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Australian lesbian couple banned from school ball

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Reader comments

  1. Mihangel apYrs 9 Nov 2010, 5:05pm

    cue mad scramble for (pseudo) justification from the authorities.

    They just don’t get it: this behaviour on their part leads to homophobic bullying and much else by their pupils. Is Oz trying to out-nasty the USA

  2. Dandelion 9 Nov 2010, 5:08pm

    “The principal of Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar, Heather Schnagl, said the aim of the ball was to encourage girls to socialise with boys and said that all the girls would bring female partners if one was allowed to.”

    So, let me get this… either:

    1) the principal is subtly trying to increase the rate of teenage pregnancy, by setting up girls to “meet boys”, since everyone knows what happens in the restrooms or after the dance.

    and or

    2) The principal is scared that the girls will turn all the girls gay and thus his male student body will have to turn gay too, because there are no girls left!

    Australia once again baffles me, because I am not sure I just read what I thought I read.

  3. Religious nutters again?

    It is an Anglican all-girls school.
    Cate Blanchett used to go there, IIRC.


  4. dave wainwright 9 Nov 2010, 5:39pm

    The Principle,
    Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School

    Dear Ms Schnagl,
    Please find attached a copy of my email to the alliance of girls schools which I have cc’d to all of my relatives in Melbourne .
    I have to say that I am totally disgusted with your stand on this matter causing much distress, humiliation and embarrassment to Ms Williams and Ms Supski amongst their peers.
    I have to inform you that this matter is now gaining international attention and is being picked up by the international media and LGBT organisations and groups around the world.
    This reflects very badly on your school and the Australian education system that such prejudicial and spiteful behaviour can be allowed in this day and age, flouting the equal opportunities act and policies and discriminating against these young ladies on the grounds of their sexual orientation, it is most reprehensible, one has to wonder at the values being espoused at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School and the at the mindset of the staff.
    I am sure that you will not have heard the last of this matter and I hope that you are truly ashamed of your behaviour it is not a good example to be setting and I shall be urging all my contacts to make representation to politicians and educational departments in Victoria and Canberra until an apology is issued and clear guidelines are set to ensure that no further instances of such blatant homophobia and prejudicial discrimination such as this are allowed to occur in the education system in the future ,

  5. dave wainwright 9 Nov 2010, 5:40pm

    Dear Sirs ,
    I am writing to express my concern at the barring of Hannah Williams from taking her girlfriend Savannah Supski to the school ball at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School which flies in the face of The Equal Opportunity act.
    I suggest that the humiliation and prejudice that was shown to these young ladies is not the kind of experience which is a good example to set in 2010, and that the school should be brought to book for its outrageous and bigoted prejudicial behaviour .
    This incident is now attracting international attention and reflects very badly on the Australian education establishment as a whole. One expects better than this in this day and age , what kind of message does this send out to our young people , that it is ok to discriminate, exclude and make examples of young people who are different on the basis of their sexual orientation?

  6. So the school needs specific sanctions to stop ALL the girls turning up with girlfriends! Wow! Talk about the back foot! Best thing I’ve heard all day.

  7. de Villiers 9 Nov 2010, 6:50pm

    The floodgates argument is nearly always a poor one. It fails to recognise that exceptions should be made where appropriate.

  8. Peter In Brisbane 9 Nov 2010, 9:32pm

    Ye must lay down and pretend to be a heterosexual before going out into our world. So says the night Presenter at 4BC Radio Brisbane.
    This professional Homophobe never allows Gay debate on his programme but insists on ear bashing us nightly with his particular brand of Anglo/Chrinistist logic. Schnagl to that old hype! It does remind me of similar pressure once applied to Aboriginies here. Can we come to the ball with you?? “Only if behave like a white person”.
    This radio programme originates at Radio 2UE Sydney, which is owned by The Sydney Morning Herald, a reasonably liberal Tabloid… But then it’s broadcast through 4BC Brisbane and aimed at an extremely homophobic Queensland audience. There is hardly a ripple these days on such issues, but the Presenter always falls into an apoplexy and gets moist, hoping to stir up the old…
    F A D E A W A Y.

  9. Before you all get your knickers in a not – I teach at this school and lesbian students are allowed to bring their girlfriends to school formals as two did this year!!!

    This had more to do with the age of the student than the sexuality.

  10. No, that last comment wasn’t from me. Tw*t.

  11. Peter In Brisbane 10 Nov 2010, 7:54pm

    So Iris, do Hetero’s still insist on speaking for us and about us?
    Which all knowing Psychologist has decided which is the right age of reason for all the different types of human animals? There are all too many of them from Universities, positioning and fighting to tell us what is good for us. The Anglicans and guilt ridden Catholics teach us, the age of reason is seven years of age?
    I was in love at that age but feared the foot-long, Leather strap of the notorious Christian Brothers.
    The disease of homophobia in Australia is coming from his Anglican Archbishopric and from Cardinal Pell.

  12. Peter In Brisbane 10 Nov 2010, 11:55pm

    News just cum in…
    The Australian Greens say anti-discrimination laws are weak and need to be reviewed.
    The Greens will introduce a motion to Parliament next week to have the laws investigated after a student was banned from taking her girlfiend to a school dance.

  13. Serves them right for going to a private school. The same thing happened recently at a Brisbane (Anglican) Boys school. Religious schools are exempt from the anti-discimination act. They can be as homophobic as they like. Australia remains, sadly, a homophobic country. We have both a Prime minister and an opposition leader who treat gay people with absolute contempt. What can you expect? I vote GREEN.

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