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Michigan students criticised for burning gay Pride flag

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Reader comments

  1. As strange as it may sound, I have no issue with anyone burning a flag – its disrespectful and can be deeply offensive, but its freedom of expression. I certainly would not make it illegal.

  2. Agreed.

    I’d also have no problem with the bible or qu’ran being burned.

  3. Have to say I’m with Will here too… granted it may lead to other things which are illegal but it is a free speech/freedom of expression issue and the only legitimate legal censorship of that is where it crosses the line set out by John Stuart Mill’s “harm principle”.
    That’s the same freedom of speech which allows us to tell gay flagburners they’re a bunch of bigoted a***holes.

  4. like any flag its just a piece of of cloth. they should only get introuble for setting a fire on campus.

    they are however most likely bigotted a-holes.

  5. I was thinking I’d comment here and then have to defend myself when I say I support the right of people to burn flags. Guess everyone who has commented agrees. I think as someone else said the problem is he set a fire on campus.

  6. It was international hysteria when an American minister wanted to burn the Koran. My co-workers in London lectured me on he stupidity of Americans when I said it was his right to do so. Obama had to step in and save the world from this horror. If this topic wasn’t so full of hypocrisy I might take it seriously. However, not all expressions of free speech are created equal. Why is it that homophobic expression is the most protected not only on America but around the world?

  7. based on this thread its because we tend to be a little more grown up than members of the islamic faith. we defend their right to burn our flag, they riot and kill people for burning their book.

  8. Not just the islamists, Xaria.

    I dare you to burn a christianist bible in the South in the US!

  9. PumpkinPie 12 Nov 2010, 3:31pm

    Let me get this right… A bunch of students attempt to slur other students and people want to stick up for them? Well, I certainly don’t. If I was in charge of this university, they’d be out on their asses. This has as much to do with “freedom of speech” as calling a bunch of Chinese students “ch***s” does. Should we allow students to do that? What about their precious freedom of speech? It’s only a little word, right? Such bullying should never be tolerated.

    In a public university, the students would have their right to free speech protected.

    What rubbish, for precisely the reasons I’ve just outlined. Any law which can’t protect freedom of speech while at the same time preventing hate speech isn’t worth the paper it was written on. And, no, this is not the start of a “slippery slope” to an Orwellian dystopia. Hate speech is only to be defined as race/sex/gender/sexuality/etc. – it would not protect the government, religions, or any other organisations, beliefs, theories or dogma from scrutiny.

  10. Burn the flag. As other commentors have said in this thread – it is a piece of cloth.

    I’m more concerned that they found it in a bin. Someone threw out a perfectly good flag that could have made a nice table decoration or some such if they didn’t want it anymore. What a waste.

    I will defend your right to burn my flag as far as I am able, just so long as you defend my right to walk down the street holding hands with my Husband without prejudice to the same extent.

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