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Ricky Martin says he’ll get married when Puerto Rico allows it

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Reader comments

  1. So apply for a Puerto Rican marriage license and when you are turned down sue the government. We need high profile cases to push the equality agenda forward.

  2. ¡Felicidades, Ricky! ¡Que puedas casarte en Puerto Rico cuanto antes!
    Congrats, Ricky! Hope you can get married in Puerto Rico asap!

  3. Well, all I can say to Ricky is this. Good luck, you’ll be a very old man before Puerto Rico and the remaining 45 states in America legalise same-sex marriage if ever. If it were me, I’d go to Spain or Canada, why wait?

    Doesn’t it sound like a lot of what we gay Brits are saying though? Why can’t we get married in our own country? Are you listening PM Cameron? If you truly believe in full equality, then open up the door for us to marry.

  4. In the interview he actually said:
    “I can go to Spain. I have many friends in Spain. And get married. And make it very beautiful and symbolic. But… I *can* do it in the backyard of my house.I want to have that option. I don’t want to be a second class citizen anymore.”
    Meaning he can have a beautiful and symbolic wedding in his backyard but it would have as much legal bearing as if he had a Spanish marriage license, ie only symbolic.
    Don’t edit someone’s quotes when they’re being sarcastic or snide.

  5. Paul Mitchell 11 Nov 2010, 6:25pm

    Puerto Rico is not a country – in fact it is a US Territory and they could possibly in the near future become the 51st state!!!!

  6. Actually, Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth associated with the U.S. Its citizens are treated as American citizens. I doubt if it will become the 51st state. Its already had several referenda all of which were unsuccessful. Gaining statehood would compel Puerto Rico to pay taxes which it currently doesn’t.

  7. chris in new england 11 Nov 2010, 9:40pm

    Well, it won’t become the 51st state anyway because the U.K. already has dibs on that. Just kidding. I think the last referendum on statehood was only very narrowly defeated, so it may happen eventually. Puerto Ricans may not pay federal income tax but the government finds other ways to get their pound of flesh, and with statehood they’d at least get proper representation in Congress and be able to vote in presidential elections.

    Gay marriage may come sooner than you think if the recent decision against DOMA is upheld, since PR is part of the First Circuit.

  8. He didn’t say he would get married when Puerto Rico passed marriage equality. He said he would marry when the United States passed marriage equality. He said that he wants to get married in HIS country, AMERICA. If marriage is made legal nationwide in America then it will be legal in Puerto Rico since PR is subject to US Federal law.

    Ricky lives in Florida, not Puerto Rico.

  9. Paul, highly unlikely PR will become the 51st state of the U.S. In 1012 years since the invasion, they have rejected it in every plebescite. Furthermore, Congress has the only authority to admit a new state into the Union. If they say no, then it means no. Therefore, voting a Spanish-speaking, Hispanic, Roman Catholic island with a strong national identity, high crime, little resources and industry, high unemployment and the knowing it would become the U.S.’s very own version of Quebec stands very little chance of becoming a state. Fat chance amigo.

    Ricky’s partner is Carlos Gonzalez Abella, the nephew of former Puerto Rico governor Pedro Rossello Gonzelez, who was one of the most homphobic governors in island history. He veteod the construction of public bathrooms in San Juan’s new mass transportion train system for fear that they would attract gay men to have sex there (hello George Michael!!). Ricky and his partner should get married in Puerto Rico in order to bring publicity to the rampant homophobia and anti-gay violence that the island has witnessed since Luis Fortuno became governor. Check out the wikipedia article “LGBT rights in Puerto Rico” for more info.

  10. chris in new england 12 Nov 2010, 2:51am

    Luis – I think it depends on the timing. The prospect of a new Democratic-leaning state might be too much for a Democratic-controlled Congress to resist, even if in the long run it would probably turn into the same kind of white elephant for the Democrats that Nixon’s southern strategy is turning into for the Republicans.

  11. jamestoronto 12 Nov 2010, 3:56am

    This whole string about Puerto Rico becoming a state is a bit off the Ricky Martin topic but I have to add something…

    Luis, the statement “high crime, little resources and industry, high unemployment … it would become the U.S.’s very own version of Quebec,” is off the mark … no it is offensive. Quebec does not have a high crime rate – a lot lower than most American states, it has lot of resources and ample industry and its unemployment rate is not nearly what one would describe as high. If, by the remark, you meant Quebec is French-speaking, then it is true but so is much of New Brunswick and large areas of Ontario. Or did you mean Roman Catholic? I think not. Quebec, like the rest of Canada is to-day a secular society where the Church has little if any control.

    Quebec is a full partner in the Canadian Federation. Yes, it has a strong national identity. In fact, the Quebecois are officially recognised as a nation within the federation.

    I do agree with you, Luis, that Puerto Rico will probably never become a state – and the reason is language. Spanish is an official language in Puerto Rico. Admitting an officially bilingual state into the Union would open the doors to constitutional challenges in “unofficially bilingual” state like Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, etc.

  12. chris in new england 12 Nov 2010, 6:08am

    We already have an officially bilingual state – Hawaii. Statehood for Puerto Rico would create problems for us down the road, no doubt – but you have a lot more faith in our elected officials if you think they wouldn’t go right ahead and open that can of worms anyway for the short-term gain to be had from it.

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