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Thirteen gay activists arrested after White House DADT protest

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Reader comments

  1. Just more childish publicity stunts from GetEQUAL. This latest stunt won’t change any Senators mind or create any public support for our equality. This childish idea that we can “embarrass, humiliate or irritate people into submission” is delusional. Protest and civil disobedience are for problems the pubic ISN’T aware of. 98% of America knows about our struggle. If we keep up this childish behavior we will lose more support.
    This small band of paid activists is really just trying to get attention so they can raise money. They have salaries of $90,000 per year and have already wasted $700,000. For most of these “actions” they fly people in from other cities. They have never attracted more than 4 or 5 participants for their 11 stunts.
    This latest stunt was ignored by the mainstream media and most of the LGBT media. People have figured out these childish stunts don’t help our community and only enrich a few self-described “activists.”

  2. These courageous advocates are fantastic! Thank you.

  3. Faketivism 17 Nov 2010, 3:13am

    GetEqual is faketivism. these ignorant fools are just being paid to get attention so they can raise money. They all earn about $80,000 a year and they are making the LGBT community look like stupid morons. I wish they would go away.

  4. Good on them for continuing to bring visability to the mean spirtedness of the Don’t Ask Dom’t Tell and the failure of elected officials including Obamam in addressing this unjust discrimination.

    It takes a lot of guts to stand up for rights and get arrested but I guess if you have defended your country in war then you are tough.

  5. I think GetEqual is a genuine grass roots campaign that has had enough of the established gay rights organisations such as HRC, which is rather like our very own sell-out Stonewall.

  6. Troll alert…AndrewW & Faketivism are probably the same poster.

    On the other hand, MGM is homophobic when it comes to gay events reporting. You’re just learning this now? HAHA.

  7. > Thirteen gay activists arrested after White House DADT
    > protest
    > By Jessica Geen

    Why no lesbians then? If they’re too lily-livered to “pull a srunt” outside the Whitehouse then they are too lily-livered to serve in the military.

    Oh, wait, maybe its just Pink News being its usal misogynistic self, invisiblising lesbians totally?

    How do we shame the gay owner of Pink News into ending this invisiblising of everyone but gay men at every opportunity?

    > Those arrested included nine veterans and a Catholic priest.
    > Five of the protesters, including Lt Choi, were arrested when
    > they pulled the same stunt in March.

    Stunt? STUNT?!!!!! Hey Pink News, that’s what the Daily Mail/Filth of Fleet Street said the Suffragettes were doing when they campaigned for the vote; “pulling stunts”. I hope you are proud of following such filthy precedents.

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