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Lesbian and gay man in child custody battle

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Reader comments

  1. They need to pull themselves together and reach and agreement outside of court for the sake of the children. This is embarassing to or community as well. I would never let a judge that’s probably straight weigh in on this matter. But I wouldn’t have gotten involved without outlining the expectations of the my place within the context of their lives first.

  2. I’m wondering how the picture of someone holding a newborn’s foot relate to this story? the two children involved are seven yrs and nine yrs old.

    Beyond that they need to be rational and consider the terms they agreed from the onset, sounds like the lesbian couple are maybe trying to marginalise the gay fathers involvement with the children. I hope they sort it out for the sake of the children.

  3. You have to have water-tight and detailed agreements from the beginning with this sort of thing. I hope they sort it out.

  4. This tends to happen frequently though. Gay man and lesbian decide they’d be great parents, get together with a pot and a turkey baster and then wham…woman has partner (or gets with her and man is cut out of the kids life).

    I bloody hope that the father fights this for all it’s worth because it’s happened to too many men.

  5. PumpkinPie 14 Nov 2010, 1:25am

    Happened to too many men? What, claiming you’d like “a little involvment” with the child then coming back seven years later and saying “actually, when I said a little, I meant 50% of the child’s life”. **** him. It’s his own bloody fault. He told them he was essentially going to be a glorified uncle figure, then decided he wants equal access to them. You cannot do that to somebody. And genetics don’t mean a damn here. They were the primary parents, not him.

    I hope they all sort this out amicably (somehow), but the biological father is definitely in the wrong here. I feel sorry for him and his no doubt sincere change of heart, but you cannot claim you just want to be a donor and then say “surprise, now I’m a co-parent!” It does not – and never should – work like that. Parents are about more than biology, after all. That’s the equivalent of a man running out on a woman he got pregnant and then demanding custody several years later. Any judge worth their salt would have thrown this one out.

  6. pumpkin pie….
    you are talking about human emotions. I am in the exact same situation, I told the girsl from the very begining I want to be ‘Daddy’, but they did not honour any agreement. I left alone for the sake of my son. I see him once in a while, but I stll have to push them to see me.
    I hope these two men fight for their children.Danny is right…it happen to too many men

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