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Film chronicles Israel’s gay revolution

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Reader comments

  1. Yes, but look out for the ultra-orthodox. A couple of these creeps – members of the israeli Knesset, in early 2009 said “gays were worse then bird flu”.

    A call for the genocide of the same group that shared hitlers ovens with their close relatives in Germany

    thats what bible thumpers are all about. When in 2009, my wife went to Israel, I refused to go, saying something terrible would happen, and it wouldn’t be from the arabs.

    in Mid July, 2 weeks after she got back, an apparently ultra-orthodox jews went to the gay and lesbian community center in Tel Aviv, and killed 2 women, paralyed 2 for life, and wounded 8 others.

    I am, no kidding, still watching to see if I can make contact with a couple gay arabs I’ve met in the past. Hitler killed 55 million with his words. I’d just love to have these creeps names put up on Hamas web sites in Arabic, as the zionists who would throw all the palestinians into the sea.

    BTw, another ultra-ortho of the IDF Hareidim division (ultra-ortho) said – this is just the beginning, the next one will be worse. He was arested on hate speech laws, don’t know what happened.

    BTW, the pope went to Israel maybe it was early this year. To meet with the chief Rabbi – himslef an orthodox. Small wonder what the subject was.

    And that is the end of My being jewish, Looked sat UU, wonderful people / church but just didn’t resonate. Maybe the quakers. Or witchcraft – the church burned a million witches in the dark ages as a threat to the one and only church. Maybe voo-doo will work and the pin in his eye will become lead poisoning in his real head.

    Remember – the crazier he gets, the more they lose people. and all they are doing is circling the wagons. Keep up the attacks and facts until god wakes from his “god is dead” slumber,, and rids us of this aborton of a pope and a church.

    Why is the pope opposed to abortion – the smokescrren to hide the churches unending crimes.

    Why is the pope opposed to condoms to prevent AIDS – The net result will be more minds to corrupt, while disregarding all the people who will suffer a miserable death.

  2. An Cat Dubh 17 Nov 2010, 12:17pm

    Ugh, that Uchovsky… what a disgusting prick.
    Heh, could be funny if they contrasted it to what’s going on on the other side, where ‘Aswát’ (a lesbian rights organisation) has to be underground…

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