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Two lawsuits filed against US Defence of Marriage Act

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Reader comments

  1. I doubt if any of them will be successful. The American Supreme Court is stacked with five staunch right wing catholic judges who would probably refuse to hear the cases. With only 5 states allowing same-sex couples to marry, I doubt if anything will come of this. Shameful either way. Its not much different than our own government refusing to acknowledge British same-sex married couples who had to leave their own country to marry, although they would still benefit from the rights associated with civil partnerships. Its truly appalling that a legal same-sex marriage outside of our country is not recognised as such, but as a civil partnership which in reality it is not.

  2. Keep up the fight!

  3. Oh, thanks Steve for hocking your cheap religious nonsense blog here…. what’s wrong, can’t get enough fundamentalist follow your nonsense, so you’ll take a wild stab to get a few gay ones? Two chances, you moron!

    Folk’s, don’t bother clicking on his link, our pal Steve here “believes that humans were created for heterosexual not homosexual unions” and then goes onto another rant about what’s unnatural and a sinful “choice”, yadda yadda, and then goes on to do a nice boo-hoo about how he’s unjustly labelled homophobic. Ahh, bless.

    Change the blood record, please.

    Pathetic that we’re seeing so many desperate religions nutters lately in a site like this one trying to plug their lame blogs…. a sign perhaps that they’re desperate for viewers on their silly little pages becuase no one will listen to them any more?

  4. Tim Hopkins 11 Nov 2010, 10:09am

    It’s a sign we’re winning, Will. Full equality is coming, and the human race will look back with shame on views like Steve Cornell’s.

  5. Well said, Tim.

  6. Indeed, Tim I agree with Iris, a well put comment. What I am embarrassed for is is when they come into a gay site to crusade their second rate scribblings…. but I suppose these fundamentalist they need to balance the guilt of using the Intranet for all manner of hypocrisy – just like “god chosen” preachers like Ted Haggard, Paul Barnes, Lonnie Latham, George Alan Rekers, Eddie L. Long…..

  7. jamestoronto 4 Dec 2010, 1:08pm

    DOMA & DADT – two of the most disgusting laws from a country that is supposedly the bastion of freedom.

    I think it is time to return the Statue of Liberty to France and remove the Constitution from public display.

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 25 Dec 2010, 12:41am

    DOMA has got to go – obama did promise in 2008 to repeal that law!!!!

    DADT has been repealed now thank goodness!!!!!

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