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Wanted: A staff writer for

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Reader comments

  1. Pink News brings home the plight of gay people around the world. We need you Pink News. It would be better still if you could put us in touch with groups working to put an end to the killing of gay people everywhere (eg Uganda).

  2. Louie Mince 16 Nov 2010, 3:38pm

    A writer needed for Pink News? Being able to string a sentence together not required, it never was before now on Pink News. Elton is guest-editing the Independent, might be a handy little number for him.

  3. Oh dear, Louie. Work for the opposition do you? Or did you learn the wrong way to separate sentences, with commas, all on your own?

  4. Louie mince? Definitely a troll. Or a bitter former applicant who didn’t make the grade. No wonder if he can’t use commas correctly or string together a decent sentence.

  5. Oh, and applicants should be prepared to get out of bed early so that the day’s new stories are online from 8am, not midday when most people have already done their day’s surfing!

  6. Ooh Louie, that’s a bit harsh. My only quibble is that there is too much dependence on recycled news and reprinting of PR puff pieces with very little investigative journalism (remember that?) to back it all up. Which is why the recent Stonewall scandal was such a breath of fresh air – a genuine scoop in the old-fashioned sense of the word. More scoops and less of the recycled puff pieces, please. Go Pink!!

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