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Illinois university official ‘fired’ for announcing lesbian wedding

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  1. This school, per the article, is in Springfield,Illinois. Chicago, Illinois is hundreds of kilometres away.

  2. The USA is so backwards! Thank goodness this would be illegal in the UK.

  3. Peter from Brisbane 12 Nov 2010, 7:38pm

    She was severed from her job with Missionary zeal and finished off with Popcorn Theology.

  4. These kind of articles always leave me in two minds. On the one hand we shouldn’t be sacked for reasons of sexuality or personal life.
    On the other it does smack of trying to join a club that wouldn’t have you as a member. Catholicism doesn’t exactly promote itself as an LGBT friendly religion.
    If I was aware that my employers were intstitutionally homophobic I’d be seeking alternative work simply because I wouldn’t want to associate with a bunch of reactionary zealots, let alone give them the satisfaction of constructive dismissal on grounds of sexuality.
    In an ideal world LGBT people would have the freedom to choose where to work, but equally in an ideal world you should have enough self respect to turn down homophobes.
    Are teaching jobs really that scarce?

  5. Stan Murphy 14 Nov 2010, 10:49am

    Just bend one arm of the cross near the end of it up, and the opposite end down.

    And think of where and when the pope grew up and you;ll have the correct symbol for the catholic church

  6. Stan Murphy 14 Nov 2010, 10:52am

    people should work for the church – more opportunities for lawsuits. That and help the catholic people understand the monstrosity called the vatican, and someday we can celebrate when the might crane, or the demolition speiclaists turn the vatican to rubble.

    though on the other hand, I’d prefer – thinking about it – a volcanic eruption under the vatican – hell on earth becomes real for those who really really deserve it

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