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Gay vultures split up by zookeepers

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Reader comments

  1. Sierra Fox 15 Nov 2010, 2:58pm

    So is he claiming that vultures are capable of homophobia now? :S

  2. What amazes me is that he clearly claims to understand what the two vulture identified as happiness better than they do, and feels equipped to decide what will make them ‘happier’. I suspect the vultures’s IQs are several magnitudes higher than his! LOL!

  3. it’s disgusting queers everywhere these days including over our heads.

    – can i get off my knees now ;-) just so i can make babies

  4. He said: “They weren’t happy as a gay couple anyway – the other vultures picked on them and stole their nest materials.”

    So, in effect, the bullies get their way. What kind of message is that for the start of Anti-Bullying Week?

  5. Slow news day, Pink News?

  6. Oh please David, gay animals make awesome news !!

  7. Wow thank god they weren’t Jewish

  8. Whatever happened to romance?

  9. But where they gay no doubt they were also “Kulture Vultures” . . .

  10. I know it’s supposedly not the done thing to put animal behaviour in human terms, but it neatly mirrors the way some straight parents imagine that they can ‘convert’ gay sons and daughters via loveless straight relationships for the sake of spawning grandchildren.
    They may justify it to themselves by saying ‘well he won’t get picked on by the other vultures now he’s behaving like a healthy red blooded male’.
    I’m not so sure the vultures would see it that way. Give it a couple of years and we’ll have a vulture George Rekers on our hands…

  11. Question, how can you tell if a vulture is gay. Answer, he preens his feathers excessively.

  12. Have you lot gone mad? Get a grip! LOL!

  13. Mr Eddy – Nah, you can tell the gay vultures as they’re the ones co-ordinating the nest with the throwcushions made from leftover zebra hide ;)

  14. Two thumbs up Flapjack!!!

  15. westcoastkid 16 Nov 2010, 9:26pm

    Hey, Mr. Eddy and Flapjack… Dah! Everyone knows that only gay vultures squawk with a lisp and never eat female meat.

  16. “They weren’t happy as a gay couple anyway – the other vultures picked on them and stole their nest materials.”

    Just like with gay humans, right Herr Wewers?

    The Germans never learn.

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