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‘Zero per cent’ rate of abuse for children with lesbian parents

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Reader comments

  1. It’s not so much of a surprise, as gay couples aren’t as likely (or pretty much never) going to get an unwanted child, for obvious reasons! So it tends to be that children in gay families are there because those parents want to have a child to love and care for, so ofcourse rates of abuse are going to be signficiantly lower.

    Good to know, however.

  2. I wish to hell I’d been brought up by a lesbian couple.

  3. Confirmation bias anyone?

  4. Erm, is this a quiet news week at the Pink?

  5. ellen –
    Point taken. The sample is small, an abused adolescent may feel more protective towards lesbian parents in a homophobic world than others, and the study is being compared with larger and mostly straight populations. It would also be interesting to know exactly what was asked – especially important when expecting people to report their own lives. A much larger study is needed.
    In general, though, it seems that lesbian mums are actually better than average.

  6. I agree with Ellen & Riondo. Not all lesbians have chosen to be mothers but even if they have, to suggest lesbians never abuse their children is nonsense – anyone working in child protection has encountered cases of abuse. Apart from anything else, what about alcohol and drug misuse in our communities?

  7. as a lesbian mum I agree with Gaby – this is a dangerous pedestal to place any family type on – don’t tell me there are no lesbian parents in this whole nutty world that are not abusing their children – if only it was that simple to solve this issue – research can show whatever the researchers want it to show

  8. russell cutler 12 Nov 2010, 9:39am

    i dont see the connection between sexuality and child abuse. surely child abusers stand on their own regardless of their sexuality??

  9. I was abused for ten years by a woman (my own mother in fact), and she never laid a hand on me. Women abuse in emotional and psychological ways, not physical ones.

    1. Have to agree there. I saw plenty of lesbian mums who came out of marriages use their child or children as a shield between themselves and their ex-husbands. It was painful to watch and unfortunately, any input that this was emotionally abusive was dismissed because I had not had children and didn’t have an ex-husband.

  10. Cotswold Quaker 19 Nov 2010, 2:05pm

    I agree that all lesbian parents are not perfect, but homophobic heterosexuals who oppose lesbian and gays for foster and adoption do so on the grounds of “child protection” issues and assume we are all actual or potential child abusers. It may be a small sample and I may be clutching at straws, but every little helps, in my view.

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