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Saudi man receives lashes and prison sentence for gay video

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Reader comments

  1. David in Indy 9 Nov 2010, 7:47pm

    He received five HUNDRED lashes? It’s difficult to imagine someone being able to survive such a beating. And then a prison sentence too. Sheesh, and I thought it bad here in the American Midwest.

  2. I think they space out the lashes to so many a day, or something like that.

    Still, extremely barbaric. And those prison officials are kidding themselves.

  3. This is a primitive, superstitious, and backwards country. What can you expect of a society that treats women and children as property? Historically, it’s another matter. Homosexuality is unofficially practiced in order to keep women chaste until marriage, and has been for centuries.

  4. So the penalty for making a gay porno inside a prison is to be stuck in a prison while somebody whips you? Did I hear that correctly?!?
    Quite apart from the human rights angle why do I get the feeling the sequel has pretty much written itself? Something of a phyrric victory there for the Saudi authorities.

  5. Jock S. Trap 9 Nov 2010, 9:56pm

    And all in the name of religion!

  6. And who said Islam is a peaceful cult? I despise all religion. I wish it could all be wiped from the face of the earth, its a blight on humanity, a deadly cancer that needs to be eradicated to restore some sanity to the planet.

  7. Puts losing five anglican bishops to the catholic church because of gays and women in perspective.
    How can any gay survive in a society where they risk that sort of punishment? And in the 21st century? It beggars belief that those conditions exist and that gays survive in them without going stark staring mad.
    And we in the UK think we are persecuted when Smiths puts gay mags on the top shelf.

  8. And in other news, America sells 60 billions in weapons to Saudi Arabia.

  9. Peter In Brisbane 9 Nov 2010, 11:29pm

    And in other news, an American male is to be detained in an Australian Immigration Center. We wan’t assurances from the American authorities that he will not be murdered by the State.

    I hope those Saudi authorities get a mouth full of sand every time they grovel their fat hairy butts to the west.

  10. I’m afraid it’s the West that is doing the grovelling. Remember the pic of Obama abasing himself before the king of Saudi Arabia at that conference in London? Obama’s forehead almost touched the floor. How did he greet the Queen? Oh, with a pat on the back.

  11. David in Indy 10 Nov 2010, 5:31am

    @Drew – That’s because people LOVE their oil in this country. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if some Americans drink it with their breakfast every morning. oil Oil OIL!!! Let’s all go get some more OIL!! Because we can never ever have enough of it.

    I see all these people buzzing around up and down the streets in these great big huge SUVs. The people across the street have two SUVs and a pick-up truck. What’s up with that? They only have two kids – two girls. They’re really nice people but I need to ask them about it the next time I see them.

  12. An Cat Dubh 10 Nov 2010, 1:48pm

    Flapjack: It was not a porno clip, just drag… If it were porn he would’ve been hung.

  13. An Cat Dubh 10 Nov 2010, 1:48pm

    Oh, and don’t forget how they want to build the world’s biggest mosque in London!

  14. True, Oil.

    But also not just oil. The wrong oil. Arab countries and their wonderful potentates are very happy to split the profits with the megacorp CEO’s and leave the people in darkness and despair. And not just gay people. The rich do not care who they hurt, they never have. If the US was the caring “Christian” country it pretends to be it could get all the oil it needs from Latin America and Canada, but those countries expect the people to derive more benefit, so less money for the CEO’s to steal. And they steal a lot at multiple levels. Most Oil companies no longer pay taxes to the US, including the ones based here, even when they are posting record profits.

    Religion anywhere is simply the whip the monsters have always used to keep the people suppressed and oppressed while they steal everything while it gives them the illusion of righteousness. Same old garbage, century after century. The US is just the new Byzantine Empire, but not nearly as well run, so it will probably fall to a worse darkness a lot faster. Unfortunate for those of us who live here. Albeit some of the US population will get what it deserves for being stupid enough to make their voting decisions based on tv ad rhetoric paid for by the people causing the problems.

    I agree, those Spanish lessons are a really good idea. Not only Uruguay and Argentina, but Columbia and Ecuador also provide equal rights to gay people and the rest are not far behind. And with a few exceptions like Paraguay (which is still showing some signs of progress) most are way ahead of the US. Frankly as a married man in MA, who has been to SA, I do not understand why they care if they stay here or not. MA may be the best the US has to offer, but it is still leaves a tremendous amount to be desired. Like most of the US these days it is just falling apart, but still hideously overpriced, and the wages do not even begin to put a dent in the cost of living for most of the population. And while some of the people are bright enough that MA is in much better shape than the rest of country it is nothing to be too proud of either.

    The new President of Brazil also looks like someone to watch. Brazil may out pace the US any day now. It is already considered a better investment than the US by Wall St. and they oughta know. They are the ones selling the US with the money they steal from the people stupid enough to vote for the candidates they paid for so they can invest the money somewhere else.

  15. Karen Walker 10 Nov 2010, 2:49pm

    Ban all mosques from UK – nothing but trouble

  16. Patrick, Dublin 10 Nov 2010, 5:46pm

    Saudi Arabia is a wicked country run by evil individuals. It is a thoroughly evil, evil place. But it is the West and its insatiable appetite for oil that keeps the country going and allows the evil to persist.

  17. I lived in Saudi twenty years ago. One of the most deeply unpleasant, corrupt and hypocritical countries in the world then, and it hasn’t changed much. Every Thursday you could se the private jets landing at the old Riyadh airport bringing in hookers, both sexes, for the weekend. There was the al Saud prince with a harem of Baluchi boys. The German fourteen year-old boy whose parents had been deported because they objected to his affair with a wealthy Saudi businessman. All the Fillipina servants who’d been raped by the men of the household, and then beaten by the women. Saudi’s are spoiled, arrogant natural slavers brought up to despise anyone who isn’t Bedouin, not just non-Muslims. The country is run for the benefit of the Al Saud tribe, not the people. Their version of Islam, Wahhabism, is a perversion of Wahab’s original teachings. That said there is something aggressive and intolerant at the heart of Islam, whatever the apologists say. And make no mistake: if Saudi could impose its values on the rest of the world, it would.

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