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Elton John to guest-edit The Independent

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Reader comments

  1. Elton JOhn is a truly repellant character.

    Yes he raises a lot of money for charity by encouraging others to donate money, for which he deserves recognition.

    But he certainly has issues surrounding his own behaviour.

    For example Reg Dwight opposes LGBT marriage equality (he supports CP Apartheid); he has absolutely no morals about where his money comes from (he willingly takes paycheques from vile, homophobic bigots like Rush Limbaugh, he had no problem whatsoever performing for a whites-only audience in Apartheid era South Africa; he had no problem with performing a duet with the sickening homophobe Eminem). And apparently he spends about £250,000 a year on flowers – or so he did some years ago anyway.

    I think the blood money he earned from the proceeds of homophobia (the $1,000,000 fee he earned as the wedding singer for Rush Limbaugh for example) is a lot more than the profits for 1 day’s work guest-editing a low circulation newspaper like the Independent.

    Why doesn’t Reg Dwight announce that the $1,000,000 he earned as the wedding singer for Rush Limbaugh is to be donated to Aids charities?

    How much money do these celebrity endorsements actually raise?

    They strike me as an easy, painless way for celebrities to show they are doing good, while at the same time, they don’t have to put their hands into their own deep pockets.

    Elton John’s latest scam reminds me of the time, some years ago when Saint Bono started lecturing the Irish government about how they should donate 1% of GDP to developing nations. At the same time he was moving the head offices of U2 Inc to the Netherlands, to save the band 17,000,000 Euros worth of tax. I don’t recall that 17,000,000 Euros being donated to developing nations. Why not? Well because it wasn’t.

    Or the time Rosie O’Donnell was fired from the Hurricane Katrina celebrity telethon for making the very reasonable (but very unwelcome) suggestion that any celebrity who wanted to participate on the telethon had to donate $100,000 of their own money, in order to be allowed to participate. This would have doubled the money actually raised. The suggestion went down like a lead balloon among the privileged celebs however.

  2. Louie Mince 16 Nov 2010, 3:41pm

    Elton as editor of a national newspaper? It would be just like his heyday in the recording studio. Late nights, pen and paper in hand, coked up to the eyeballs, berating the teaboy, rogering the teaboy, paying the teaboy off. Though he has David Furnish now so I’m guessing the only thing of the aforementioned he won’t be doing is the writing.

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