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Five Anglican bishops convert to Catholicism over gay bishops and female clergy

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Reader comments

  1. Good riddance, five fewer bigots in the C of E cult!

  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Now perhaps Rowan Williams will find the courage to tell the rest of the bigots in the Anglican church to feck off as well…


  3. Rob Alexander 9 Nov 2010, 3:00pm

    They will leave the CofE to join a Catholic Church where thinking Catholics are increasingly voting with their feet and leaving because of the right-wing attitudes to a lot more issues that gays and women bishops. There is a fundamental flaw with all ‘revealed’ religions – they are stuck with the morality of centuries ago, which rightly should have NO PLACE in a mutlicultural and tolerant society which welcomes diversity and equal right. Their exit from the CofE will only be a great benefit to Anglicans.

  4. Bishop of Ebbsfleet “Andrew Burnham” I thought he was an MP in the last govt!!!!!!,

  5. Jen Marcus 9 Nov 2010, 3:22pm

    I suspect they will eventually regret their decision because the Roman Church has been regressing to a pre Vatican II ethos ever since, John Paul II, papacy. Unless, of course, they like living in the Middle Ages?

  6. more moral? why is it homosexuality etc is linked to moral claims yet heterosexuality isn’t? I love it when some bigot who is willing to hate lays claim to some illusionary high ground

  7. Dinosaurs go home!!! The C of E is well rid of them !!!!!

  8. to hell with them all (anglicans and catholics alike). religion is poison. but then again, I am an atheist

  9. Gene Robinson for Pope !

  10. Anne Robinson more likely :)

  11. Mihangel apYrs 9 Nov 2010, 4:57pm

    right, kick them out of their palacesor Anglican retirement homes without compensation. They are HERETICS and traitors to the Crown.

    The first Elizabeth would have known how to deal with them!

  12. Sad old things shuffling off back to the Dark Ages – still with their views on homosexuality, they’ll get a warm welcome at the fireside of their local BNP members club or the Islamic prayer hall at their neighbourhood mosque.

  13. Brother Mary Luke, OSB (ret.) 9 Nov 2010, 6:22pm

    I guess paedophiles are more acceptable than gays or women. There’s a reason I left the church, after all. And I’ve since come to the conclusion that organized religion is one of the great evils of the world.

  14. The Seven Sacraments
    The Immaculate Conception
    Papal Infallibility
    The Assumption of Mary –
    All peculiarly RC doctrines which these chaps will be expected to uphold. Have they been nursing a secret affection for all this tosh, along with all the Anglican stuff, during all their years with the C of E, or are they just willing to swallow it all because they want to take refuge with some fellow bigots? And these are the folk who call others ‘cherry-pickers who make it up as they go along’.
    Hypocrites. May Benedict xvi have joy of them.

  15. Joseph Carmel Chetcuti 9 Nov 2010, 8:24pm

    They said it all – good riddance! I wonder how many of them are married!

  16. I hope these CofE bishops soon discover that more than 75 percent of Catholic priests and bishops are gay themselves. So they left the CofE to join what is essentially a gay institution. And it has been gay for centuries. Just look at all the homoerotic art drawn by gay monks in the Middle Ages. Even Pope Benedict the Rat is flaming gay. He has a “Liberace smile” and scampers around in his $4,000 red velvet Prada slippers. No one could be more flaming gay than this pope, and no one could be more homophobic than he is as well. I understand that he even has a “close personal male friend” who is a German monseignor, “just to make matters clear.” I love how this homophobic pope tried to blame all the priest-pedophile problems on gay priests, despite all the evidence that some 95% of pedophiles are straight. I have never met a gay man who loves tiny cock, but apparently that doesn’t impress this flaming pope. I grew up as a Catholic and was even studying for the Catholic priesthood twice, before I realized that since John Paul II and his cronies were trying to push the Catholic Church back to the Middle Ages, long before the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. This is a major problem for Catholic universities in the USA which strive to approach problems with study and intelligence, only to have the top man in the organization demanding strict adherence to dogma and a black & white analysis of every issue. The greatest accomplish of this crowd is writing and promoting a catechism, which is totally irrelevant once you get beyond the third grade. The Catholic Church in the USA is bleeding members, with few young people sticking with the “party line.” Good riddance to these Anglican bishops! They thought they were in a screwed up organization with the CofE. If they live long enough, they will live to see the entire Catholic Church implode when there are no priests to attend to a growing mistrustful flock.

  17. Bishop Ioan- 9 Nov 2010, 10:17pm

    I am so glad that no bishops in the Old Catholic jurisdiction of which I am a member is hateful enough to think that the Roman Catholic Church is the answer. It’s what I expect though, over here in the US disaffected Anglicans are going to the homophobic “Anglican” groups or they are going to Rome. I know it may not be charitable but good riddance!

  18. Bishop Ioan- 9 Nov 2010, 10:18pm

    Sorry, shoould have said, “…no bishops…are”

  19. Maybe they’re defecting because they know they can diddle all those cute seminarians, altar boys and young priests and get away with it. The Vatican will give them cover and move them to another parish or another country of course.

    Its such a hypocritical cult. If any married Anglican becomes a catholic priest, he’s allowed to retain his marriage but the cult bans married clergy. Its beyond “f__ked” up!

    Now I know why I became an atheist!

  20. Even Pope Benedict the Rat is flaming gay. He has a “Liberace smile” and scampers around in his $4,000 red velvet Prada slippers. No one could be more flaming gay than this pope..

    For Christ’s (ha) sake Robbie, don’t insult Liberace that way!

    More seriously, please don’t associate gayness with commodities. After all, the Lord Chancellor isn’t gay because he has to wear a ridiculous wig and a robe with a train on occasion.

    And I for one am more than happy to have Herr Ratzinger firmly on the other side of the fence, thanks all the same.

  21. I hate ‘god’.

    What a f***ing bigot she sounds like.

  22. Muddled old hate mongers leaving the C of E for slavery. The first Elizabeth could see what the pope for what he was and offered people the oppurtunity to know what true christianity was like. And these fools who are supposedly educated go right back to a repressed church that does not follow biblical teachings. Go to a catholic church and tell them you aren’t catholic when the sacraments are being served and you will be denied them on the spot. And this after Jesus himself said his body and blood were for all people not just catholics. Well the proud and over educated are often actually the stupidest. Good riddance.

  23. Praise and Thanks be to God. These 5 have finally seen the Light. And to all of you who have so much hate and distaste, God loves you and always will, Anglican or Catholic.

  24. They can join the rest of the devil’s infesting the Vatican.

  25. The worlds largest paedophile ring has just got even bigger.

  26. I wish I could find the link but about 6 months ago there was a newspaper cartoonist who hit the nail on the head for me… he had the pope stood with a placard on the steps of St Peter reading something along the lines of “Traditionalist Anglicans – have I got a reactionary, homophobic, misogynist, archaic, dogmatic religion for you!”
    So he’s aquired a few more fossils to add to his collection now. Next sunday service at Anglican churches across the land, “We will now sing hymn number 247, ‘Happy days are here again'”!

  27. The roman church for almost 800 years has primarily obtained clergy by oppressing gay people into believing that it was the only right way for them to live. This reality was widely known a few decades ago, so much so that you will often see it joked about fairly openly in old Hollywood films where the effeminate son has decided to become a priest. Like the 1954 “There’s No Business Like Show Business” they hardly even veil the innuendo. These days it is all denial because of the abusive behavior of this class of damaged self-denying gays who really needed therapy, not the damned church. Back in the 80’s the romans circulated an anonymous survey within the clergy, it was after they realized just how many gay priest their were and that too many of them were coming out of the closet that they clamped down so hard. They already do not have nearly enough priests to continue much longer. The real reason they are now willing to take clergy from other denominations, which they have actually been doing for years, they are just being more public about the invitation lately. They are desperate and instead of moving forward and embracing a larger, more doctrinally accurate, view of the world they are up to their old tricks of lies and intimidation. They are on their way out and they know it. The only scary thing about that is that Islam, which is so evil it makes the Catholics look good, is on the rise. And there is sadly no wave of intelligent secularism, which is what we really need, to provide a needed balance. Whether it is boys or girls, abuse is abuse, and no one is more abusive than Islam. It is the darkest evil to ever come upon the world and people better wake up soon or you will soon be living in a world where having a beer and dancing will land you in jail, gay won’t even be in the list of things to be argued.

  28. ha i cant believe these bishops can believe they are taking the moral high ground by leaving the C of E because of gay and woman equality only to next week have to attend a conference for bishops at the vatican about how the Vaticain covered up and colluded in child abuse for decades. How bonkers can these fools be, but then again they do believe in pixies and fairies so can’t be too surprised that they willingly want to join the worlds biggest peodophile ring.

  29. “Praise and Thanks be to God. These 5 have finally seen the Light.”

    Oh, yes, Li-mei, lets praise god these five can join the ranks of child abusers and molest with impunity.

  30. Victoria Rudolph 20 Jun 2011, 2:32pm

    Accepting the doctrine that Mary was born without sin and lived a sinless life rather than accept the fact that God created some gay people is clearly a case of gagging at a gnat and swallowing a camel.

  31. Bishop James Theophilos 6 Mar 2012, 11:39am

    In other words, five homophobic sexists left the Church of England to join themselves to other homophobic sexists.

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