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Irish civil partners to be included in immigration laws

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Reader comments

  1. WOOHOO Then I can apply for citizenship!

  2. Here we go again!

    Civil Partnerships are EXACTLY like, IDENTICAL to, the SAME as, marriage in EVERY way but name, but then every few months a new amendment will be added to the law to give yet another right to CPs that marriage always had.

    English people argued this point with me over and over, even each time the CP law was updated to offer more rights that marriage always had.

    If it’s the same thing as marriage then how can you amend it over and over to add rights? You can’t add a right to something that already has that right.

    People should just be honest and say that they provide “a lot” of the rights, or even “most” of the rights, but stop arguing that they have all of the rights and are the SAME thing. Even when they have all of the rights they won’t be the same thing until they actually ARE the SAME thing, MARRIAGE.

  3. And the reason why same sex marriage equality was disallowed in Ireland is?

  4. The Irish gay community has come along way. To think only 20 years ago Irish gays were still becoming priests and raping little boys.

  5. “In provisions for people in de facto relationships, non EU same-sex partners of Irish or EU nationals are now entitled to apply for permission to remain in the state on the basis of their relationship.

    GLEN director of policy change Eoin Collins said: “This is a very important advance and will help deliver greater security for same-sex couples worried about separation due to immigration difficulties.””

    RIGHT – but this really should already be part of the free movement directive 2004/38/ec and Europe should be forcing not only Ireland but the rest of Europe to recognise foregn same sex unions and their partners in the same way as they curently do for married couples – how the f#%K can you move or work in another EU country and not bring along your non EU partner!!!

    What the hell is Viviann Redding doing about this!!!

  6. Patrick, Dublin 12 Nov 2010, 3:33am

    It’s welcome but it’s simply not enough. Under the Irish civil partnership legislation, children are still not recognised as being in joint custody of same sex couples and that is totally unacceptable. The Irish civil partnership legislation doesn’t even go as far as the UK one and it’s already taken 6 years for Ireland to follow the UK.

    It’s just not enough and it’s not equality. Full same sex marriage now!

    PS: Victim – I’d suggest you keep your anti-Irish hatred to yourself. You never miss an opportunity in your comments to attack my country. Sounds like you’ve got serious issues…

  7. Stan Murphy 12 Nov 2010, 5:06am

    cheers – progress

  8. @Victim – pedos go after kids actually which isn’t to do with gays, lesbians or bisexuals

  9. Victim himself admits that he has serious mental health issues which he seems to refuse to take responsibility for. The fact that he is now claiming that gay people are paedophiles should be viewed in the context of his untreated mental health problems.

    I wonder what GLEN’s plan to campaign for marriage equality will be once CP’s have beem introduced in January.

    I hope they have a plan. If they don’t then they will quickly be consigned to irrelevancy like has happened to Stonewall in the UK.

  10. Seriously though David, where is any sign of Stonewall’s commitment to marriage equality?
    Where is there any information about Stonewall’s marriage equality campaign?
    Glacier’s move faster.

  11. Hayden, there is a discrepancy in pensions for CP’d couples as opposed to straight married couples that hasn’t yet been addressed, so CPs are not exactly idential to marriage. For the rest, I totally agree with you, we MUST have access to civil marriage. I’m all for keeping CPs for those who want them, but we must have the freedom to marry, no question about it. Its the universal standard. CPs will never attain such status anywhere in the world.

    Pavlos, I think the reason is that the Irish constitution would have to be changed in order for same-sex couples to marry, but of course, the roman cult would be vociferously opposed to it, though I don’t see why they should since this is a civil matter, not a religious matter. Civil and religious marriage are two totaly different things.

    Victim….FYI, the bulk of paedophilia crimes per capita are heterosexual in origin if you care to do the research. Most paedophiles are gender neutral, so please stop insinuating that all Irish gays who become priests are guilty of it. Paedophilia isn’t peculiar to one ethnic group either. The reason why the molestation scandal in America revealed that more boys were abused is quite simple. Those priests had greater access to them than they did girls and some of those priests also abused girls.

  12. “I think the reason is that the Irish constitution would have to be changed in order for same-sex couples to marry”

    That’s the excuse being peddled by the government. It is not fact.

    There is a current case going through the courts in Ireland where an Irish woman and her Canadian wife are fighting to have their Canadian marriage recognised as a marriage in Ireland.

    It’s not up to the government to decide on the constitutality of marriage equality. That is the court’s job.

    If the Irish Supreme Court decides that marriage inequality is constitutional then it will be appealed to the European Court of Justice.

    The Irish government would save themselve a lot of money by declaring marriage equality right now.

    And then let the catholic taliban try to challenge equality in court.

    A majority of Irish people support marriage equality. I quite like the idea of the catholic taliban spending millions to be defeated in the court of justice and the court of popular opinion.

  13. I actually talked to a clinical psychologist at depth about my serious mental health issues. But apparently my views about Ireland are rational and appropriate. I used to try and use these forums to highlight the severe stigma attached to queer men with serious mental illnesses. But I don’t really care about that anymore. Its much more fun pissing off them deeply racist Irish twats online. Anyway it was meant as a complement on Irelands rapid social progress , anyway I think Irish str8s are a really tolerant bunch. Especially after finding out about the way gays have been raping there children for generations.

  14. Victim…..are you aware that there are many if not more straights who have been raping children for millenia? Straight Irish catholic priests also rape very young Irish girls. Why aren’t you addressing that?

  15. Robert, you have to ignore “victim”, he’s some racists piece of filth that’s just an embarrassment to Ireland, he generally pops into any Irish thread here and spews forth a xenophobic and homophobic irrational rant because no one liked him it seems… yet he ignores the obvious:- no one likes him not because of mental health issues, its just because he’s an racist and homophobic moron with anger issues. Occam’s Razor really.

  16. I have to agree with Will, victim by name and by nature! What a truely vile individual you are.

    He calls the Irish “racist twats” when he himself is a blatant bigot, talk about ironic. The Irish are one of the more laissez-faire people on this planet and homophobia and racism is broadly frowned upon in Ireland. Victim here has more then a chip on his shoulder probably becuase none of the boys would touch him with a barge pole, and with that awful racist and homophobic attitude of his he’d better get used to it.

  17. Congratulations, Ireland! And shame on the USA, who still keeps binational couples apart.

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