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Texas gay couple marry by Skype

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  1. MKuykendall 15 Nov 2010, 2:51pm

    For more information see

  2. Good on them!!! Surely this is simply a modern version of Marriage by Proxy. In the 1920s my aunt in Ireland had a Proxy marriage with my uncle who was on a civil-engineering job in Macau [China]. He couldn’t travel home for the wedding and she couldn’t, as a single woman, travel out without a chaperone.
    The necessary legal documents were assembled and the marriage was every bit as legal as it would be if all the main participants were in the same location. Oh! And their marriage lasted over 50 years until my uncle’s death!!! I hope Mark and Dante are as fortunate! GOOD LUCK to them!!!!

  3. Works for me. Why should GLBT couples have to go through all the expense and travel because some religious cretins want to deny them the right to marry the one they love?

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