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Poll finds gay people are coming out at a younger age

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  1. erm… surely the methodology of this survey is a little bit flawed? Obviously under-18s won’t have an average coming-out age of anything higher than 17! How can they be so sure that there aren’t still hordes of not-out teenagers and people in their twenties to balance out those who have come out, and thereby skew the true averages much higher?

    I don’t doubt that people are coming out earlier, given that society is now much more tolerant and gay people much more visible. But I’m not sure this kind of survey can tell us anything meaningful.

  2. This “study” is pathetically flawed and Pink News owes its readers a better analysis. As has been pointed out, they only asked people who were already out. They aren’t counting the 20-year-olds today who won’t come out until they are 40. They are also only counting people who are alive. I’m 55. I came out at 22. Most of the other men who came out around that time are dead. I don’t think they tried to count them. They got the data from “social networking sites” and of course no one ever lies on those. This is the same Stonewall who said that marriage equality (actually CP equality) would cost £50 billion. They have an agenda. They can’t be trusted. As the article states: “Stonewall is suggesting that people write to their MPs to ask if schools in their area are using the organisation’s resources to tackle homophobic bullying.” This is self-advertising and promotion. As usual, they are trying to set the agenda for GLB (no-T for Stonewall) progress in the UK.

  3. Well, Stonewall has done it again.

    That “study” is so unbelievably flawed that it just about made my head explode.

    I’m so glad that others noticed.

    It’s troubling that such horribly flawed studies get widely published in “respectable” journals and respected blogs without seeming to notice how problematic the methodology of the “study” is. It basically makes the report absolutely useless and un-newsworthy, aside from the fact that there might be a story in the fact that Stonewall produced such a horribly flawed “study”.

  4. Stonewall should have asked out 15 year olds how old they were when they came out. If the average was 13 then Stonewall can release a “report” claiming that the average age to come out in 2010 is 13!

    Oh, but then they could do a “study” of out 12 year olds that would give an even younger result.

    Hell, why don’t they just find the youngest out gay person in the country and ask him/her when he/she came out and make THAT the average age that people come out in 2010!

    Embarrassingly bad methodology.

  5. Agreed, all above – it’s hard to know what this stuff actually reveals, though on the whole the age of coming out is probably falling. Who isn’t out and why is a more important question.
    I came out in 1976 at the age of 20 and my memory is that most others of my age on the scene at that time were not. However,a substantial minority of those I knew seemed to be out of the closet. There also seemed to be a substantial group of quite young guys (15-16 yrs old up, inspite of the law) who were very sexually and socially active, but their degree of ‘outness’ or otherwise wasn’t obvious. Needless to say, the world was very different then. I hope the ‘outness’ profile of a typical selection of young l&g people today is markedly bigger.

  6. Well as Mark Twain put it “There are lies, damned lies and statistics”.
    That said I wouldn’t be surprised if people are coming out earlier, as gayness is generally much more visible and accepted than it used to be.

  7. chris in new england 16 Nov 2010, 7:02pm

    Why didn’t they just google ‘I came out when I was x years old’ and see which age gets the most hits? The results would be about as valid.

  8. Worst poll. Ever.

  9. After the David Laws fiasco I thought the average age for children to come out was in their late 40s… According to Mathew Parris at that time there was a terrible dread that a frail old granny may drop dead from the terrible news..

    When exactly is Stonewall going to do some surveys and research on gay marriage … I’m slightly bored with these pointless surveys and I ‘m equally bored with knowing who is the most popular gay popstar and soap star… and with tivial awards to who may be Stonewall’s best friend or worst enemy at this current time… Are Stonewall a serious org or what!

    When is marriage equality going to get media coverage, when is this org going to start issuing statements on this and start making a more dramatic impact on the news…

    For heaven’s sake anywhere else in the world where gay marriage is an issue then it gets on the TV and all the main newspapers. Is there somekind of block on the whole isse over there in the media , why aren’t Stoenwall shouting about it, why aren’t more mps getting on the gay marriage band wagon!

  10. I expect such subterfuge from Stonewall, but why is PinkNews doing such a pathetic job of reporting on this? They make no attempt to point out the flaws or investigate why Stonewall is doing this.

  11. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2010, 9:39am

    I think some of you are just arguing against Stonewall just for Stonewall sake!

    If you read what this poll properly you’ll see that it is aimed at students and at the schools/colleges they go to. It may seem flawed but it isn’t aimed at the average 40 something PinkNews reader.

    It is trying to get a message across to schools that as young people are identifying themselves as out gay, lesbian and bi younger, that all schools should make sure that they are able to do so positively and that without homophobic bullying.

    Surely this has to be a good positive thing and can’t understand why some bitter Old people find it such a problem. I know the Stonewall/equal marriage thing was bad but Stonewall do do other good things.

    Lets not let age and bitterness cloud some of the positives that Stonewall does. Stonewall are basically the only charity that is making a big publicity drive against homophobic bullying. That can only surely be a good thing?!

  12. a) it’s mentioned as a poll not an all encompassing scientific fact.
    b) any poll gives an insight provided its full context is known and considered together with the results

    it’s a bit like the gov. poll on households and identifying as gay.
    of interest but a bit distorted.

    interesting is that Stonewall didn’t poll on support for gay marriage until pressurised to do so.

  13. It has nothing to do with being bitter, old or anti-Stonewall. It has to do with credibility. This “poll” does not support their stated premise that people are coming out younger. They are not helping the cause of ending harassment of GLBT teens by passing out meaningless data. They just make themselves and the cause looks suspect.

  14. I think I started to get sick around puberty with fantasies about male adult consensual sex. But I am taking my medication now and I am getting much better. I realise how wrong I was about Ireland and deeply regret saying anything seen as anti Irish. But I am much better now and havent thought about big beefy guys in weeks. Its just I didn’t have insight . I just wouldn’t except I was sick, I kept on saying I am a gay , and it’s not bad. But I accept I have a disorder now , and every time i think of big juicy penises I take my anti crazy medication. I am so grateful i am better now , Ireland is an awesome place , but now Im cured of my serious mental disorder I can just enjoy it.
    Thanks guys for helping me get help, I just didn’t realise how sick I was. Now im loving life and when I start getting sick I take my medication , and I realise im disordered , but at least the cock cravings are gone. Ireland is even sweeter now , such a sweet fair land that I love.

  15. yep, sick as parrot

  16. Bunch of gay-idiots come out right here!

    P.S. I made my comming out at age of 8….

  17. victim to victor 19 Nov 2010, 4:35pm

    “victim” posting with my characteristic grammatical and spelling mistakes. Not very clever. Using explicitly anti Irish sentiments. I suppose you allege I suffer from multiple personality disorder. Not amused.

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