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Pentagon report says ‘minimal risk’ to lifting gay military ban

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Reader comments

  1. Oh hell, I could have told you that.

  2. David in Indy 12 Nov 2010, 12:33am

    Of course it’s just a minimal risk! Why wouldn’t it be? People act like the sky will fall if this DADT gets repealed. Sheesh.

    Here’s a link to an interesting and rather emotional article about an 81 year old gay veteran and his thoughts on DADT…

  3. David in Indy 12 Nov 2010, 12:41am

    Oh, I forgot to you warn you if you click on that link you’ll be greeted by a wave of hateful and ignorant comments made by people who have nothing better to do than sit on their asses all day behind the safety of their computers and spout hate and abuse about a gay veteran. It’s typical of the AOL boards – nothing new there – but I thought I should warn you about it. Some of those messages are pretty awful.

  4. schuklegrubber 12 Nov 2010, 4:45am

    @ Dave Just had a look what a bunch of ignorant people having read several of the comments posted by those claiming to be Vietnam Vets it’s easy to see why the nickname for US soldiers including members of the USMC changed from GI to GRUNT some very scary people on that board

  5. Stan Murphy 12 Nov 2010, 5:13am

    Just think – our US mil is full of good “christian” boys from the deep south. Whose evangelical creeps gave us slavery, the KKK hate group, and segregation. And now have anew group to hate.

    Imagine what happens when DADT ends. All of a suddden so many of these christian boys will discover that the guys they live with etc, and fight with are gay. And in so many cases the gay people helped save their lives.

    And the words of the hate churches will no longer be listened to by these people. Those monstrosities will preach only to the dust in the pews and the dust of the departed. And America will really be free.

  6. David in Indy 12 Nov 2010, 7:27am

    @schuklegrubber – Yeah, I know. The ignorance and hate over there is stunning. I tried to enlighten them but was I quickly shown my place. Shot down in flames by some “former veteran/officer/whatever” who thought he knew everything about gay soldiers. lol

    What did you think about the article though? I was quite moved by his words.

  7. Tap, tap, tap… another nail in the coffin of this flawed policy.

  8. Yet again, the insular USA refuses to recognise the ‘non-impact of this change in other countries. Why are they, as a nation, so ‘homophobic’? Why can they not see that this homophobia says volumes about the sexual hang-ups of individual decision makers? Homophobia, whether individual or collective, is driven by an inner-fear of ones OWN sexuality. We all know homophobes who eventually turn out to be gay. If only these homophobes could be made to realise WHY they are homophobic, we may just be able to put an end to it once and for all …..

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