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Jonathan Ross says George Michael is a ‘great role model for young gay men’

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Reader comments

  1. But I thought Jonathan Ross regarded “Four Poofs and a Piano” as good role models… he’s certainly a bundle of contradictions.

  2. It’s good to have a non-camp gay man out there but a role model? With drug and alcohol problems high among young gay men I don’t think any of them shoud aspire to be like George Michael.

  3. Ian Bower 8 Nov 2010, 3:12pm

    And what credentials does Jonathan Ross have to make that comment?
    As Becky said – two idiots.
    How on earth can George Michael be a good role model?
    In the closet then outed.
    Loves cottaging.
    Drives under the influence.
    Maybe standards a dropping just a tad!

  4. Ian Bower 8 Nov 2010, 3:13pm

    Er – sorry. Becky was comenting on the FB page.

  5. Yeah because we should all aspire to be like him – closet cases who deny our own sexuality for years and only admit to it once outed, having shitloads of illegal sex and taking shitloads of drugs too.

    Let’s not forget the whole wonderful penchant for driving while as high as a kite and being a menace to people around him.

    Ross is a bell-end.

  6. Still, the Four Poofs are walking travesties. Even the word “poof” is so riddled with prejudice I don’t see how us using it can reclaim it in any way. Like the “n” word it just shouldn’t be used in any context.

  7. The implicit homophobia in both Ross’s article and his interactions with 4 Poofs and Piano make one’s hair stand on end. Well, at least G Michael is more masculine than Ross or even Russell Brand so by Ross’s current logic, G Michael is a better role model for hettie boys also.

  8. My views on Jonathan Ross in this blog when he left the BBC

  9. Right. So we can be looked up to as brave being-ourselves individuals as long as we don’t violate Ross’s straight-jacketing precriptions about ‘masculinity’. Like we should care.

  10. Ross should keep his big mouth shut. Its obvious he hasn’t been around let alone know any gay people to make such a stereotypical comment. As much as I love and appreciate George Michael’s talent, I hardly think he can be held up as role model as much as I’d like him to be. His comment implies that most of us are effeminate and camp, as if the Alan Carr type are stereotypical of gay people. That’s the sort of irresponsible comment we find in the daily yellow journalistic rags. He’s no better than them. So my advice to Ross is, shut up and while you’re at it, invest some money in long-term elocution. He’s nothing more than an overpaid, overrated, mediocre idiot.

  11. Sweet Jesus. I hope Ross is being sarcastic.

  12. since when being arrested for possesion of cannabis anddrink driving is considered a “role model”? jointly with cruising in the park is what being gay is all about!?! I don’t think Ross qualifies to make such statements! So many other gay public figures to choose from…

  13. What a twat. What gay people does he know? I can think of a 1,000 better role models than GM.

  14. martyn notman 8 Nov 2010, 5:44pm

    butch!! ha, maybe compared to jonathan ross he is…

  15. Why would any intelligent person listen to the wammblings of Woss -What does he know he wasn’t even bright enough to keep his job!

  16. Does a certain somebody want the first post-jail interview with GM? I think so.

  17. George Michael is NOT a role model! The man is disgusting. He preached about monogomy whilst he was ‘pretending’ to be straight them after it all comes out (ironically) after he waves his knob at a cop in a toilet he turns into a whore that will shag anything in toilets, woods, suanas etc. He also gets arrested for driving under the influence of pot. Yes he really is a role model isn’t he? Ross is almost as big a joke as Michael and should really shut his mouth!

  18. this is jr showing how homophobic he is by taking the Mick out of gm and kicking him while he’s down

  19. It’s funny in the 80s in his straight period he used to be such a good role model to all those camp, effiminat straight guys…those short pants of his singing along and dancing with Andy were ever so camp!

  20. Puerile piece of news.

  21. Mr Ross and I are two days apart in Birthdays; he is now, like me the SAGA generation. Obvioulsy he has senility he he thinks george Michael is a good role model; its like saying Pete Doherty is a good role model for str8 lads!!!!!!

  22. Overdesigned designer stubble and leather jackets don’t make you butch. He is and has always been as camp as a Christmas tree. I’m not sure it should be allowed for grown people to promote reclusive addicts with a dodgy sex-in-public history as role models for the purpose of selling stuff to young people. Is his album so bad that it can’t be sold on the quality of the music?

  23. terry smith 9 Nov 2010, 2:51pm

    maybe the gay men bravely serving in the army abroad are a better role model than a former closeted millionaire who can’t control his cravings.

  24. Agreed Terry; That brave and good looking trooper in the HouseHold Cavalry who came out last year would be a much better role model!

  25. Dairyqueen 9 Nov 2010, 10:00pm

    For reals? Is this screwing with us? This has to be a joke.

  26. He is spot on, which makes the drug and alcohol abuse all the more unfortunate.

  27. A Geordie abroad 11 May 2011, 7:49pm

    Err… Jonathan who? That the tall camp guy wiv greasey hair and a lisp? Obvioulsy not a very shrewd level of judgement going on there then….Other than when it comes to money, of course.

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