if she were banned from marrying based on her MS diagnosis.

  13. Mihangel apYrs 18 Nov 2010, 9:58pm

    John Betchman must have been thinking of her (come friendly bombs….)

  14. “I’ve always supported gay rights. I haven’t led on it. Why? Because I don’t know anything special. ……. I’m just part of the ‘poor bloody infantry’. And that’s fine, it’s a fine place to be if you’re working in solidarity with colleagues who know more, for whom it’s their number one issue.”

    I suggest that you start being a bit pro active or go back to being a junior minister or a backbencher. What exactly do you think you’re there for, a social chit chat!

    And who exactly are you referring to when you say solidarity with collegues who know more for whom it is their number one issue – could this be Stonewall or Ben Summerskill – what on earth are you talking about woman! You’re the shadow minister of equality, aren’t you?

    Any comments on May’s proposal of scrapping you’re party’s ridiuclous equality duty or perhpas that’s possibly a little too taxing a question for you!

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