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Gay Northampton couple attempt to marry

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Reader comments

  1. Good for you Matthew and Scott :-)

  2. Well said, Matthew and Scott. We WILL WIN enventually!

  3. Well done to those 2.

    Can someone tell me if Stonewall have done ANYTHING for marriage equality since they announced they supported it.

    Or was their declaration of support, simply a meaningless stunt to save their pathetic awards dinner?

    Has Ben Summerskill beem sacked from Stonewall yet?

    If not then why not?

    Do NOT donate money to Stonewall people. They have way too much work to do, to convince us, that they are not acting deliberatelly to oppose our equality.

  4. If enough heterosexual couples wishing to take a civil partnership,instead of a marriage,kick up enough of a fuss then this unequal situation will be resolved far quicker!Good luck to this couple,but you already have one huge obstacle to overcome,that being you’re in a minority!But I hope you are successful.

  5. David, so far nothing, Summerskill has done NOTHING! For him its not a pressing priority but its up to us to keep the pressure on him. Now is the time to act. We should all hold StonewallUK accountable and make sure they deliver.

  6. Surely you have to book a registry office in advance? You have to meet with the registrar beforehand, so WTF are these two playing at?

    There is no current legal statute for two men to marry, so it’s not “almost certain”, it’s totally and irrefutably a ‘No.’

    All stunts like this do is piss people off and waste everyone’s time, not to mention making many other gay people look stupid.
    if you want to change laws, follow the process instead of acting like a bunch of nancy boys throwing their toys out of the pram.

    1. WELL SAID SPANNER ! alltho personaly i dont think it shld EVER be allowed . same rights as hetero.s yes . marriage = NO !

  7. Andrew Godfrey 15 Nov 2010, 7:08pm

    @ Spanner: This is the process – you can’t launch a legal challenge for being refused marriage unless you’ve actually attempted to get married.

  8. Yes, you can bring any crazy religion or prostitution/child abuse racket/financial scam/illegal people trafficking/drug-running racket to this country and get married legally with all the perks and benefits but you CANNOT be a British-born, tax-paying, law-abiding ga or bi citizen in a LT same-sex partnership with a steady homelife and HOPE to get equality in your OWN land, of whose economy you contribute to daily, providing the means by which many straight foreigners with no affinity to the UK and often no real reason to be here can come in and get married willy nilly and then abuse the system.

    It is not only wholly ridiculous it is a complete betrayal of our own people to disallow them equality in the land of their birth.

  9. It’s weird , the straight couple (freeman and Doyle), manages to get on the mainstream papers and also gets a few news items on foreign news but gay couples trying to get married in the UK doesn’t seems to get any mainstream publicity – WHY???

    Here in Aus, marriage equality is getting huge publicity simply becuase one sole green MP is proposing a private bill on it – Again when are the lib dems going to do anything? The Greens over here are forcing lab and some liberal coalition memebers to have conscience votes , it’s getting a lot of publicity….

    Nothing seems to be happenning in the UK!!! No-one, apart from PN, is reporting the issue…

    Take a look at the Aussie papers….. there really needs to be more noise on the whole issue…

  10. @3, @5,
    David , the only campaigning Stonewall has done toward marriage equality so far would appear to be this one statement.

    “Our campaigning objectives

    Stonewall is pleased to be widening its campaigning objectives to include extending the legal form of marriage to gay people. Our policy position on this is as below:

    ‘We seek to secure marriage for gay people as a civil vehicle on the same basis as heterosexual marriage, available in a registry office but without a mandate on religious organisations to celebrate it. We seek to retain civil partnerships for lesbian and gay people recognising their special and unique status.’

  11. David Freeman 16 Nov 2010, 1:46pm


  12. Here’s a link to a short video of the guys about to apply to get married.

  13. I fail to see why Summerskill views civil partnership as a special and unique status. What is so special and unique about them I wonder, they’re not even recognised as legal marriages, less than a marriage in fact. So he views being separate and treated differently as special and unique? Truly amazing! Now’s the time to wake him up out of his deep slumber and get proactive with marriage equality.

  14. I just checked StonewallUK’s website. There is NOTHING listed in regard to marriage equality or any reference to it in its campaign agenda. I checked under Research and Policy, nowhere was there any reference to marriage equality. Not even a blurb to say it is in the campaign agenda.

  15. The Christian Legal Centre has reported on the Equal Love Campaign …it adding this at the end:

    “Peter Tatchell recently celebrated 40 years since the formation of the Gay Liberation Front, a radical anti-family movement. The group’s 1971 manifesto stated: “We must aim at the abolition of the family”. The document urged activists to target law, education and the media as part of a cultural revolution to demolish the family.

  16. NEVER allow it !!!!!!!!!! this is just another attempt to be “normal” & nothin to do with LOVE ! civil.s are bad enough . marriage is a DEFFO no !

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